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Magic Skin (CY, GR) Foot Mask will do it all for you!

Magic Skin socks instantly hydrate, smooth and soften skin.

  • Prevents cracks in the skin.
  • Strengthen nails.
  • Anti-bleeding and anti-inflammatory action.
  • Thanks to the 17 natural ingredients included in its composition, not only does it remove dead cells, but the regenerated skin is also replenished with nutrition, hydration and care.
  • A few minutes after wearing socks, a microauna effect is created – the temperature in them increases as our body gives off heat and the exchange of air slows down.
  • At the same time, the pores are opened and the ability to absorb beneficial ingredients is increased many times.

Price: 49 EUR

1. Healing ingredients for soft feet

  • Lactic acid: nourishes, regenerates and slows down the aging process
  • Glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid: promote smoothing of wrinkles
  • Glycerin and oil tighten the skin and restore its elasticity
  • Tartaric acid: helps prevent yeast infections

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2. Advantages of foot mask socks

  • The ingredients of Magic Skin are of natural origin
  • Magic Skin regulates sweat and sebaceous glands
  • Magic Skin has anti-rust and anti-inflammatory effect Removes cracks and calluses

3. User Satisfaction Reviews

  • Elena García Sánchez, 24 years old: Girls, this is the bomb!!! Pedicure socks are a fun treatment for foot skin regeneration!!! After using them, my feet feel as if I just went to the shower or sauna – skin becomes smooth, scaly free, small cracks disappear (large cracks and calluses must be treated). reigning all does not help in this case). They even fit a size 43 – tested by my husband.
  • María Hernández Medina, 28 years old: They gave me these socks for my birthday. They are very pleasant to the touch, seem to have silicone inside. Immediately after the first use, the feet became smooth and soft like a baby. I recommend them to all girls and women. I left a good impression.
  • Ana Zabala Rull, 33 years old: When I bought Magic Skin, I was guided only by interest because I wanted to know if they really helped very well… The results are amazing. My feet are always dry and hard even though I go to the bathroom often, but after wearing these socks, the skin is perfectly smooth and super soft! I tested it myself. I recommend Magic Skin. And yes, I also bought them as a gift for my sister and mother.

4. Elena García’s Blog about Magic Skin

    * How I get rid of cracks and calluses on heels at home

  • Hi everybody! Today I will cover a problem that worries many women, especially in the summer – dry and cracked heels. I’m not one of those people with baby heels that don’t get basic foot care.
  • I’ve always been embarrassed about my feet, especially in the summer when I have to wear revealing shoes. A few years ago, my heels started to crack. It was here that the most terrible thing happened – I was walking in excruciating pain! Anyway, I am writing this because I have found a product that has saved me from these problems. Continue reading my posts!
  • I’ve tried everything and spent a ton of money, but my heels are still dry and cracked. Nothing helped me – not the most popular creams or lotions on the market. Once, I even burned my heels with vinegar and couldn’t walk for 2 weeks. Even the dry skin returns and appears stiff.
  • I couldn’t wear sandals or flip flops at that time because I was so embarrassed about my feet. In addition, it is very dangerous for the cracks it has because they begin to hurt more when they come into contact with the ground and do not heal. If he got an infection, things would get pretty bad. And well, it’s not all that fun.
  • I don’t even want to count how much I spent on all those foot products. Surely it will be enough to spend a good vacation in Bali. When I go to the beach, my heels will instantly turn sandpaper from contact with water and sand even if I take good care of them.
  • All of that would have lasted forever if I hadn’t taken care of the Japanese system of care. Turns out they invented socks that exfoliate dry cracked skin after just one use. I immediately started looking for some, I found many brands, but all of them are super expensive! Finally, I turn my attention to the Magic Skin pedicure socks: I like them for their good price and description.
  • I asked for them and I had them in hand after a week without any issues. I paid for the packages at the post office and ran home to try them on. I did everything according to the instructions: I put them on and left them on for an hour. No discomfort – no itching or burning like when applied topically. I removed them and found no effect. I was a little upset, but the instructions said the skin would have to start peeling by the second day. Wait.
  • The next morning, when I woke up, I was terrified – my heels looked like a snake because the excess skin started ”falling off”. Beneath the peeling skin, you can see the soft pink heel. I must say I have not seen feet like this since I was little. Exfoliation lasts for 7 days – at first, the exfoliation is very intense and then gradually loses intensity. A week later, my heels are so soft I could show them off with a couple of high heel sandals! The truth was that he had not expected such an effect.
  • It turns out that in Japan, I turn my attention to the Magic Skin pedicure socks: I like them for their good price and description pedicure socks have been very popular for 15 years, and in Spain, they are just emerging. The main effect occurs due to fruit acids, in addition to many other oils and natural ingredients. As a result, the old skin peels off on its own. If you use these socks as a preventive measure, new skin will not form.
  • After that time, my heels become very soft and a little tight, but sometimes when I feel my skin is a little hard, I put on Magic Skin socks. This happens every 2-3 months during the warm season and every 6 months in the winter. Compared to the time taking care of my heels, what a paradise!
  • Turns out the problem I had been struggling with for over 10 years was solved with a single click of a website! By the way, I ordered these pedicure socks through the link with the official representative in Spain. There you can read the descriptions and see how they work.

    * Comment

  • Carolina Mendez: I also have heel disease. I have them dry and cracked. I’m even embarrassed to get a pedicure!
  • Nerea Lopez: With Foot Mask socks socks, you don’t have to spend money on pedicure. I don’t remember the last time I went. The heel is always soft and not tight.
  • Laura Gonzalez: Can you tell me how long the effect lasts? Will one pair be enough to remove old skin?
  • Lorena Vílchez: In my case, just one pair was enough, but if you have bad heels, you may need 2. Plus, if you have cracks, you can use them one at a time. safe way – the contents will flatten them.
  • Marina Romero: Thank you, I’ll ask. My heels are terrible.
  • Gloria Campos: I also got rid of my cracked heels thanks to the Magic Skin socks. I used to have a hard time every summer, but now I wear open shoes with great pleasure.
  • Irene Barranquero: The ones you bought, did you order them on the official website? Do I have to pay in advance?
  • Sofia Puentezuelas: I prefer the official website because there they guarantee delivery in 5 days and in addition, they send you the authentic Magic Skin.

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