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Hyaluronan (AR) Famous new anti-wrinkle therapy

Hyaluronan – Wrinkle removal trending worldwide.

  • Anti-wrinkles and deep lines.
  • Regenerate collagen naturally.
  • Deep penetration without needle.
  • Hyaluronan contains powerful ingredients for your skin’s beauty and health. It envelops the skin like a cloud of air and makes it perfect.
  • Discover the power of hyaluronic acid without the need for needles or expensive treatments!

Price: 29268 ARS

1. Hyaluronan – 100% natural ingredients

  • Dragon Blood Extract
    It has antiseptic properties: it fights acne bacteria and reduces inflammation; stimulates collagen synthesis and smoothes wrinkles, inhibits the production of melanin causing skin tanning.
  • Collagen
    Fills fine lines and wrinkles. It makes the skin more flexible, smooth and silky.
  • Proanthocyanidins
    Strengthen the collagen structure of the skin, tighten the oval of the face, anti-sagging skin. Smoothes wrinkles. Fights the photo process and eliminates age spots, sun spots and post-acne blemishes.
  • Hyaluronic acid
    Restores the water balance of the skin. Enhances internal moisture retention. Replenish micronutrients for the skin, improve immunity and recover quickly from aggressive environmental influences.
  • Strength of hyaluronic acid:
    Deep penetration: Its formula is designed to fight aging from within.
    + 100% safe and effective: Very easy to use at home every day.
    + Adds natural collagen: Thanks to its nourishing and regenerating power.
    + Protects, nourishes and heals: Skin is healthy, hydrated and attractive.

2. Amazing scientific breakthrough in the field of facial rejuvenation

  • Hello Anita Maria! Tell us how you came up with such an effective rejuvenating product?
  • The truth is that this product was made for my mother who raised me and worked hard to pay for my education… A few years ago, my father passed away. Obviously, I don’t really enjoy recalling those times. My mother raised me alone… It was a difficult time, she worked two jobs to pay for my education. He had to shoulder the burden of raising his family alone for many years. Can you imagine how difficult that is? The constant stress and burden of responsibility made his health worse and worse. Only 45 years old, but he looks much older than his real age. It was clear that men no longer cared about my mother and she had to suffer alone. At that age, it is quite difficult to find a life partner.
  • Have you decided to help her?
  • Of course, did he think he could watch my mother wither so calmly? After all, 45 years is nothing! At this age, people begin to live a full, independent and happy life! I was very motivated to help my mother so I decided to look for a rejuvenation product to regain her beauty and confidence. However, I could not find a really good rejuvenating serum in pharmacies, beauty salons or on the Internet.
  • And why would you want to develop your own product?
  • Well, since I am studying Pharmacy and am about to graduate from college to become a specialist with a diploma, I think I have all the necessary knowledge to do so. In my development, I only use natural ingredients.
    The first results are amazing! You can take my mother’s story as an example. The trip to Madrid was a gift I gave her for her birthday. I tried to collect some money from my side job and then decided to make her happy with a short trip so she could come back, relax, maybe meet someone. This is his first flight abroad and he finished his passport a month before the flight. Can you imagine how my youthful growth has taken her during this time that even the airport staff wouldn’t believe it was her in the photo? Even for me, the effect of the rejuvenating serum is amazing, but believe me, this is a pleasant surprise. Thanks for my serum,
    My product quickly smoothes wrinkles even in old age, naturally tightens skin and eliminates bags under the eyes – it’s a true formula for rejuvenation. After seeing the first results, I decided to patent my formula, and at the right time! After receiving the patent, my phone started getting hacked with calls and texts from representatives of western pharmaceutical companies. They all asked me to sell the formula and transfer the rights to this rejuvenating serum to them.
  • But, you didn’t accept the offer, did you?
  • Of course not. I created this rejuvenation product for my mom and on a non-profit basis. I want other ordinary women who don’t have a lot of money for treatments or rejuvenation surgery to regain their beauty and youth. This is my idea and I cannot give up my own principles.
  • Her daughter said it motivated her to develop “Hyaluronan”
  • It was a very touching thing for me. I remember how he brought me my first tube of rejuvenation serum. At that time, there was no doubt about who produced it, it was simply a gift that she developed and created herself, created with her own hands. I even cried because of it. I am very grateful to you…
  • How long does it take to get the first results?
  • No more than a month! From the moment my daughter gave this to me until I flew to Madrid, I used this serum every day and I was amazed at the results. I have become at least 15 years younger! And I think you’ve noticed too!
    I’m not just talking about beauty and looks. My life has also improved. I have become more certain of myself. People around me also started well with me, now my life has become brighter! I became young not only on the outside but also on the inside! My personal life has become more interesting, men much younger than me have started to notice me! Now I feel really happy as a woman, and yes, I have a boyfriend. How old are you? I won’t say, but he’s younger than me.
    By the way, last time I didn’t go on vacation after missing my flight due to a delay. However, I recently flew on vacation with my young boyfriend. And all this thanks to my daughter and her miracle product “Hyaluronan”. It’s great that this rejuvenating serum is made in Argentina and can help more women become better, more beautiful and younger!
    It should be noted that the rejuvenation serum “Hyaluronan” has undergone all the necessary clinical trials and is sold with delivery available throughout Argentina. However, before the success of this new product, many fake products appeared on the market. In addition, the major drugstore networks and drug companies are still opposed to the sale of this new product and have created many fake websites that sell this product at much higher prices.
  • “Hyaluronan” will be sold in pharmacies?
  • Jorge Gutiérrez: We’ve been trying to sell “Hyaluronan” through pharmacies for a month. However, we decided to break the contract to supply “Hyaluronan” to pharmacies in Argentina from April 29, 2022 because they started selling our drug at a huge increase: from $150.00-$ 200.00 for 1 pack!
    The pharmacy representative said that such a high price is justified because “Hyaluronan” is something that patients need to treat and prevent every 7-10 years. No one else will spend money on old drugs every month if it is possible to take a course of “Hyaluronan” and forget about health problems.
    And that, they say, leads to a huge loss of money for pharmacies! That’s why they have greatly increased the price of “Hyaluronan”!
  • And how much does “Hyaluronan” cost?
  • Jorge Gutiérrez: Upon learning of the significant increase in pharmacies, the Institute of Medicine and other national organizations wanted to launch a program of discounts and financial assistance for our online project. As part of the program, they can recoup 50% of the price of the drug! Therefore, the discounted drug price is only 6990 ARS!

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