Electricity Saving (BG) Easiest way to save electric

Location of Electricity Saving Box:

  • Store.
  • Office.
  • Construction.
  • Apartments and private houses.
  • The bakery and the restaurant.
  • Gyms and beauty salons.
  • Electricity Saving Box are very popular in Europe. As statistical studies show, every European family purchased an Electricity Saving Box.

Price:   95 BGN

1. Electricity Saving Box really saves!

It reduces the current consumption of electrical equipment, so the meter “rotates” less and consequently, lower monthly electric bills! With Electricity saving box, you can pay 30-50% less electricity depending on the exact type of electric you use.

  • 25% – Air conditioner, washing machine, mobile phone, clothes dryer.
  • 15% – Electric oven, iron, microwave, television, kitchen.
  • 12% – Refrigerators, boilers with electric motors.
  • 20% – Electric kettle, coffee maker, incandescent lamp, toaster.
  • 15% – Drill, Drill, Ring saw, Jigsaw.

2. Advantages of Electricity Saving Box:

  • Easy connection. Just plug it in!
  • It doesn’t fool the accountant. Savings due to more efficient use of energy.
  • Effectiveness is confirmed by many researches and scientific explanations.
  • It not only saves electrical energy but also prolongs the life of electrical equipment.
  • Reduce unhealthy electromagnetic radiation emitted from wiring and equipment.
  • The paid amount is fully withdrawn in 1-2 months.

3. Legitimate payment 30-50% less on electricity bill?

  • Hi everybody! Today I want to tell you how you can legally halve your electric bill. This will save a lot of people honestly!
  • I’ve been an electrician for about 20 years and what I remember is that the price of electric kept going up all the time. Worst of all, electric prices keep going up! For this reason, I have had many clients ask me to manipulate their power meter, put a clamp here or a magnet there, to reduce their consumption a bit.
  • At home, we are one big family. For parents and children, electric bills at home are always very high; For two young children always have to do a lot of laundry and the third spends all day in front of the computer. I’ve driven my electricity meter on some occasion, I won’t lie to you…
  • With the money I earn every day, I can’t get it, so sometimes I have to work as an electrician in some apartments. One fine day, while working at one of these houses, a piece of equipment they placed there caught my attention. I recorded the meter reading and the next day I checked again and it only read 700 watts. How is it possible? You should dot 2-3 times as much!
  • I asked the owner of the apartment and he told me he installed a device to reduce electric costs and he showed it to me. He told me that his son-in-law brought it from abroad.
  • After this man gave me this information, I started searching on the Internet about this energy efficient device and found a scientific paper with very detailed information. I have no doubts anymore.
  • This device (about the size of a small light bulb) plugs in and starts doing its job right away. It is completely silent and imperceptible. It’s called: Electricity Saving Box. As far as I understand, you can’t buy it in any store and it’s not easy to get it either. But we paid enough taxes! So it’s good that we save a bit of energy.
  • I spent a lot of time searching the Internet until I finally found a website where they sell the device. Here I leave the website of this Internet shop. They are the only supplier of this equipment in our country. And for those who are really interested in the device, I have requested a video containing all the explanation and you can find it below.
  • Take a look and decide if you want to save or not. I ordered three: for us, for my parents and for my wife and I. In my opinion, why spend more when you can save?
  • Now we live honestly! We don’t steal electricity and, on average, we pay half of what we used to use. I would rather spend that money doing something better with my wife and kids! My mother-in-law never stopped thanking me. My wife is offended because her mother now loves me more than her own daughter!

4. Opinions about Electricity Saving Box

  • Rachel Jimenez: I bought this device with some hesitation, as it is a new device. In just a month, when I checked what my watch was reading, the surprise was unbelievable. I have saved more than 50% thanks to this device! And one very important thing: before the light would go off whenever I turned on the iron and the microwave at the same time and now it doesn’t happen anymore. I just ordered another one for my mom! It will be his birthday present. Thanks andris!
  • Esther Roldan: I just got back from Croatia with my husband and everyone there uses this device! I asked a friend and he told me that there, without this device, many people would not be able to pay for Electricity Saving Box. He saved 30-50% so we decided to bring one.
  • Manuel Marquez: A friend of mine bought it for his parents on this website. Then he introduced it to me. At first I laughed at him, but now I laugh because of the electricity bill. I can only tell you that after buying Electricity Saving Box, I started saving. You put it in the socket and that’s it!
  • Victor: Amazing! “What an amazing thing! This device has really surprised me. To be honest, I don’t really believe what you wrote but after a month of use, all doubts have cleared up. gone. Electricity Saving Box really allows to save and quite a lot. Thank you! I have recommended your site to my loved ones.”
  • Dawn: Excellent quality. “Thank you for such high quality. I bought a similar one but it was useless and within 2 weeks it stopped working completely. I was taken away by its low price. Then I buy from you. Last month I paid 20 euros instead of 30-40 like before. I saved about 10-20 euros. I used everything that I normally use. I am very happy.”
  • Peter: Correct solution. Ideal solution for apartments and offices. I bought it for both places and now I am paying almost 30 euros less per month. If everything goes as well as it is, in a year I can save almost 360 euros. Although I don’t I don’t want to save much. I believe you shouldn’t pay for things you don’t use. Why throw money away?

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