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FlyBra (BG) What is the perfect bust size?

FlyBra – Invisible bra.

  • Bras are not visible under clothes.
  • Enhance your breasts to give them a perfect shape.
  • Anatomically molded silicone cups for breast augmentation and correction.
  • Forget straps and stiff frames, nothing can limit you.
  • Product is perfect for dresses that don’t cover the back and have a deep plunging neckline.

Price: 80 BGN

1. Benefits of  FlyBra:

  1. YOU CAN wear ANYTHING YOU WANT: Nude color and 0.3 mm thick crop lines make it invisible even under lace dresses, and when wearing strapless dresses you can also wear those low slit dress.
  2. EASY TO USE: Ordinary bras often scratch and scratch the skin. Product supports breasts without hurting the skin.
  3. ONE SIZE: Silicone bras fit all sizes and shapes. No problem!
  4. INCREASE YOUR BOLD SIZE: Silicone bras give the perfect shape to your breasts and cover any imperfections. The breasts are visibly lifted and even larger. Made of medical grade silicone, it does not cause allergic reactions

2. Our customers recommend it

  • Marinella Roncelli – 45 years old: I like to look my best, but not vulgar. It’s terrible when you see your bra peeking under your clothes. So I bought the FlyBra and have never regretted it.
  • Alice Linnaeus – 22 years old: It’s a great bra for special occasions. You can’t see it under your clothes and your boobs look amazing! My boyfriend likes it too.
  • Veronica Poletti – 34 years old: My breasts have given way a bit, but in the summer, I still want to be sexy with split skirts. FlyBra breast augmentation, look like 18 years old again!
  • Giorgia Freeta – 19 years old: It’s the perfect solution for a wedding dress. I was afraid that a normal bra would ruin everything, but it didn’t. Ah, the FlyBra is imperceptible and very comfortable.
  • Georgina Menti – 19 years old: It is perfect for open dresses. I thought I would never find the right bra, but I finally found it. FlyBra is extremely sexy and comfortable.

3. Many uses

  • Wash bras with warm water and soap
  • Dry clean, avoid direct sunlight
  • Attach a protective cap to prevent the silicone from drying out

4. “Invisible” bras for different outfits:

A suitable bra that does not reveal a trace through the outer layer of clothing is an important factor to create the perfect overall.

  • Smooth surface bra: Even if you’re wearing something discreet, you can still lose points if your underwear is rough. Therefore, women should prioritize bra models that fit well, the cup cup is tight and the surface is smooth.
  • Detachable strap bra: An indispensable type of lingerie in women’s wardrobe is a bra with detachable straps. They give you the freedom to adjust to a variety of dress designs, from off-shoulder to feminine off-shoulder.
  • Strapless bra or bodysuit: With tight-fitting open-shoulder dresses, she should invest in a dedicated strapless bra. This type has a tight chest cup and is more difficult to fall off than a strapless bra. Besides, the bodysuit also supports shaping the body, creating more curves.
  • U-neck Bra: This is the ideal choice for dresses with deep necklines but tight backs. Not only is it ‘invisible’, but it also maintains the support of the bust.
  • Racerback bra: When wearing a sleeveless, deep shoulder dress, you can hide the Y-shaped bra straps behind your back.
  • Stickers: With open back or side skirts, stickers are an effective suggestion. It is thick enough for you to ‘cheat’ a little measure, and at the same time has the ability to squeeze the breasts together and create a seductive slit.
  • The nipple patch: This is the solution to bold cut designs. However, it has absolutely no lifting effect, so it is only suitable for girls whose breasts are not too small.
  • Bralette: With bralette, women can apply a fashion to show off their underwear without being offensive. They are usually made of lace material, without metal frames, so they feel comfortable. Bralette goes well with blazer, unbuttoned shirt, overalls… or worn inside a see-through shirt of the same color.

5. Wedding day story and FlyBra

  • When I put it on, I realized that all my problems were solved! I wore a great dress and the bodice was completely invisible: no straps and no zipper in the back. Moreover, FlyBra lifts my breasts, making me more attractive. It’s the best idea in the world because the dress looks great!
  • I wonder why I’ve never seen anything like it in stores. But my friend told me that the real FlyBra is not sold in stores and can only be ordered from the official website. One day, she decided to order a cheaper bra from China. It practically looks exactly like the FlyBra, but it’s actually a simple knockoff. Her breasts sweat a lot because the bra doesn’t drain sweat and moreover, it doesn’t even fit her breasts.
  • Therefore, the original must be ordered from the official online store. When she tried it on, she felt the difference! He ordered another one but he never used it because the first one is still in perfect condition. And you know what? I trust you!
  • Apparently, my wedding day was awesome because the main character (ie me) was in a good mood. They gave me a lot of compliments that day, and they weren’t just from my boyfriend. I’ve been wearing the FlyBra for almost 12 years, and all that time I have had no discomfort (no pain, pressure or rubbing). Incredible!
  • The next day, I went to the site that sold this amazing thing and ordered my own FlyBra just in case. Now I wear the FlyBra with all of my clothes and I don’t understand how I can wear those nasty casual bras with the tight straps, zippers, and frames. This is my story, girls. Don’t make my mistake! Order the FlyBra and wear it with all your clothes: any look will look so much better, I assure you. Be beautiful and charming! Until next time!

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