Heart disease and hight blood pressure, Cyrus and Greece

Opticor (GR) Normal blood pressure since first use

Opticor reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack to zero.

  • Normalization of blood pressure within the first 6 hours thanks to bioflavonoids.
  • Restores vascular tone and elasticity with a single treatment.
  • Safe for all ages Effective in stages I, II and III of hypertension.
  • Why is high blood pressure dangerous?
    * Consequences of arterial hypertension are more dangerous than comorbid cancers and tuberculosis. 89% of cases of hypertension end in heart attacks. Blood clots develop in the blood vessels. The risk of brain hemorrhage and stroke is very high.
    * Smoking, alcohol consumption, malnutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, stress and high cholesterol have particularly dangerous consequences. Overweight people have 3-4 times higher blood pressure than normal people.

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1. Opticor eliminates 5 main causes of high blood pressure

  • Nervous system overload (stress, insomnia, etc.)
    Opticor relieves anxiety thanks to the content of valerian root and mother plant.
  • Toxins in blood vessels
    Opticor improves heart activity, cleans blood vessels of waste thanks to bioflavonoids obtained from green coffee and hawthorn.
  • Varicosity and thrombosis
    Opticor improves blood circulation, breaks up blood clots and strengthens blood vessel walls thanks to its concentrated content of cone flowers, known as hops (Humulus lupulus).
  • Increase blood sugar
    Opticor lowers blood sugar, prevents diabetes thanks to oregano and horsetail extracts.
  • Overweight
    Opticor stimulates weight loss, metabolism and kidney function thanks to perilla extract.

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2. Expert opinion

  • The main agent against hypertension is bioflavonoids. They can only be obtained from green tea and hawthorn. They are present in most antihypertensive drugs.
    But! Its concentration in most products is negligible!
  • Therefore, the effect can be expected for many years. I know for a fact that the only remedy with an abundance of bioflavonoids is Opticor. I’ve looked at his recipe and the conclusions of independent experts and celebrities. I recommend this supplement to patients and scold them if they start self-medicating and take something that “a friend advised”, “read on the Internet”, “heard on TV”.
  • This LAF is not true! You should only fight hypertension with safe methods! People the doctor trusts, that will make your disease go away forever.

           Anthony Lopez – Senior Doctor, PhD in Medicine

3. Advantages of Opticor

  • Quick help.
    During the first 6 hours after taking it, your pressure should normalize.
  • Do not cause sudden increase or decrease in pressure.
    Precise regulation of heart function.
  • Overall health improvement.
    Eliminate angina attacks, arrhythmias, neurological disorders, improve memory, restore voice and movement after cerebrovascular accident.
  • Effective results without side effects.
    Living plant cells perfectly match the cells of the human body

4. Reviews from people using the product

  • Olivia, 39 years old, Bogota
    I understand that the reduction in BP causes ischemic stroke – cerebral infarction – by witnessing what happened to my sister. Doctors saved his life, but he did not fully recover. When I faced this disease for the first time, I knew some tricks and knew that I should look to herbal remedies to cure this disease. My doctor, a very wise woman, prescribed Opticor for me. I am very grateful to you. It’s been 4 years and I no longer have high bloodpressure. I am a perfectly healthy person with no fear of heart attack or stroke. Monitor your health!
  • Patricia, 44 years old, Medellin
    Several years ago, I was treated at a Florida sanatorium. There, a new treatment for hipertension is being studied. He’s definitely scared. But what else can he do? None of the other remedies helped me, so I decided to give it a try. Luckily, I was in a group that was taking this product, not a placebo. Two hours later, my pressure was back to normal. Little by little, I started to feel much better! I’m so glad I joined the trial back then. Now my BP is always in the normal range.
  • Marco, 51 years old, Santiago de Cali
    I am 51 years old. 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with hipertension in our clinic. A whispering heart and so on. I suffer but do nothing about it. Six months ago, judging by all the signs, I had a micro-myocardial infarction. Naturally, I felt anxious but refused to take the medicine right away. Chemistry is bad, everyone knows it. But he didn’t know what to do. Luckily, I ran into an old friend who recommended this product. Now, as you might have guessed, there is NOTHING that worries me. My pressure is normal, I’m as strong as a horse!

5. Interview with a Cardiologist:

  • Doctor, how are blood vessels worn?
  • Doctor:
    Medicine has long shown that wear and tear and other problems with blood vessels are the cause of a wide range of diseases. Statistics show that cholesterol deposits lead to high bloodpressure, which can cause strokes and heart attacks. The most annoying thing – such deposits cause exacerbation of chronic diseases.
    Vascular problems are always a high risk. They affect the human body and its lifespan. The total length of blood vessels in the adult body is 100,000 km. Imagine a fuel line covered with rust and dirt. It will not be able to provide a uniform flow of fuel to the engine. Its permeability is reduced, and the fuel itself becomes poor quality.
    The situation is similar with blood vessels, the blood vessels must provide “fuel” to the heart muscle. Various substances are deposited in them, which contributes to an increase in pressure. That is, blocked blood vessels are the main cause of high bloodpressure. As I mentioned earlier, the danger lies in the exacerbation of concomitant diseases, because blood vessels connect all the vital organs of a person.
    Note that vascular occlusion is the most common problem in 89% of patients over 40 years of age.
    Atherosclerosis is a chronic disease of elastic and muscular arteries caused by disturbances in lipid and protein metabolism, accompanied by the deposition of cholesterol and some lipoprotein fractions in the lumen. (approximately wikipedia)
    That is, there is a gradual infection of the vessels. If you have never washed dishes and are over 40 years old, your bowl is already clogged. Very quickly, this will negatively affect your health if it is not already affected.
  • How can a normal patient determine if he or she has a blood vessel blockage?
  • Doctor:
    There are a number of symptoms that are directly or indirectly related to impaired circulation in the vessels. I ask you to pay attention to them, because not only health but also longevity depends on this:
    + Cluster headaches with variable intensity;
    + Feeling tired;
    + Impaired vision and hearing;
    Sleep disturbances (even a night without sleep can be a signal from the body);
    + Shortness of breath and angina;
    + Intimacy issues;
    pale skin on the legs;
    Pain in muscles and joints.
    It must be remembered that vascular occlusion is a rapid process. Even if the patient is active in sports in his youth and feels great, after the age of 40, the elasticity of the vessel walls decreases significantly.
    My practice shows that, from the appearance of the first symptoms to the onset of serious illnesses, it can take as little as a month. This is the main danger of hipertension that many people underestimate. Eating fatty foods, smoking, drinking alcohol, even in small amounts, significantly accelerates the process of blood vessel blockage.
  • You mentioned that the blockage of blood vessels can cause manifestations of comorbidities. Can you tell us how this happened? Tell us how to properly clean your glasses.
  • Doctor:
    Previously surgical cleaning techniques were used, but today their effectiveness is estimated by the international medical community to be 20%-30%. In addition, surgery can cause complications and some side effects. In terms of pharmacology, a few years ago, only tablets and injections were used. Since there was no effective alternative, they were prescribed to patients. Such means worked, but only contributed to the dilation of blood vessels, not cleaning them. That is, they were fighting the effect, not the cause.
  • Are you saying that it is not possible to completely clean the blood vessels?
  • Doctor:
    Medicine and pharmacy are constantly evolving. Experts and scientists are discovering new cures, creating new drugs. If we are talking about problems of blood vessels and hipertension, the latest effective developments of Opticor are remarkable . Today it is the only drug with proven clinical efficacy.
    This product combines safety and effective cleaning by cleaning both large arteries and small capillaries. In addition, regular use for 2 months allows you to remove all the dirt and toxins that have accumulated in the blood vessels throughout life.
  • Great! What happens inside the body after taking the drug?
  • Doctor:
    All phases of this product are well understood. First, the drug begins to interact with water. As a result of the interaction of the components of the drug, natural extracts are activated. In addition, oxidation occurs in the human body: saturation of oxygen and moisture occurs. This process allows you to neutralize cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels and normalize natural blood flow. By the way, in most countries, Opticor is officially classified by the Ministry of Health as a blood vessel cleaner.

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