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Magic Light (CY, GR) Unique educational toy

Magic Light – Let your children practice drawing in the dark.

  • Develop good thinking and motor skills.
  • Products are certified, safe with the environment.
  • It paints with light, so it doesn’t get dirty.
  • Magic Light does not require professional skills.
  • Magic Light set is designed for the joint creativity of children and parents.

Price:  49 EUR

1. How Magic Light works?

  • Magic Light is a luminescent PVC material in a frame, which rapidly accumulates light from an artificial or natural light source, then illuminates for a while in the dark, gradually disappearing.
  • Interaction: The brightness is adjusted by the duration of the illumination and the thickness of the bar changes as the distance between the light marker and the tablet changes.
  • All ingredients are completely safe for children.

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2. Questions and answers:

  • What age range is this set for? The set is designed for creative family activities, so all family members between the ages of 3 and 99 can draw, and the rest can only follow this magic.
  • Need what conditions for the drawing? The darker the room you paint, the brighter and more beautiful the work will be.
  • What if there are no drawing talents in our family? You don’t have to be an artist to explore the wonderful world of your imagination. Even simple patterns will look like real magic. But if you want a true story, use the templates presented in our team.
  • Is the kit safe for babies and animals? This set is made of special PVC film. Free of phosphorus, heavy metals and other harmful substances, the product is completely safe for the health of humans and pets.
  • Is it possible to delete what was drawn immediately? The complete disappearance of your piece will take about 30 minutes, but each new layer will be brighter than the previous one, so we recommend painting over the old painting or separating the space correctly.

3. Best toy set for you

  • All parents try to choose for their children an activity that is not only fun but also useful. Therefore, many parents have to consider carefully in choosing toys. Today’s article is dedicated to this topic.
  • When it comes to choosing a new toy, we can’t predict whether they’ll like it or not. Maybe tomorrow he or she will completely forget about it, or vice versa, even take it to bed. It’s important to understand that your child’s affections for toys are unpredictable.
  • That’s why when you go shopping for a toy, I recommend you pay attention to the following:
    1. Toys must be beautiful
    2. A toy should spark interest and make you want to play with it.
    3. Toys must be safe and practical
  • Which brings us to the next question: How does one determine if a toy meets these requirements? Children and adults have different views on life and toys. To avoid blind guesswork, I’m going to tell you about a toy that’s guaranteed to please ANY child. It’s called Magic Light.
  • Like many other strange things, it was invented in China two years ago. What makes this set of paintings so special? The answer is simple: it’s hot!
  • The toy is made of luminescent PVC material. The drawing is done with a special marker. The board absorbs light, making the painting glow for 30 minutes! With dim lighting, ANY creation by your future artist becomes a masterpiece. It’s beautiful, your child is keeping busy while developing and fine-tuning motor skills and imagination. And it’s completely safe. Therefore, all the criteria are met, which means that this toy can be named as one of the best. Not necessarily very talented, this set contains templates to help your child draw.
  • The experience of Chinese teachers shows that the Magic Light set is more popular with children aged 3-7 years old. It is also worth mentioning that this toy is absolutely safe, unlike some of its analogues, it does not contain phosphorus, heavy metals and other harmful substances.
  • So my little friends, if your kid is bored or you are tired of thinking about what to buy, visit any toy store and ask for “Magic Light”. For those who are lazy, they can buy it on the official website of the Spanish production company. By the way, it’s even cheaper.

4. Idea

  • Ana Saez Gutierrez
    We drew non-stop for a week. Everyone who saw our drawing gasped! Now, every night, besides reading, we paint with light. By the way, it helps to calm down very well before going to bed. If your son or daughter is afraid of the dark, this tablet will help them forget their fear! The camera transmits light intensity not very well, in real life everything is much brighter and more spectacular.
  • Elena Martinez Figueroa
    We’ve got a normal tablet and a music tablet. Now we have added light to our collection. An activity like painting with light will not leave children or adults indifferent. For example, we draw it all together. Tablets are very convenient to carry in bags and can keep children entertained on the trip. It doesn’t take up much space, but it’s quite fun for the kids. We recommend purchasing it not only for personal use but also as a gift. Surely no one has something like this!
  • Laura Dominguez Arena
    When I saw it, I realized we had to buy this amazing kit ASAP. Lately, I’ve become very picky with toys – if I buy something for Eva, I have to make sure she plays with it. And not a day, not two, but at least a month. Well, this tablet breaks all records. We bought it from you. We’ve been drawing for a month now, inventing new patterns… Anyway, we’re making little things. It is especially fun to play with her at night. Everything shines, flashes, and imagination has no limits.
  • Antonia
    I saw an advertisement for this set on the internet yesterday. All comments are enthusiastic, the children love Magic Light. We have orders.
  • Ana
    We have a similar toy, but it’s pretty old and black and white. Our son will be happy to have a new one.
  • Christina
    Magic Light is a bestseller. Too bad we didn’t have a toy like this in our childhood. I have a daughter, Magic Light turns out she can draw very well!
  • Juliana
    Magic Light are attractive and useful. I drew a fairy tale for my son, then I told him everything until the drawing disappeared. Sleep like an angel after the story.

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