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Waist Trainer (DE, AT, HU) To shrink your waistline

Waist Trainer – You will have an Ideal waist size.

  • Burn and remove excess fat.
  • Waist Trainer refine the silhouette.
  • Make the waist so thin, to command the admiration of all.
  • This is a process of gradually reducing waist volume with a special corset.

Price: 69 EUR

1. Waist Trainer is your guarantee of beauty and health!

  • Beauty
    Reduce the volume of the belt.
    Bring on overweight. Get rid of belly fat and belly fat thanks to the steam effect
    No movement restriction. Create the ideal line without some limitations
  • Health
    Is irreplaceable after childbirth. Your figure will not simply return to shape but will become ideal
  • Reduce back pain.
    Useful for training any muscle
  • Create a “royal” stature.
    Constantly keep your back even, elegant make you even more
    Happy belief in corset waist trainer!
  • Waist Trainer Corset has earned the trust of several celebrities, such as: Kim Kardashian, Anna Sedokova, Amber Rouse, Jessica Alba and many more! They use corsets, and the results won’t be long in coming!
  • Why bring corset on work?
    To keep your back even and prevent back injury when doing exercises
    Creates a sauna effect (perfect for drying), whereby excess moisture is expelled from the body
    The maximum effect of the exercises, the corset will allow you to study the problem areas more carefully
    Reducing cravings, corsets will help maximize focus on training

2. Your size will be Ideal

  • Eliminate fat cells
    Thanks to internal heat generation and increased perspiration, toxins and excess fat will escape from the affected area.
  • Kill the appetite
    As long as you wear a corset, the compression created around your waistline will help reduce food intake, helping you to use small portions of food more often, instead of the standard three large servings per day…
  • Three rows of hooks
    The classic black rubber corset is also produced with three rows of hooks. Three rows of hooks will allow it to serve you longer on your weight loss journey. When a double-row corset is too big for you, a three-row corset can still serve you with its smaller third row of hooks.
  • Several sizes
    Sports bras made of elastic rubber allow freedom of movement in everyday life and in the gym. Tightness is maximum. Three rows closed. Nine reinforced metal frames. Cotton inner layer for comfort when wearing a rubber corset. The size is selected based on your waist circumference and height measurement.
  • How it works?
    Waist Trainer is a process of gradually reducing the waist with our special corset. Centuries ago, the same practice was widely known and used. Using only the special type of corset will give you a beautiful and sexy figure. Long-term use of corsets combined with exercise and a proper, beautiful-skinned diet can eliminate those extra centimeters on your waistline for a lifetime.
  • Nothing but 100% quality!
    But beware, our high quality corsets are not as good as the ones sold in lingerie stores! Conventional corsets are manufactured with the use of internal steel bars that create the strongest discomfort, as well as possibly cause injury to vital human organs. Our corsets are made from a unique latex material that “attacks” excess padding particles and other line defects in the action area.

3. Idea

  • Aline / 21 years old
    “I received the mini cardigan I’ve been waiting for so long) Well, my road to my dream size has just begun! Thanks for the quick delivery!”
  • Irene / 29 years old
    “I’ve had two kids, and the size is smaller now than it was long time before pregnancy! 58 cm! Thanks for the corset! I recommend it.”
  • Inga / 23 years old
    “I tried on a new WAIST TRAINER cardigan today, I’ve been wanting this for a long time after seeing it at PRO. The belt is really sturdy! Cotton inside and rubber outside are okay! done so that” Moisture does not seep in. Sauna effect is perfect! I recommend it. “

4. To have a slim waist, round 1 and bust 3 bloom.

  • How to choose a correct size belly gene?
    The best way to choose the right size for you when buying belly, latex or corset is to accurately measure your waist and hip + lower belly:
    – Measure the smallest waist (waist)
    – Measure the lower abdomen and the largest hips (Hips)
  • How many hours a day should I wear a belly band?
    If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended to take 3 to 6 hours a day, then gradually increase the time up to your desired level for best results. Listen to your body, you can take it off whenever you feel uncomfortable and continue using the gene a few hours later.
  • How long does it take to reduce the use of the belly band gene?
    Depending on the body of each person and the individual’s exercise diet, the results of waist reduction in each person are different. Some people wear 2-3 weeks has reduced but some people wear 3-4 months to reduce. Make sure you gene regularly and combine with a proper diet, exercise and rest for best results.
  • Can I wear the corset overnight?
    Of course, you can wear it overnight for the best waist reduction effect. Even later when you have achieved your dream waistline you should continue to wear it at night to maintain long term results and avoid increasing again!
  • Can I wear a corset during work or sport?
    The answer is yes. You can wear it when you go to work or go to the gym to help sweat more, better shape your waist and help reduce back pain effectively. You should use latex if the job is too active or bends often. If you feel short of breath, stop taking it and let your body rest for a few hours.

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