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Kollagen Intensiv (TR) Secret to staying young forever

Kollagen Intensiv – The first cream that renews the skin from within.

  • The patented formulation of Kollagen Intensiv cream has been shown to be extremely effective in combating the signs of aging. The active ingredients of the cream penetrate deep into the skin, recognizing age-related changes, activating structural protein synthesis and skin regeneration at the molecular level.
  • Visible lifting effect in 4 weeks:
    + 1 week: The fine lines around the eyes are reduced, the skin is moisturized, the feeling of dryness disappears.
    + 2 weeks: Even skin tone, small imperfections disappear, skin is naturally bright.
    + 3 weeks: Skin becomes smooth and translucent, elasticity and density increase, and skin tone is improved.
    + 4 week  Deep wrinkles become less pronounced, oval face tightens, skin becomes more elastic.

Price: 379 TRY

1. Kollagen Intensiv’s Perfect Formula

  • Peptide complexes
    It stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, increases skin elasticity, prevents sagging of the oval face, and tightens the contours.
  • Vitamin C
    It promotes natural collagen production, supports the natural framework of the face, tightens the oval, increases the density of the dermis.
  • Tocopherols
    It provides deep moisture and tightens the skin, eliminates the feeling of dryness and tightness, reduces inflammation.
  • Retinol
    It helps to balance relaxation, stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen and elastin and prevents the formation of wrinkles.
  • Oatmeal
    It nourishes, moisturizes the skin, saturates it with useful substances, smoothes the skin, softens it.

2. Jale Tablaci – Beauty expert

  • Women often come to me to remove wrinkles and look younger for longer. Up until a few years ago, I introduced the injection technique. Currently, a variety of peptide products have become very popular. Collagen Intensiv Day Cream, which has a unique peptide complex, not only outperforms products of its kind, but also outperforms Botox and hyaluronic acid injections in effectiveness.
  • The patented composition of this complex activates the repair and regeneration of skin cells, increases the synthesis of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans, neutralizes free radicals , regulates the response of the system immune system of the skin and improve color . Collagen Intensiv activates skin regeneration at the molecular level, allowing you to see the first visible results just a few days after you start using the cream.
  • Kollagen Intensiv is the best choice to maintain skin beauty and keep skin youthful for longer.
  • Peptide complexes: A new word in rejuvenation.
    Peptides are protein molecules required for the synthesis of collagen and elastin. With age, the number of peptides in the skin decreases and the skin begins to fade. An external source of peptides is needed to keep skin youthful.

3. Kollagen Intensiv has helped thousands of women:

  • Rem Binseven – 35 years old
    My first wrinkles appeared very early, at the age of 23 -. I bought expensive creams, prepared masks myself, went for cosmetic procedures. But when I turned 30, I looked 10 years older. Of course, this made me so sad, I even thought about getting plastic surgery. Everything changed when my sister gave me Kollagen Intensiv and told me this cream really works wonders. I didn’t believe it at first either, but I decided to use it because it was a gift from my sister. A week after applying the cream, I saw that the fine lines around my eyes were reduced, the skin became smooth and dark. I’m very satisfied. I threw away all other creams. It’s not worth the money I paid. Now I only use Kollagen Intensiv cream. Enough for me.
  • Melahat Vurmaz – 24 years old
    I have combination skin, I often have acne on my face so choosing the right cream is always a dilemma. I immediately received positive results with the anti-aging face cream Kollagen Intensiv. I really like its texture. It is very light, absorbs perfectly on the skin, leaving absolutely no greasy shine or film traces. My skin is moisturized and looks so fresh. The scent is very light, almost odorless. It removes annoying blemishes and makes my skin look fresher and smoother. Once upon a time, my cheeks used to peel off from cold and wind. Now this problem is no more. I am 100% satisfied with the cream, I will definitely continue to use it.
  • Hülya Başaran – 43 years old
    I heard about Kollagen Intensiv cream from a friend of mine who changed her look by making herself 10 years younger. When I saw the results he got, I also placed an order. Thanks to this cream, the skin around my eyes has healed perfectly! Absolutely no swelling. My skin condition has improved a lot. Wrinkle depth is reduced. No more new wrinkles! The moisturizing effect is excellent. It doesn’t make the skin greasy at all, on the contrary, it makes it matte and velvety smooth. Perfect as a makeup base! Moreover, when you use the cream, the skin gradually tightens. Now, the effect of the cream has become much more pronounced. So Collagen Intensiv has a cumulative effect. I give 5 stars!
  • Vuslat Solmaz – 28 years old
    Kollagen Intensiv cream was a welcome and unexpected discovery for me. I have been looking for a suitable product for a long time. I had acne and flaking on my chin but I took a chance and bought Kollagen Intensiv cream. After the first application, my face immediately felt revitalized. I have been using the cream for 3 weeks and here are the results. My skin is velvety smooth, even, pigment spots are less noticeable and fine lines are reduced.

4. Proves the existence of a formula that fights wrinkles

  • Statement by Professor Romain Leferi.
    This unusual change that you see happening in the skin of an ordinary person may seem like a miracle to you. But from my point of view as a scientist, the situation is different. It is based on the data that all doctors, scientists and others have come to expect.
    Professor Romain Leferi continued his words as follows: As we age, the muscles and glands under the skin begin to contract. Instead of being strong and flexible like in their youth, they have a soft and loose structure. They begin to break down and thus cavities, wrinkles and grooves begin to form in the skin. Skin loses elasticity. At this stage, the first signs of aging appear.
  • What causes skin cells to break down?
    According to the slogans of famous cosmetic brands, the cause is not dry skin. If so, soap and water alone is enough to keep the baby looking young for a long time. There’s another very important thing that starts to fall short with aging: The key nutrients of DNA work at the cellular level. After the age of 30, the skin can no longer produce these nutrients and cannot provide the necessary food for its DNA, i.e. the skin dies from starvation.
  • Can nature be changed?
    Professor Romain Leferi continued his explanation: Thanks to the structure of regenerative DNA, skin damage that has occurred for many years can be reversed. Leather can be engineered to have a youthful appearance as it did in the past. Collagen Intensiv Face Cream contains natural ingredients that nourish the skin’s DNA and thus soften the thickened epidermis.
    It nourishes all the wrinkles and grooves on the skin so that they disappear extremely quickly. Collagen Intensiv with hyaluronic acid is an anti-aging booster. It takes on the task of reducing wrinkles and protecting the skin from environmental stressors. Regular use it makes the skin smooth and bright. Facial contours become clear. No more sagging. excessive dryness,
  • Well, science has finally worked out! This success has been confirmed by clinical and laboratory trials. When Kollagen Intensiv is applied directly to your skin, your skin regains its youthfulness in a surprisingly short time, and lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet disappear.

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