Heart disease and hight blood pressure, Saudi Arabia

Healthy Heart (SA) Without high blood pressure

Healthy Heart – Have a healthy heart.

  • Balance blood pressure.
  • Improve heart rate.
  • Reduce sugar and cholesterol.
  • Healthy Heart cleans and strengthens the blood vessels.
  • Herbal preparations made according to the ancient Altai recipe of the Banush family improve heart health and clear blood vessels.

Price: 180 SAR

1. Why is Healthy Heart so effective?

  • The Altai Territory is famous for the longevity of its inhabitants. For centuries, herbalists, descendants of the ancient Banush family, have passed the secret of longevity from father to son. They already know how to have perfect health to 90, 100 and even 120 years old.
  • They took notes on specific combinations of herbs and their ratios. These herbs grow in the Valley of the Seven Lakes. These herbs are filled with healing powers just 7 nights a year – in July, during the first days of the waxing moon.
  • Every July, a 74-year-old herbalist from Altai and his eldest son come to the Valley of the Seven Lakes for a week. They struggled along the cliffs to find valuable leaves, flowers and roots.
  • They then dry the herbs and store them, following a long family tradition. Just a month ago, I needed to go to Panush’s house in the Altai Forest to get herbs.
  • Today, the old Moonat is familiar with high-tech solutions. His followers helped him create this website and make life easier for many people. Healthy Heart is now available and marketed.

2. This herbal preparation will help you when:

  • Fluctuating arterial blood pressure and pulse, tinnitus (occasionally)
  • Swelling, sweating and numbness in extremities, chills, dizziness, sensitivity to the elements
  • Shortness of breath, decreased productivity, lack of energy, changes in vision
  • Insomnia and daytime sleepiness, mood swings and anxiety
  • Mild pain or tingling that radiates into your shoulder, heart, or neck
  • Everyone’s general condition:
    + Out of 5 people with high blood pressure, only one person knows how to control their blood pressure
    + 39% of people do not know they have cardiovascular disease
    + About 40% of people are diagnosed and treated
    + 76% of patients had complications: they had serious diseases such as heart and kidney failure, diabetes, blood clots and glaucoma.

3. Andrey Kuznetsov, general practitioner, pharmacist

  • Healthy Heart Brew is more than just a traditional medicine recipe.
  • Your blood vessels will be restored within 30 days!
  • I attended a medical conference and was shocked by the report on the proven effectiveness of the Seven Lakes herbal preparation. I went to Altai to make sure it worked and bought some infusions for my patients.
  • It turns out that herbalist Monat Banouche doesn’t give visitors more than 3 cans of Healthy Heart Brew – it’s hard to collect herbs and he can only do it a few days a year, in a certain place.
  • Monat wants his solution to save as many lives as possible. I took 3 packs, used one for research and gave the other 2 to my mom.
  • Everything that happens after you start using this solution is nothing but a miracle! My mom has high blood pressure for 40 years but she doesn’t take a single pill while taking this herbal preparation!
  • She did the tests and according to the results, her bad cholesterol level dropped and her blood sugar level improved. I gave her the 3rd pack because Monat said the 3rd pack would be the right course for her.
  • Now, I don’t worry anymore: my mother won’t have serious complications from high blood pressure. She feels great. I’m glad Monat can now help others in another country and I always provide hypertensive patients a link to this website.

4. Main ingredients:

  • Lion’s tail
    It balances heart rate and arterial blood pressure, relieves stress and fights sleep disorders
  • Licorice
    Reduces spasms, thins the blood and increases the level of oxygen in the blood.
  • Hibiscus
    It widens and strengthens blood vessels, improves their elasticity and permeability, lowers cholesterol levels and prevents atherosclerosis.
  • Tree Aronia michurini
    It removes excess water, reduces blood vessel tension and balances glucose levels.
  • All Healthy Heart Brew ingredients are grown in the Altai Seven Lakes Valley and hand-harvested in a special way, marking the date of harvest.
  • User manual
    + Put 1 teaspoon of herbal mixture in 150-200ml hot water (about 90 degrees), incubate for 5-10 minutes.
    + Drink twice a day in the morning and evening after meals.
    + Recommended course – 30 days.

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