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Power Factor Saver (ES, IT) Only 50% electricity bills

Can be trusted with Power Factor Saver:

  • 50% – Air conditioner, washing machine, computer, hair dryer.
  • 45% – Electric stove, microwave, television, kitchen.
  • 40% – Refrigerators, gas heaters.
  • 35% – Kettle, coffee machine, incandescent lamp, toaster.
  • 30% – Drilling, electric saw, disc saw.
  • This innovative device stabilizes electricity, so you can save big on electricity

Price: 48.4 EUR

1. Advantages of Power Factor Saver:

  • EASY CONNECTION: Just plug it into the socket!
  • FINE PERFORMANCE: Power savings are achieved through more efficient use of energy.
  • ITS EFFICIENCY: It has also been confirmed by explanatory scientific studies.
  • IT NOT ONLY SAVES MONEY: in electricity, but also prolongs the life of electrical equipment.
  • DISCHARGE REDUCTION: Electromagnetism is harmful, coming from cables and electrical equipment.
  • IT IS ECONOMIC RESPONSIBLE: in 1-2 months.

2. How Power Factor Saver works?

  • Plug the device into an electrical outlet.
  • Power Factor Saver eliminates unnecessary and useless power that goes through the power cable and charges the mains power. This is how the consumption increases and in addition harmful electric fields are created.
  • Power Factor Saver reduces the electrical load and thus, the power consumption is also reduced. Electrical appliances consume less energy and therefore much lower cost.

3. Feature of Power Factor Saver

  • Designed for a standard electrical network in an apartment or a house.
  • Maximum humidity – 85% (do not use it in the bathroom and in the pool).
  • Dimensions 12 x 7 x 4 cm.
  • Load capacity 5kW – 19kW.
  • Weight: 170 grams including packaging, 125 – without packaging.

4. How to “Reduce” the speed of the electricity meter by 2 times

  • Hi everybody! Today I want to tell you how you can reduce your electricity bill by 2-2.5 times completely legally. This will save many people significant savings!
  • I’ve been an electrician for about 20 years and what I remember is that all the time, prices kept going up. Worst of all, electricity prices artificially increased! That’s why the client asked me to constantly control the counter, put a hold bar there, a magnet there to slow down the race a bit.
  • I have a large family, with three children, electricity costs at home are always very high; For two young children always have to wash a lot of clothes and the third child often uses the computer. By manipulating the clock, he stole the electricity of the state, I will not hide it…
  • The daily income is not enough, so I sometimes work as an electrician in some apartments. One fine day working on one of them, I noticed an interesting device. I recorded the meter reading and the next day I checked it and it only read 700 watts. How can that happen, if he has to score 2-3 more goals?
  • I asked the owner of the apartment and he told me he installed a device to reduce electricity costs and he showed it to me. He told me that his son-in-law brought it from abroad.
  • After this person gave me the information, I started searching the internet for energy savers and found a scientific paper that detailed everything. I have no doubts anymore.
  • With the size of a small lamp, you plug it into an outlet and get to work right away! It is completely silent and imperceptible. It’s called – Power Factor Saver. As far as I understand it can’t be bought at regular stores and it’s not easy to get it either. But we have already paid enough taxes, so saving a little bit of energy is reasonable and right!
  • I searched for a long time online and finally found a place that sells them! This is the website of this Internet shop, they are the exclusive supplier of this equipment in our country. And for those who are more deeply interested in the device, I have requested a video with all explanation published below.
  • Take a look and decide if you want to save. I personally bought three items: for us, my parents, and my husband. In my opinion, why spend more when you can save?
  • Now we live honestly, don’t steal electricity and pay on average 2-2.5 times less than before! I would rather spend that money on something better with my wife and kids! And the mother-in-law did not stop thanking. My wife is offended because her mother now loves me more than her own daughter!

5. Most recent review

  • Irene Martinez: I’ve traveled all over the United States and there’s one in every family. They can’t even remember their lives without them. I was stupid not to buy it there, even though it’s a bit expensive and I’m worried it won’t do well in our country. I will order online now. Thanks Power Factor Saver!
  • Miguel Perez: A friend of mine bought one for his parents and one for himself through this website and I’ve been teasing him constantly about it. Now I can only laugh when I receive the electric bill. Because ever since I bought Power Factor Saver, saving has become super easy. Just plug it in and go!
  • Nicholas Suarez: I live in a private house. I purchased this device at a discounted price through this website. With what I saved in just one month, I amortized what I had to pay. I would recommend it to everyone! Buy Power Factor Saver, other devices are not good. They just need to read the description and comments of people who have tried Power Factor Saver.
  • Mary: Alejandra, produced based on German technology. My father said that they used it in the Soviet Union before, but only rich people have it, of course, who does not talk a bit about it.
  • Daniela Calvo: This device really works. I saved up to 50%! I bought it through this online store with 30% off. Guys, it was a very good deal, delivery was fast and everything arrived perfect.
  • Elizabeth Martin: Girls, you can see how this device works in this video. From my own experience, I was hesitant at first but the official dealer had a promotion so I decided to order. A month later, when I received my electric bill, I found out I had saved 45%. I was left with my mouth! The most important thing is that everything is legal. You don’t have to mess with the power meter. Just plug it in and enjoy!
  • Carmen White: I bought Power Factor Saver with a bit of trepidation, because it was something new for me. In a month, when I started comparing the results of electric meters, I was pleasantly surprised: I saved 50%! My lights come on when I turn on the microwave and iron at the same time. Now that doesn’t happen anymore. I just ordered 2 more devices: one for my mom for her birthday and the other for me.

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