Heart disease and hight blood pressure, Armenia

Recardio (AM) Eliminate high blood pressure

Effects of Recardio:

  • Eliminate the cause of disease, reduce the risk of stroke, reduce the risk of heart attack,
  • Normal blood pressure quickly, restore vascular tone, restore vascular elasticity, suitable for everyone, suitable for all ages,
  • High blood pressure leads to heart attack, blood clots form, leading to thrombosis, increased risk of cerebral hemorrhage, increased risk of stroke, arterial hypertension.

Price:  16000 AMD

1. Why Recardio is so good?

  • 100% organic product with no side effects
  • Normalizes blood pressure within 6 hours of taking
  • Supports and regulates heart function
  • It strengthens the cardiovascular system and nervous system
  • It does not cause sudden pressure fluctuations
  • Two treatment packages a year reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke to almost zero
  • For a course that will restore the elasticity of arteries and veins

2. Recardio eliminates the main causes of hypertension:

  • Nervous system tension, stress, insomnia, relieve anxiety, reduce toxins in the blood vessels,
  • Improve heart function, clean blood vessels, reduce varicose veins, reduce blood clots,
  • Dissolve blood clots, strengthen blood vessel walls,
  • Reduce blood sugar, prevent diabetes, prevent overweight,
  • Speed up metabolism, improve kidney function, promote weight loss

3. Expert opinion

  • This is the best antihypertensive drug.
  • I recommend Recardio to my patients and I try to prevent treatment by other means that are widely advertised on the Internet and TV.
  • High blood pressure must be treated with safe and effective methods recommended by leading experts and allows you to get rid of this disease completely.
  • It is important to take appropriate measures to support the work of the cardiovascular system. Recardio not only lowers blood pressure to a normal range, but it also helps to reduce the load on the heart muscle, normalize the condition of blood vessels and reduce the risk of complications.

4. User manual:

  • Pour the syrup into the spoon
  • Drink it with water
  • Drink 3 times a day, 30 minutes after meals
  • Recommended duration of treatment is 3 months

5. Cholesterol causes “damaged” blood vessels and other things

  • Excess weight is directly related to general condition. Cholesterol plaques narrow the blood vessels and reduce the amount of circulating blood that provides oxygen and nutrients to tissue cells. Such a deficiency awakens hunger centers and forces us to eat.
  • Nutrients enter the digestive system with food, but because blood circulation is impaired, organs and tissues don’t get what they need. So the process repeats endlessly.
  • A person experiences a constant feeling of hunger, eating a lot of fatty, sweet and high-calorie foods. As a result, weight begins to increase.
    Many doctors make the mistake of assuming that high blood pressure is caused by being overweight. As you can see from the explanations above, being overweight is a consequence of hypertension.
  • Remember, the health of the body cannot exist without the health of blood vessels.”
    If you want to live a healthy, fulfilling life, you need to clean and restore your blood vessels. This will save you from 90% of chronic diseases that are considered incurable.
  • What is deposited on blood vessel walls besides cholesterol?
  • Blood clots
    The mass of blood clots accumulating in the vessels is much less than that of cholesterol – 0.8-1.0 kg.Their main danger is instability. At any time, the clot can break loose and begin to travel through the bloodstream.
    This can lead to complete blockage of vessels of various diameters (depending on the size of the clot). As a result, blood supply is interrupted in certain parts of the body and organs.
    Stroke, ischemic liver disease, lung failure, kidney failure, hemorrhoids, gangrene – all are consequences of thrombosis.
  • Calcium salt
    Calcium salts are included in medicinal and dietary supplement formulations. Before the age of 50, 300-400 g of this substance accumulates in the brain vessels. The largest amount of calcium salts accumulates in the blood vessels of the brain.
    The danger of salt lies in its crystalline structure. With vasospasm caused by stress, weather changes, age or exertion, the sharp edges of the crystals will damage the vessel walls. This leads to a hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Increased blood pressure is due to the narrowing of the blood vessel’s inner edge by 30% or more.
    This happens due to cholesterol plaques, blood clots and calcium salt deposits. The slightest stress and changes in weather affect your health, causing blood vessel constriction and pressure.

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