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Rhinofix (CY, GR) Is your nose not beautiful?

The operation of Rhinofix is ​​very simple!

  • Raise the tip of the nose, which tends to sag with age.
  • Narrow the head and sides of the nose.
  • Reduce the length of the nose (by raising the tip of the nose).
  • Flatten sharp points and protrusions on the bridge of the nose.
  • Restore symmetry.
  • Very safe.

Price: 49 EUR

1. About Rhinofix:

  • Rhinofix is ​​an alternative to rhinoplasty used to slightly correct the shape of the nose. Performed by orthogel.
  • Nasal cartilage tissue is prone to gradual change by 1-2 mm per month. For visible results, simply apply Product 2-4 times a week at night for 2 hours.
  • You will be surprised how with such a simple device you can achieve great results in just two months.
  • An alternative to rhinoplasty
    + Bestseller in the United States: Product is ​​a bestseller in the US. Tool to correct nose shape at home.
    + Rhinoplasty for potato nose: Correction of nose shape at home How to fix “potato nose”? If you have a wide nose and want to reduce its size, Rhinofix is ​​the exclusive product that has revolutionized the US and Japanese markets.
    + Its operation is very simple! Rhinofix is ​​one of the simplest and most useful health products available.

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2. Rodolfo A. Martínez – Plastic surgeon

  • Rhinoplasty is a revolutionary alternative to rhinoplasty. Although this method of changing the shape and size of the nose is only recently developed, it has gained popularity all over the world.
  • This improved product is already available in our country. As a plastic surgeon, I recommend this brace to everyone who wants to lengthen their nose, make it more symmetrical or simply give it the desired shape.
  • I assure you it is something that can be done at home, without surgical intervention.

3. Feedback from our customers

  • Marina V.
    I ordered the product on this site and it arrived very quickly. I really don’t think it will work. At first, the feeling of having it on the nose was a bit uncomfortable, but then got used to it. I am very happy with this result! My “potato nose” has improved a lot in 2 months. My face is so much better now. I noticed someone was looking at me!
  • Irene B.
    I got Rhinofix for my birthday. At first, I didn’t even know what it was 🙂 But I love receiving gifts. Over time, I noticed that the lump on the bridge of my nose had decreased in size and soon it completely disappeared. My nose looks so much better now! Thanks a lot! I ordered for a friend. 2 months and done! No nose lift!

4. Do you have a crooked nose? What you will do?

  • Kate recounts:
  • I’ve been bullied all my life because of my crooked nose. At first, I didn’t pay attention to people’s rude comments, but over time they formed in my mind and by the time I started high school, I was a girl full of problems. about confidence. I couldn’t make new friends and while all the other girls were invited out, I spent the evening at home eating and watching TV.
  • Then I went to college and it was like that. I moved to another city, where I didn’t know anyone. The only person supporting me is my roommate, Kate, a pretty girl with a Barbie-like face. I love her because she’s always been nice to me, but I also hate her, because she has a crooked nose!
  • One night, Kate was out with her new boyfriend and was in such a terrible mood that she couldn’t stay home. Kate says:
  • I went to the nearest pub and got drunk.
  • I buried all my dreams of having a pretty face and a cold boyfriend in an ocean of tequila.
  • I don’t remember how I got home, but fortunately the next day I woke up in my own bed.
  • “You told me a lot yesterday.” Kate was smiling. “And I think I have a solution!”
  • Then, one summer, everything changed. She went to France with her parents and there she learned about Rhinofix. It’s a special nose correction method, developed by French scientist, André Crow. Kate tried it and a month later saw the difference! This made her discover her confidence. So Kate also decided to give up wearing glasses, dye her hair blonde and wear a skirt for the first time.
  • “Here’s yours,” she told me, handing me a pink object. “Put it on 3-4 times a week and keep it on while watching TV. Don’t ask questions, just wear it.”
  • I did as she told me. Since my nose changes less than a millimeter a day, I didn’t really notice a difference until I took a selfie. I was socked! My crooked nose is no longer like that! I look like a Barbie doll! I immediately regained my confidence and self-respect. The next month, I bought myself new clothes and threw away all my old ones. I’m beautiful and I don’t want to hide it anymore!
  • Let me tell you a little more about this method that has changed my life.
  • Rhinofix is ​​an alternative to rhinoplasty, an intervention used to correct the shape of the nose. The device is made from orthogel. You will be shocked at the results you can achieve in just two months with this simple brace shirt. Rhinofix is ​​one of the most useful and easy to use devices available on the market.

5. Comment

  • Elizabeth Browning
    I want to try it out! I know that our noses are mainly made of cartilage, so they can be altered. Wish there was a similar device for the ears….
  • Emily Carmichael
    I found out about Product on a plastic surgery forum. I talked to a doctor at a clinic in my city and started using this Product. Four months later, my nose started to thin out noticeably. It used to be huge, but now I’m satisfied with what I see in the mirror. The only thing I did was buy Product at the clinic, where it was more expensive. They have the same equipment on the internet, but the cost is lower! I wish I knew this sooner….
  • Lilith Grudge
    Your story makes me cry…it’s so sad! Good thing you found a solution. My sister has the same problem, I will order Product for her.
  • Diane Attenborough
    My story is similar to yours! I was also bullied because of my nose. I didn’t even go to college because I thought I was the ugliest person in the world.

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