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Rhino-correct (BG) Splint to fix the nose

Rhino-correct – The best ideas are often the simplest!

  • Straighten the tip of the nose sagging with age.
  • Refine the head and wings.
  • Reduce the length of the nose by raising the tip of the nose.
  • Editing of the nippers and harmonizing lines.
  • Restore the symmetry of the nose.

Price: 80 BGN

1. Rhino-correct rhinoplasty without surgery

  • Rhino-correct is an alternative to rhinoplasty, allowing for gentle correction of its shape. Made of orthogel gel.
  • The cartilage tissue of the nose is susceptible to the following gradual changes: 1-2 mm per month. To achieve the desired results, simply wearing the Rhino-correct brace in the evening 3-4 times a week for 2 hours is enough.
  • You will be surprised that such a simple splint will allow you to achieve such good results in just two months.

2. An alternative to rhinoplasty

  • Used to slightly improve the shape of the nose.
  • It is the best seller in the United States
    Rhino-correct is a best seller in the United States. It is a kind of splint used to correct the nose at home.
  • Rhinoplasty “nose like a potato”
    Rhinoplasty at home. How to fix a “potato nose”? If you have a wide nose and want to narrow it down, know that Rhino-correct is a unique product that has caused a stir in the US and Japan.
  • All great ideas are simple!
    Rhino-correct is one of the simplest and most useful health products.

3. Expert opinion:

  • Dr. Alexander Buchendorf, Plastic Surgeon
    Rhinoplasty is a revolutionary alternative to rhinoplasty. Although this method was only recently developed, it has been used successfully all over the world. Currently, this method was also available in Germany. As a plastic surgeon, I would recommend these braces to anyone who wants a longer, more proportional, or more beautiful nose. I assure you that this can be done at home without any surgical intervention. ”
    A year later, I got my bachelor’s degree and was prom queen. I ultimately decided not to practice my learned work but instead to help other young women build their confidence. I started a “beauty school” where women learn to walk in heels or shop for clothes that fit. I also teach makeup classes and recommend Rhino-Correct whenever I can.
    You can change your life!
  • Sławomir A. Adamski – Doctor of Medicine, Plastic Surgeon
    The brace to correct the shape of the nose is a revolutionary alternative to rhinoplasty. Although this method of correcting nose shape and size is only recently developed, it has gained popularity all over the world.
    Now this innovation is also available in our country. As a plastic surgeon, I recommend this brace to anyone who wants to lengthen the nose and give it symmetry, or just the desired shape.
    I can assure you that it is achievable without leaving home and without surgical intervention.

4. Opinions of our customers

  • Martina W.
    I ordered the brace here, it arrived very quickly. Honestly, I didn’t think it would work. It wasn’t very comfortable to wear at first, but then I got used to it. And I’m happy with the results! For 2 months she dealt with my “potato nose”. Now my face looks so much better. I even noticed people staring at me!
  • Irmina B.
    I got the Rhino-correct for my birthday. At first I didn’t even know what it was :)) but I’m very happy with the gift. Over time, I noticed that the hump on my nose lessened and eventually disappeared completely. Looks like the nose has become much slimmer! Thanks a lot! I ordered it for a friend, it’s 2 months old, no need for rhinoplasty!

5. Read this happy ending by journalist Andrea Kohlmeier

  • “How do you get a nose like that?” you ask yourself.
    Millions of women search Google but can’t find the answer. I don’t know all the answers, but I can still help you to get a nice result.
    All my life, I’ve been teased about my big witch’s nose. At first, I just ignored all the bad comments, but in the end you can’t hide it forever – it was really hard for me, especially when I was in school. I can’t make new friends and of course I can’t get a boy either. So I spent most of my time alone in front of the TV.
  • In college, it all started all over again.
    I moved to another city, where I was a complete stranger and alone. Only my roommate, Jana, supports me wherever I go. She is a beautiful young woman with a face that resembles a real Barbie. I like her because she’s always been nice to me. On the other hand, I hate her because she has exactly the nose I’ve always wanted!
    But all of that changed one summer. Her family moved to France, where she also found Rhino-Correct. This is a special form of rhinoplasty developed by French scientist André Crow.
    She tried it and saw a huge difference in just one month! Of course, she has become more confident and now wears contact lenses, dyed her hair blonde and wears a mini skirt. Instead of “Fat Jana”, she is now called “Princess Jana”!
  • “That’s it,” said Jane, handing me something pink, “this is up my nose three or four times a day. Don’t ask, just do it!”
    So I did it for two months. My nose changes less than a millimeter a day and I haven’t noticed any changes.
    But when I took a selfie, I was shocked! My witch’s nose is almost gone! I look so much more like Barbie!
    I was so much more confident and a month later I bought sexy clothes. I’m so much prettier now and I want to show it off!
  • Let me delve a little deeper into this miraculous cure.
    RhinoCorrect is an alternative to rhinoplasty, used to correct the nose. Remedial methods include orthogel. You will be completely satisfied when owning a beautiful nose after 2 months!
    RhinoCorrect is one of the simplest yet most effective products I know!

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