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FertiliTea (MK) Healthy reproductive system

FertiliTea is a herbal product to normalize and maintain the female reproductive system.

  • It is made according to a recipe from the 17th century using modern processing technologies. 100% organic made from ingredients grown in ecologically clean areas.
  • Free of dyes, preservatives and synthetic enhancers.

    * Supports women’s health of all ages:

  • Relieve pain and eliminate symptoms of PMS.
  • Prepare your body for motherhood and childbirth.
  • Relieves symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.
  • Normalizes hormonal balance.
  • Stabilize the menstrual cycle.
  • Reduce stress hormones.
  • Increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Price: 2400 MKD

1. When do you need FertiliTea?

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Inflammation of the pelvic organs
  • Chronic gynecological disease
  • Infections of different origins
  • Pain / prolonged time
  • Problems with pregnancy
  • Reduced / no sex drive
  • Pain during sex
  • Increased anxiety, nervousness
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Perimenopause and menopause
  • Planned pregnancy

2. Natural formula for femininity

  • Chamomile: Relieve menstrual cramps and pain, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic, normalize menstrual cycle, stimulate ovulation, sedative, anti-nerve.
  • Stinging nettle: It has an anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and hemostatic effect, stabilizes the menstrual cycle, normalizes the amount of secretion, supports the work of the female body.
  • Lemongrass: Calms, relaxes, relieves anxiety, prevents mood swings, normalizes the nervous system, has a disinfecting effect, normalizes reproductive functions.
  • Seaweed: It has hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effects, stimulates the activity of uterine muscles, increases fertility, fights infections, relieves cramps.
  • Alchemila: It has hemostatic effects, heals wounds, fights genital infections, stimulates ovulation, increases fertility, relieves menopausal symptoms.
  • Marigold: It has bactericidal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, promotes wound healing, accelerates tissue regeneration, supports the reproductive system.

3. Complex support for women’s health of all ages

    Dr. Meri Stevkovska – Reproductive specialist, women’s health expert

  • 95% of women over the age of 18 experience fertility problems, ranging from irregular periods and painful periods to reduced fertility and infertility. Most drugs eliminate the symptoms and do not affect the cause of the disease.
  • Therefore, I recommend the natural herbal product FertiliTea to all women, including expectant mothers, to improve and maintain their health. The components of the tea normalize and support the reproductive system, protect it from inflammation and infection, relieve the symptoms of PMS, perimenopause and menopause and have a complex healing effect.

4. FertiliTea effectiveness – Clinical studies:

  • 99% Normalizes menstrual cycle, relieves period pain
  • 98% Stimulates ovulation, enhances fertility
  • 96% Reduced risk of pelvic inflammatory disease
  • 95% Reduce anxiety, fight stress, strengthen the nervous system
  • 93% Stabilize hormonal balance
  • 91% Protection against infections of various origins
  • 89% Reduce the rate of complications during pregnancy
  • 84% Improves the work of the uterine muscles

5. Some recommendations from people who have tried the product

  • Katie Janeva: Irregular periods, painful periods and general decline in health – I know these symptoms all too well. Simply put, I’ve got a classic PMS. While taking Fertilitea, I watched my hormone levels change. My periods became regular, the chest pain no longer bothered me. My emotional state returned to normal, I no longer wanted to kill anyone and ate a ton of milk chocolate. I am very satisfied with the results. By the way, I tried to find a replacement, but without success.
  • Marija Bosilovska: My problem appeared a few years ago – chronic inflammation of the ovaries and milk ducts. I took many pills and even injected antibiotics but after a few months the disease returned. Sometimes menstruation lasts up to 2 weeks and is very painful. After 2 months of taking FertiliTea, my cycle returned to normal and lasted 4 to 5 days. Now my mood is always stable, even though I was like a ticking time bomb before. Even better, the condition of my skin and hair has improved.
  • Lidija Stevkoska: I got married, moved to another city and changed jobs. It was terribly stressful for me. I became stressed, annoyed, constantly harassing and attacking my husband. Also, we had planned to have a baby but it didn’t work out because I was too nervous. This cannot go on like this. Seeing my condition, my colleague recommended FertiliTea. After a week of drinking, I became calmer and eventually all the unpleasant symptoms of stress disappeared. I fell in love with my new home and even got a promotion. And like a filling on a cake – I finally got pregnant. I am very happy that I will soon become a mother.
  • Sofija Milanovska: I often have mastitis. My microbiome was messed up and it was itchy. Traditional treatment did not work, the disease kept coming back. FertiliTea not only helps you get rid of unpleasant symptoms, but also helps you forget about them in the long run. I finished the treatment 4 months ago and there is no sign of recurrence of the disease. This is a huge improvement for me.
  • Elizabeth: Thank you for pointing out a problem that many people have headaches! I had a very difficult pregnancy, progesterone and utrogestan helped me a lot. My son is going to school soon, and I still can’t recover from hormone therapy, even carrots make me gain weight, and my legs are always swollen at night.
  • Elena: Thank you! I renewed my body after detoxifying it with synthetic hormones for 5 years. I have been drinking this tea for a month and now my ovaries are fine, my cervix is ​​smooth and I no longer have PMS.
  • Christina: Oh! My legs are almost like hers now 🙁 I never thought that hormones were the cause for that, I used to blame my job by sitting.Thanks for opening. No need to take medicine anymore!
  • Laura: Hi everyone! I was prescribed hormones because of the inflammation. A week later, I had pain in my groin. They took a swab and found that my white blood cell count was high. I read the article and I feel scared now!
  • Irena: I don’t know how it works. I have polycystic ovary syndrome. I have been drinking herbal tea for 3 months. Yesterday I had an ultrasound and there are no more cysts! I was so scared that I would need surgery.

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