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Foot Trooper (CY, GR) Nail fungus & Toenail fungus

Foot Trooper is based on a proven military prescription.

  • Sweat.
  • Provides 24-hour protection against odors.
  • Treatment and protection against foot fungus.
  • Makes skin softer and more supple.
  • Skin and nail fungus is not just a cosmetic problem, but a disease that can lead to more serious health problems.

Price: 39 EUR

1. Ingredients in Foot Trooper Spray:

  • Tea tree oil. Fungicides: The most powerful natural antifungal and disinfectant. It kills the fungus, spores and mycelium, preventing it from multiplying. against bacteria
  • Thuja Con. Disinfection: Relieves itching and discomfort, dries and disinfects the skin, improves the condition of the nails
  • Neem. Protects: Strengthens the skin’s immunity, fights fungal re-infection, heals cracks and sores
  • Larrea Tridentata. Reduce excessive sweating: Reduces perspiration, deodorizes, moisturizes and softens the skin of the feet.

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2. This formula has profound healing effect on the body:

  • It destroys fungal infection.
  • It relieves itching, peeling and irritation of the skin on your feet starting from the first application.
  • It quickly restores nails and heals wounds and cracks on the feet.
  • It eliminates odour and normalises the function of sweat glands.
  • It prevents the reproduction and growth of pathogenic germs.
  • It normalises the immune system and helps cure chronic fungal diseases.
  • It clears the blood and lymph of the products of fungal decay.
  • It helps the body to develop immunity to most of the known strains of fungal pathogens.
  • Convenient packaging prevents reinfections.
  • It relieves all symptoms of fungous disease within the recommended course of treatment.

3. Expert Juan Fernandez

  • Foot Trooper spray is based on a proven military prescription. The product’s creator, a military veteran, took the recipe from locals on a peacekeeping mission in Asia and was convinced of its effectiveness under the most difficult conditions: heat. high altitude, high humidity, etc.
  • The spray quickly penetrates the skin, heals wounds and destroys fungi and their spores. Foot Trooper is suitable not only to fight fungus but also to prevent it.

4. Specialist at Washington Regional Dermatology Clinic:

“The nail fungus enters the bloodstream and causes gangrene. There is a solution, but it is not for everyone.”

  • Sarah Leach, a specialist at the Washington Regional Dermatology Clinic, gave an exclusive interview.
  • Why is nail fungus so deadly and how to avoid death when the nails start to turn yellow and become infected?
  • Why do you call nail fungus a dangerous disease?
  • Do you know how many people died from fungal diseases in 2019? In DC alone, 55,000 people died last year. And more than 31,000 of them died from nail fungus. That’s more than half. Toenail fungus doesn’t just affect toenails. It enters your bloodstream through your feet and spreads throughout your body. It literally destroys the body from the inside, causing terrible stress to all organs. Its spores settle in internal organs and begin to multiply, thereby creating lesions. This leads to fungal diseases of internal organs. This means that an infected person ‘rots’ from the inside. Their heart could fail at any time, a blood vessel in the brain could burst, their liver could get cancer, or their kidneys could stop working. Everyone with nail fungus is at risk.
  • That’s why I rate nail fungus as an extremely dangerous disease, currently holding the leading position among the leading causes of death nationwide. We often hear about cancer and tumors, but let’s face it, cancer affects 3–4% of people, while nail fungus occurs in the second most people in their 40s– 45.
  • So how come doctors can’t treat this disease? After all, your mission is to save people’s lives.
  • First, many people with fungal toenail infections refuse to see a doctor because they underestimate how dangerous the condition can be. And if they go to the doctor, they will when the situation worsens. For example, when they see a significant change or problem in the foot or toe. They are often prescribed some kind of medication that will improve their condition a little, but they rarely come for follow-up appointments, allowing the disease to progress. However, fungal infections require consistent treatment. Furthermore, very few people understand the consequences of fungal infections and what they can do to your internal organs. I could tell you about hundreds of cases,
  • You can somewhat improve the external manifestations of the fungus, but this will not eliminate the risk of death. You can still die at any time.
  • Besides, at present, the clinics are extremely short of staff. There’s only one mycologist in the entire region and we’re 37% short of dermatologists. More than half of the existing staff are under-qualified. I highly doubt that they are capable of diagnosing and treating complex fungal infections. Sometimes patients are better off staying at home than following a treatment prescribed by an NHS doctor. We have to hire incompetent people because we desperately need staff. They all have medical degrees, some graduate with honors, but those medics don’t have enough experience anyway and can ruin your health. Older doctors retire or die, unable to cope with so much stress. They were replaced by inexperienced newcomers who did not know how to treat their patients. I wish my staff were more qualified and experienced but there’s nothing I can do.
  • Is the high death rate from fungal infections due to the lack of experienced doctors in our area?
  • That is one of the reasons, but not the only reason. There is also a lack of effective treatments. Pharmacies sell everything and anything, but those over-the-counter drugs are unlikely to help. Old generation drugs are useless, just like the heavily advertised new products. Prescription drugs are no better. Usually, these drugs can provide temporary pain relief, but at the same time they severely affect the liver or stomach, with serious health consequences. Most medications don’t actually treat the fungus. What they do is eliminate the external signs, while the fungal infection remains in the body, slowly killing the patient.
  • As a result of all these factors, people die from blood poisoning and internal organ infections caused by a common nail fungus. There are also private clinics, but they employ the same types of doctors. They are basically inexperienced fresh graduates who know very little about diseases and treatments. Their sole mission is to extort as much money as possible from their patients. They are not interested in providing real help.

5. What do their customers say?

  • Maria Gilardo, 23 years old. I love the beach and the sea. Now I live on the coast and of course that’s not a surprise. I can’t go to the beach with inflamed feet! I was looking for a product that would help me and I found Foot Trooper. It took away the itch from the first application. Within a few days, the swelling was gone.
  • Miriam Juarez, 31 years old. I got an infection in a sauna. I thought it would get rid of the fungus quickly, but it resisted. There is no way to remove it. Desperate and without illusions, I used Foot Trooper. He saved me! Now I’m back to posing for photos barefoot, knowing that my skin is beautiful again!
  • Nuria and Roberto Castro, 52 and 55 years old. My husband and I both work in a hot shop and our feet don’t stop sweating. I don’t know which of us got the infection and brought it home, but we both got sick and struggled to make a full recovery. The infection continues to recur. I bought Foot Trooper as a deodorant. But in the end we have completely healthy skin! It’s been six months and there’s no sign of the fungus.

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