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Ear Wax Remover (CY, GR) Best way to clean your ears

Ear Wax Remover – Convenient and Safe

  • Removes 100% of earwax.
  • No harm to the ear.
  • Can be used up to 3 months Without changing nozzles.
  • One set includes 2 nozzles and tweezers.
  • Improper ear care leads to very sad consequences. Doctors advise that absolutely do not use cotton swabs or other folk remedies. Hydrogen peroxide, salt water, vinegar, vegetable oil and baking soda are also harmful to the ear canal.
  • Conventional ear cleaning methods cause trauma to the inner ear and brain.

Price:  49 EUR

1. Expert opinion about Ear Wax Remover

  • Cleaning your ears with cotton swabs will harm your ears a lot, especially if you use them often. During use, earwax is pushed into the ear, forming earwax plugs and causing hearing loss.
  • 80% of people who come to us for earwax use cotton swabs.
  • In the United States, they have been using Ear Wax Remover for ear cleaning for a long time, it has proven to be a 100% effective tool. Not only does it not harm your ears, but it also doesn’t push earwax in and removes it 100%.
  • 97 out of 100 people continue to use Ear Wax Remover regularly
  • 95% of people no longer have ear problems

     Lella Arisi – Head of Otolaryngology Department, “Fatebenefratelli” hospital

*****  Try to see how lucky you are

2. This is what may happen when cleaning your ears is not important:

  • Few people talk about this, but in the last year there have been 4 deaths due to improper ear hygiene. The victims did not promptly complain of inner ear diseases and the infection had spread to the brain.
  • The rupture of the eardrum and the resulting hearing loss is not too dangerous, although in this case it can only be repaired with surgery. Mixing the wrong concentration of vinegar can burn the middle and inner ear, while the oil solution does the opposite, clogging the tube and leading to the formation of earwax plugs.
  • Recently there has been a tragic incident with a cotton swab. This woman, due to poor ear hygiene, went to the hospital and almost lost her hearing, and has not yet fully recovered. We contacted the victim and discovered the details of the incident.

    * Hello! Tell us, how did it all happen? Have you had hearing problems before?

  • Hi. Never had a problem and I have never been to an ENT doctor. I always try to take care of my ears by cleaning them with cotton swabs. At the time, I thought it was good to wash my ears that way, but it turned out to be harmful. After one of those cleanings, I noticed an itchy ear and mild hearing loss. I want to go to the doctor, but I don’t have time. Then my ears started to hurt and I almost stopped hearing completely… Anyway, that was the beginning of hell.

    * Have you been to the hospital? What did they say to him?

  • I went to see an otolaryngologist, and it turned out that my case was not the only one. I got an infection while cleaning, causing an inner ear infection and hearing loss. I was prescribed large doses of antibiotics, had my ear washed, and had surgery 2 weeks later. I heard nothing during that time and had to take sick leave. I’m afraid the audition will never come back.

    * What happens next? How does it work?

  • Well, the truth is… New complications arose, and antibiotics didn’t work, so the surgery had to be postponed. In the end, everything went well, but I still haven’t fully recovered my hearing. Now I wear hearing aids. In addition, I had to change jobs because I could not continue with my obligations.

    * What advice can you give our readers to avoid this situation?

  • When I was in the hospital, my roommate told me that you can clean your ears with a special tool called LED Ear Wax Remover. This is a type of rod with a special silicone tip that removes earwax and does not damage the eardrum. All doctors are also against folk remedies and cotton swabs because they are made for a different purpose and not to clean the ears. But for whatever reason, they don’t talk about it in public and you won’t know until you’re hospitalized with a perforated eardrum.

This interview should be an example for all those who still use cotton swabs to clean their ears. Do not put your health in jeopardy and use special tools approved by your doctor. Next, we leave you the link to the official website of the LED Ear Wax Remover manufacturer. Stay healthy!

3. Customer reviews

  • LUCIANA BALDUCCI, 45 YEARS old, SASSARI: My friend recommended Ear Wax Remover to me. He says he has never had such a comfortable ear cleaner. He bought it in America. I also bought it, it 100% cleans your ears without pain and discomfort. Where have you been before, Ear Wax Clean!
  • MARINA SIMONI, 24 YEARS old, MONZA: I started using this device a month ago. Honestly, I’m very happy. Using the sticks, I felt a certain discomfort. But product is a real miracle. I am so glad I found this website.
  • MASSIMO GODI, 34 YEARS old, UDINE: I get my earwax removed every 3 months. Of course I hate going to the doctor, but I had to, and I also spent a lot of money. Unfortunately, we do not have free medical assistance. Then I bought product and I had no problems for 6 months. Ear Wax Remover nozzles have an average lifespan of 3 months. You will never find a cheaper offer.

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