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Visu Caps (UZ) – Enhance and protect your eyesight


Use Visu Caps immediately and don’t let your eyesight getting worse!

  • Effectively enhance vision.
  • Maintain a clear and distinct vision.
  • Reduce intraocular pressure.
  • Build immunity from dangerous diseases.
  • Protects the structure of the eye.
  • If you don’t take care of your eye health, the consequences can be very serious:
    + Glaucoma: Disruption of intraocular pressure leads to optic nerve blindness.
    + Cataracts: Blurring of the lens of the eye leads to blindness.
    + Complete and irreversible loss of vision.

Price:  99000 SOM

1. Ingredients of Visu Caps

  • Taurine
    Eliminate inflammation, arteriosclerosis, boils, eye worms, disinfect, dry and irritation
  • Blueberry
    In its natural (unmodified) form, it increases visual acuity, strengthens the retina of the eye
  • Carnosine
    It penetrates the lipid layer of the eye and protects from UV damage, reducing glaucoma and cataracts. Effectiveness has been shown to eliminate 80% of adult and senile cataracts.
  • Barley milk juice
    It nourishes all cells, helps to remove toxins and prevents barley, boils and growth.
  • Ginkgo bilob extract
    Has high antioxidant activity. Improves microcirculation. The capillaries prevent fragility. Improves blood flow in the vessels of the retina
  • Vitamins B, C, A
    Increases blood circulation in the capillaries, normalizes blood pressure.

2. I have appeared a new method to cure eye diseases.

  • As soon as the announcements of my method appeared, there were suggestions for selling the idea. From the very beginning, some French people applied and offered 120 thousand euros.
    The last one is an American pharmaceutical holding company that wants to buy the formula for $35 million. Now I have changed my phone number and I do not go to social networks, because on the day of the Lord they are annoyed with shopping offers on all channels.
  • But as far as I know, you didn’t sell formula?
    That’s right. Not to say he’s rude, but I didn’t make him to fill any man’s pocket. Let’s say I sold formula. They applied for a patent, banned others from producing this formula, and sent the price like a horse’s head.
    I’m young, but I’m not stupid. In this situation, people cannot get rid of eye diseases. One of the foreign doctors told me that such a drug can cost at least $3,000. After all, this makes no sense. Who can buy it for three thousand dollars?
    Therefore, when I accepted to participate in the development of ethnic medicines, I immediately agreed. We worked with the best specialists from the Helmholtz Institute of Ophthalmology. We did a great job. This drug has passed clinical trials and now everyone can take it.
    Neroev Vladimir Vladimirovich, director general and chief ophthalmologist of the Helmholtz Institute of Ophthalmology, coordinated the development of this drug.
  • Reporter: “What is the essence of the idea of ​​VisuCaps? Does it really help restore vision at any age?”
    The idea of ​​Visu Caps is to cure myopia in a nutshell.
    However, this method will help the rest of your life. As early as the 2000s, our scientists realized that 90% of vision problems are caused by only one cause – loss of blood supply to the eyeball. If this main cause is eliminated, there will be no need to perform costly operations.
    The idea of ​​Visu Caps is to supply blood to the entire visual system. This eliminates the risk of blindness in the early stages of the disease.
  • Reporter: “But everyone says it’s impossible to restore vision without surgery, and it doesn’t help when you’re over 40?”
    All this is meaningless. It has been proven that any organ in the body has the ability to regenerate itself.
  • Reporter: “How was the eye treated in the past? Is there any medicine that can solve this problem?”
    That’s when it all comes to a standstill. But all of them are based on the above principle. Medicines only relieve the symptoms.
  • Reporter: “How is Visu Caps different from them? Does it completely restore vision?”
    The main job of Visu Caps is to create a new tissue to replace damaged tissue and restore blood supply to the eye. Even a single application can activate more than 930,000 cells involved in vision restoration.
    Visu Caps includes a unique combination of botanical extracts. This ensures absolute safety between treatments.
    From the second week of taking VisuCaps, vision began to recover. The image becomes clearer, the focus of the eye is improved, the red and red marks disappear. Then, when the tiles are activated, vision is restored, even if omitted. In addition, VisuCaps does not have a negative effect on the small vessels of the eye.
  • Reporter: “Your medicine is also available in pharmacies. By the way, how much does it cost?”
    In our time, eye treatment has become one of the largest sectors of the world pharmaceutical market. In the United States alone, billions of dollars worth of drugs are sold. And our drug can completely change the situation in the market. After all, once you take a “VisuCaps” course and forget the problems, no one spends money on laser corrections or old drugs.
    The pharmaceutical industry is a partner of pharmaceutical companies and works closely with them. Naturally, they make a living selling drugs. Therefore, they do not want to hear about our drug. However, it is currently the only drug officially recommended to treat eye diseases and prevent blindness.
  • Reporter: “Well, if you can’t find VisuCaps in pharmacies, how can you get one?”
    We launched VisuCaps directly. We discussed several options and decided on the most effective one. Anyone who wants to buy VisuCaps will join an online game, after which they will contact him, give advice and send medicine. 5.04.222 Online game created and working. It is open to everyone.
    Until April 5, 2022, everyone who joins the online game will have a chance to get VisuCaps for 13,800 soms. We hope that this news will spread by word of mouth, and that people who have recovered will recommend this drug to their friends.
  • Reporter: “How much will the rest of the medicine cost?”
    The production cost of the drug is about 1,400,000 muppets per box. We have now reached an agreement with management to cover part of the final buyer’s price. This part is 100%. Medicines are affordable not only for individuals but also for the entire population in the country. In return, we are obligated not to sell or export the VisuCaps formula. We sell it only on the territory of Uzbekistan.

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