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Goji Cream (TJ) Quickly rejuvenate your face

Main features of Goji Cream:

  • It’s not just a great moisturizer. But it also has a significant cumulative effect. Day after day, This product makes your skin more beautiful, younger and smoother.
  • Only this serum has so many benefits: it protects you, nourishes, moisturizes and smooths wrinkles, removes pigmentation, even improves the texture of the skin and, above all, it works.
  • Product replaces dozens of products in your pantry.
  • Of course, magic doesn’t happen overnight; It took me about a month to get rid of the signs of aging.

Price:  250 TJS

1. Goji Cream Contains Ripe Goji berries

  • The 20 most important amino acids
  • Vitamin C (500 times more than oranges)
  • Vitamin E
  • Iron (15 times more than apples)
  • B group vitamins
  • Betaine

2. How does Goji Cream work?

  • It has been clinically proven that goji regulates the activity of cells and stops their aging process.
  • Goji berry has a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, among them the betaine it contains, which forms a heavy molecule capable of penetrating the deepest layers of the skin to maximize the revitalizing effects of Goji Cream.
  • Goji amino acids contain powerful antioxidant properties, helping the cream stay active for 24 hours after application. Amino acids act like a sponge, attracting trans-epidermal moisture so skin is deeply moisturized and wrinkles are reduced in record time.
  • It includes various ingredients that provide UV protection and restore biologically active factors for skin cell regeneration.
  • Helps prevent the reappearance of wrinkles by adding vitamins, minerals and amino acids to the skin of the face and neck.
  • Activates the natural production of the deepest layers of the skin. Goji Cream restores elasticity and youth to the skin in record time!

3. Why are wrinkles dangerous?

  • Wrinkle are visible wrinkles on the skin, caused by overactivity of the facial muscles, loss of elasticity, loss of firmness and a number of other causes. Elasticity is also provided by the collagen fibers located in the dermis, and firmness is due to the hyaluronic acid molecules located between the collagen fibers.
  • Wrinkle block the skin’s blood vessels and lymphatic circulation. They do not allow the skin to oxidize, causing new wrinkle to appear and old wrinkles to deepen. If left untreated, this process is irreversible.
  • Among the most popular anti-wrinkle methods are lotions, masks, Botox injections, chemical peels, and plastic surgery. The last three methods are the most dangerous, as they are highly invasive methods.
  • Berries benefits: Contrary to what sellers often say, dried berries lack vitamin C. To get the same amount of antioxidants as a red apple, you should eat 800 g of dried berries, while Fresh fruit contains 500 times more vitamin C than oranges.

4. Expert opinion

  • In the production of our cosmetics, we only use natural ingredients. The Hendel Company uses innovative methods to create a successful line of cosmetics and personal care products.
  • Before reaching the counter, our cosmetics go through dermatological control and clinical testing. Product is proven to be very effective in reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.
  • 97 out of 100 people showed noticeable results after the first application.
  • 93% of surface wrinkles disappeared after applying mascara for 10 days.

5. Comment aboat Goji Cream

  • I love Chinese medicine and when I buy Chinese facial creams, with a history of 5,000 years, they certainly know how to maintain beauty. I am 50 years old and recently noticed that my skin has lost its elasticity, I am starting to see a deep line between my eyebrows and crow’s feet around my eyes, which worries me.
  • My esthetician recommended Goji Cream, told me it was a very innovative cream and I was surprised that it uses the traditional roots of youth known for Chinese goji berries. After using it for two weeks, I noticed that my skin is firmer and wrinkles are smoother, now I use it daily.
  • I can confidently recommend Goji Cream, it works great on mature women’s skin, honestly it helps a lot! All in all, goji is a very interesting product, these berries are magical, so it’s no wonder they can smooth wrinkles.
  • They were given to me by a woman I babysit for, and you know, despite the many gifts I’ve received, I’ve never seen my skin firm and smooth so quickly, including the removal of blemishes. crow’s feet and wrinkles. I have only used it for two weeks and the results are remarkable.

6. Why do I look like I’m 30 years old?

  • Hi everybody! My name is Alicia, I am 50 years old and a grandmother of seven children. It is not a joke! People always ask me: Are you sure that’s your age? I always answer: I am sure they are all my grandchildren. And no matter what I say… I swear I haven’t had any plastic surgery 🙂 The secret of youth is simple: be happy, spread light and love to the world, love yourself and family!
  • Talk about care; I don’t use expensive serums and don’t trust beauticians. I am quite satisfied with the only beauty product – “Goji Cream”. We’ve been together for a few years and I wouldn’t change that for anything. Why? Let me explain.
  • Like most women in their 30s, wrinkles started to appear on my face, my skin lost its elasticity despite everything I did to keep it young. I’ve tried almost everything out there: serums, masks, emulsions… from the most expensive to the basic one in the supermarket. And I don’t see much difference between all of them. I also rushed to go to cosmetic. After many hours of massage, peeling, injections… I see no results.
  • But I also quickly realized that if I didn’t stop, I would depend on those treatments forever! Girls, I’ll let you in on a secret: the beauty industry is about making money from salons, not keeping us young! Anyone who’s ever been to a “doctor” knows that treatment isn’t usually limited to a single visit.
  • They prescribe you 20 different treatments, 10 sessions each, and they also encourage you to buy expensive cosmetics to use at home. Does it sound familiar to you? Do you understand what I mean. They are pure lies! There is a better and easier way to stay young: the perfect serum.
  • I discovered “Goji Cream” by accident. One winter day, a friend called me. Just before that I went for a walk and the cold breeze made my skin peel a little. I asked her to recommend a moisturizer. As you can imagine, this friend told me about “Goji Cream”.
  • I’m used to buying online; faster, easier and most importantly, you can be sure of the quality if you order from the manufacturer’s store. That’s why I’m happy to hear that you can order Goji Cream at home through its official website.

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