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ZFimuno (HR) Is your immune system healthy?

ZFimuno will help you and your loved ones!

  • Complicated forms of flu:
    + Pneumonia.
    + Chronic bronchitis.
    + Heart failure.
    + Swollen lungs.
    * If you have an infection, you will need to be hospitalized.
  • You are at risk if:
    + You are over 40 years old.
    + Your blood pressure is above normal.
    + You have a chronic illness.
    + You have bad habits.
    + You are often in places with a lot of people: offices, shops, etc.
    + You complain more than once a year about a cold, sore throat, or stuffy nose.

Price:  39 EUR

1. How ZFimuno capsules work:

  • During flu season, viruses and bacteria move from sick to healthy people through the respiratory tract. That’s why flu and respiratory infections spread so quickly – everyone breathes the air.
  • Initially, the virus enters the nasopharynx. A healthy immune system recognizes the danger immediately and with the help of lymphocytes destroys the virus in 2-3 days. This can be felt as mild weakness, sore throat and stuffy nose.
  • If the immune system is weakened, the virus enters the lungs. During this stage, your body temperature rises, you have difficulty breathing, and you may develop pneumonia.
  • ZF Imuno capsules help to increase the body’s defenses, activate the natural immune system, accelerate the production of lymphocytes and reduce the risk of infection with viral infections by up to 3 times.
  • ZF Imuno restores the immune system in 15 days and prevents the virus from entering the body. It strengthens the immune system so that the body can fight off not only the common flu virus but also its lesser known strains.
    Unlike immunostimulants with high dosages of synthetic ingredients, these capsules have a gentle effect and are safe for our health, thanks to adapted plant extracts.
    The ingredients of ZF Imuno are rapidly absorbed into the nasal and nasopharynx and provide natural protection for the immune system.

2. Thanks to this product, you will get sick less often

  • Maria, 37 years old
    By using ZF Imuno, I take good care of my health. Now I can use public transport and go to restaurants and shopping centers without fear of getting an infection and spending a month with a severe cold.
  • Bella, 44 years old
    I’m teacher. It’s not an option for me to get sick. After so many immunostimulating drugs, I chose ZF Imuno. Compared to other products, this product reliably protects people during flu season. I haven’t been sick once in the past six months. The packaging is also very convenient – it fits in a small bag or pocket.
  • Brave, 52 years old
    I catch a cold every spring and fall, even though I exercise regularly. 15 days of using ZF Imuno and breathing easier. Two weeks ago I went to visit my cousin in the countryside and got well again. Even my throat doesn’t hurt. I used to return home from such visits with high temperatures.
  • Boris, 31 years old
    I spent this Christmas in the hospital. The doctors told me that I have a weakened immune system and advised me to strengthen it. ZF Imuno helped me a lot. I didn’t even catch a cold all winter, no matter how much time I spent outside.
  • Chrissy
    The news terrified me. It gets worse every day. The number of infected people is increasing and there is no reasonable explanation. People fired them, no pay. How can we save ourselves, our families, and our children when the Ministry of Health is silent? Thank you for this information. I will order and tell everyone around about it so everyone is healthy.
  • Theodore Christ
    I never thought I would find people on the internet with the same problem as me. As soon as I started taking the capsules, my allergies went away. Magic drug.
  • Marina Otova
    We also have it. My husband and I use ZF Imuno all the time because we can’t live without it. I recommend it to those who are under a lot of stress, work hard or move a lot. We used to take some other vitamins, but we also got sick all the time. The body can’t take that much effort. But now I have forgotten when was the last time I had a cold.
  • Denislav Mikhailov
    Hi, no one asked me for my opinion, but as a medically educated person, I would like to remove your doubts about immunostimulants. Especially for ZF Imuno. Looking at the ingredients “it will become clear what makes this product so effective”, as you say. Unlike other products that have dozens of ingredients that are completely unknown to the average person (with no medical education), ZF Imuno has only 2. It is 100% natural, with no chemicals. They complement each other and support the human immune system.
  • Alice K.
    I used ZF Imuno last year and it was great. When people get sick, I don’t, I keep working and I even get a promotion. Now I have changed jobs and spend more time on my feet. The effect on my health is immediately noticeable. In addition to fatigue, insomnia also appears, accompanied by nervousness and cold. Now I decided to go through the whole course. I have been using it for two weeks and all symptoms of fatigue have disappeared. I encourage that.

3. How to strengthen immunity and maintain health for a long time

  • Epidemiological conditions have begun to deteriorate, and today the rate of disease transmission in Bulgaria has reached 26.9%. Restrictive measures apply. According to the state information service, we should not expect the measures to weaken until the indicators drop to safe levels.
  • According to experts’ forecasts, the peak of infectious diseases is coming. This means we must act quickly and protect ourselves.
  • How to strengthen the body’s natural defenses and avoid cold and flu?
    To begin with, I suggest dealing with the term itself. Immunity is the body’s ability to recognize and neutralize different bacteria and viruses according to common characteristics. This is the main property of the body, acquired at birth. It has been determined genetically that immunity can be strong, but external factors play a very important role in the body’s defenses.
  • The main enemies of our immunity are:
  • Infectious diseases and colds
    The more often the patient gets sick, the more weakened the immune system and the weaker the body’s immune response. As a result, a person gets infected more often and a vicious cycle is created.
  • Stress
    When you are exposed to strong psychological and emotional stress, there is an increase in the production of cortisol – a stress hormone, as well as acetylcholine – a weakened hormone, which suppresses the immune system and makes it vulnerable damage.
  • Harsh and Unbalanced Diets
    They lead to beriberi. Nutrient deficiencies in the body lowers immunity and can lead to serious organ and skin diseases, hair loss, and joint problems.
  • Too much alcohol and tobacco
    They reduce the body’s ability to regenerate and are more susceptible to microbial infections.
  • Too many antibiotics
    They destroy the beneficial microflora of the body and reduce the protective function to a minimum.
  • Sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity.
  • Supports the development of inflammatory processes in the body. In addition, during physical activity, the production of the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline increases, bringing about calmness, increasing mood, brain activity and performance.
  • Rapid fatigue, drowsiness and insomnia, lethargy, depression, headache, various allergies, two or more chronic diseases, skin diseases (blackheads, psoriasis, dermatitis), hair loss, weight gain, persistent constipation or diarrhea, persistent fever. These are all clinical manifestations of reduced immunity.
  • Vaccines and immunostimulants
    If we have to talk about results here and now, and not about prospects, ZF Imuno works quickly . This is a natural product that does not contain antibiotics and other harmful ingredients.
    ZF Imuno is produced on the basis of natural extracts of Echinacea and black seed oil. These are potent plant adaptogens that accelerate the immune response to stimuli and strengthen the body’s defenses. Capsules stimulate the production of antibodies to increase the body’s resistance against infections caused by viruses and bacteria. This eliminates the risk of disease.
    ZF Imuno can be used by anyone. It is not only necessary in times of pandemic, but also in daily life. In addition to anti-viral effects, it also helps to cope with climate change, increase resistance to stress, increase physical and mental endurance. The components have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, calming it and restoring deep sleep.
    I highly recommend ZF Imuno to anyone suffering from chronic illness, depression, meteorology and post-surgery. The effect of using ZF Imuno occurs quite quickly – in a few days and reaches a maximum in 2-3 weeks. Immunostimulators, including ZF Imuno, are taken 1-2 times a day, preferably in the morning, to prevent excessive irritation of the body in the evening.

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