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Onycosolve (TR) – Improves fungal infections


Enjoy your healthy life with Onycosolve:

  • Oak bark extract: It disinfects, kills bacteria and fungi, reduces sweat production.
  • Tea tree oil: A natural antiseptic that prevents fungus from growing further.
  • Sage essential oil: A natural antiseptic that kills infections caused by fungus.
  • Angelica extract: Natural taste deodorizes unpleasant odors.

Price:    249 TL

1. 99.9% chance you have fungus in your body:

  • There is a white patch on the mucosa.
  • Itching between your fingers and toes is uncomfortable.
  • Your nails are discolored and distorted.
  • Your genitals get itchy.
  • The fungus can infect other parts of the body.
  • The immune system and organs are damaged.
  • You infect other people with fungus.
  • Women can lose fertility, men can lose their sexual power.

2. Expert opinion

  • Fungal spores attack people everywhere. I recommend my patients to use a treatment based on natural oils that have antibacterial and antifungal effects.
  • Unlike antibiotics and other drugs, OnycoSolve does not create resistance and rapidly destroys more than 32,000 fungicides. This product uses only organic materials.
  • Therefore, it does not cause allergies. It can also be purchased without a prescription.

3. User opinions

  • Piraye 30 years old
    I tried many ways, but none of them helped. My nails are peeling and chipping… It’s terrible. I always try to hide my hands. Thanks to OnycoSolve + PLUS Set, my problems were quickly resolved. I will definitely recommend.
  • Inci 45 years old
    I am being treated for chronic thrush for 10 months. When you say it’s over, it always starts over. Even strong antibiotics won’t help, but this ordinary oil is a great product. I would recommend anyone having this problem to use the OnycoSolve + PLUS Kit.
  • Ahmed 29 years old
    I also have a fungal infection. Doctor recommended topical treatments: OnycoSolve Kit + PLUS. Symptoms disappeared within a week. Furthermore, this product has been proven by laboratory testing.

4. Very effective products

  • State-of-the-art fungal studies have enabled researchers from the existing pharmacological market of the British Dermatoscopy Society to find a new antifungal drug.
  • Scientists at the Stockholm Institute of Parasitology confirmed the effectiveness of this product in 2018. Onycosolve has passed an 8-step test and is certified as the most effective agent in the fight against fungal infection.
  • Scientists have been researching the Product Kit for 3 years, experimenting with different ingredients and formulas and finding a great organic composition consisting of only natural ingredients, natural extracts. I am proud of my colleagues who have preserved the organic nature of each ingredient and perfected it in the laboratory.
  • Product quickly showed positive efficacy in the treatment of more than 150 fungal infections, including candida and ringworm. The use of the drug showed a positive change even on the third day of treatment, and complete recovery was observed in 98% of the patients. These results were confirmed by pathological tests.
  • The brand is finally on the national drug list, but negotiations over the distribution of Product in pharmacies are not yet complete. That is why this effective antifungal agent can be purchased only from the official website of the manufacturer at a special price.

5. Comment

  • Pelin
    If this brand is good, why isn’t it sold in pharmacies? I asked a lot but couldn’t find it. My husband ordered the Onycosolve + Plus Set online…
  • Leyla
    My brother volunteered to take the exam! I confirm the above. Almost his entire body was infected with the fungus, but now he is healed again.
  • Pervin
    Any itching, even an occasional one, is a cause for concern. I ruined my health with creams and antibiotics bought from the pharmacy, but I could not recover. Luckily, I found the Onycosolve + Plus Set! Cured in a month.
  • Ramzi
    I’m glad they sell it online. New drugs are good until they are licensed – then formulas change and prices go up. They don’t care about people’s health, all they want is profit.
  • Selda
    I agree. Sometimes the same formula helps your symptoms go away, but if you buy a different brand, it doesn’t work. Stay away from pharmacies.
  • Goddess of flowers
    I got an infection from the beauty salon… they ruined my nails. Dermatologists recommend vinegar but it smells! No more doctors… I searched the net and found the Onycosolve + Plus Kit. It went very well and I no longer have any problems.
  • Arda
    I received the package on the third day – I have started the treatment, I hope it works… I will update you…
  • AdamXXX
    It took me six months to recover from a candida infection caused by unprotected sex. Thanks for the information!
  • Mary
    Hi I ordered the second vial – cured my tinea capitis in a week. It did its job!

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