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Knee bandage (GR) For health and beauty of your feet

Knee bandage – Multifunctional bandage.

  • Eliminate swelling.
  • Protection from recurrent injury.
  • Unique design for better results:
    + Promote microcirculation and blood circulation.
    + Eliminate pain, swelling, soothe the inflammatory process.
    + Ideal for the rehabilitation treatment of varicose veins.
    + Accelerates wound healing (bruises, injuries, fractures, absorption of hematomas).
    + Reduced recovery time.

Price: 59 EUR

1. The effect of Knee bandage

  • Knee bandages are used on knee and elbow joints to relieve pain, injury, muscle strain, and connective tissue damage.
  • Knee bandages is made of two layers of fabric, with microspheres, accumulating and enhancing human heat. Unique microspheres improve blood circulation and restore venous outflow.
    The result: The blood vessels are elastic and the unpleasant symptoms disappear.

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2. Things not everyone knows about sports knee bands

  • As for the importance of the knee joint when playing sports, as you already know. Knees are sensitive and prone to injury during practice and competition. To protect this sensitive and important part, sports pillowcases were born.
  • However, not everyone understands the importance of this product. Therefore, information about sports pillowcases is also less than other accessories such as sports socks, shoe insoles, wristbands, …

    a. Some popular sports pillow covers

  • Good sports pillowcases also have many types to suit the needs of users. Pillow band products are used quite commonly, with different characteristics, for the part that needs to be protected.
    Below is a classification of pillowcases to help users make the right choice:
  • Elbow bandages
    Wrist band to protect the wrist joint from injury. Often used in the gym, extreme sports.
  • Knee Bands
    The most popular type of tape for different sports. The fabric design wraps around the knee and patella, reducing the impact of the impact on the knee joint when: playing volleyball, basketball, football, sports that move the foot a lot.
  • Ice cream cake
    Protective bandages support the patella, reducing force on the patellar tendon. Open knee design, still ensures protection but still gives users a feeling of comfort and flexibility when moving.
  • Ankle Bandage
    Used to fix and splint the ankle joint firmly, with high stability when exercising strongly, with high intensity and frequency.

    b. The effect of sports knee wraps

  • Knee band is known to be an effective support tool for athletes when playing sports and exercising. What is the real effect of the knee band? Is it really as good as rumored?
  • Knee band protects the knee, joints and movement muscles, from impact forces that can cause joint damage, broken patella, and scratches.
  • Knee bandages fix the knee joint with the ability to reduce body weight on the joint, reduce shock impacts affecting joints, damage to the knee joint.
  • The knee band is designed to support immobilization and stability of the patella, suitable for people who are in rehabilitation, safer exercise.
  • Good sports pillow material will absorb sweat, elastic and flexible, creating a feeling of comfort and confidence for users when doing sports.
  • In the process of moving and exercising vigorously, you can completely encounter unwanted injuries. Sports pillowcases are designed to limit and minimize risks during sports.

    c. How to choose the best cheap sports knee brace for you

  • Knee pads are used quite often when playing sports, to protect and support players. However, the product selection should pay attention to the characteristics of the pillow suitable for the sport with the player to provide the best protection effect. Here are the criteria to help users choose to buy a quality but reasonable price pillow for your reference.
  • Should choose a type of elastic or a belt
    The design of the pillow band is quite diverse, giving users flexibility to use. Currently, on the market, it is popular with 2 types of elastic bands and belts. Choose the type of elastic or the belt. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages for you to refer to and choose the design that best suits you.
    * Sports elastic knee band: With the feature of a pre-designed elastic band that fits the user’s foot size, the elastic material is easy to use, suitable for people who are using the knee band for the first time, not want to spend a lot of time wrapping the bandage.
    * Sports Knee Bands: This type of knee brace has different sizes of cuffs for men and women. Flexible belt length, standard width. This type requires the user’s wrapping technique, which takes more time, but it is easy for users to adjust according to the size of their legs and arms.
  • Choose a pillowcase according to the function of support
    A good sports pillow is equipped with many features to support users when exercising and playing sports with intense intensity. Some of the common supporting functions of the pillowcase that users need to pay attention to are choosing the right pillow for their actual needs. Specifically:
    * Support band to fix the knee firmly – Protect the knee from injury and impact during use and operation.
    * Supportive bandage protects the knee from cold – The design is capable of keeping warm for the part of the knee that often hurts in the cold season.
    * Patella protects the kneecap, supports movement treatment, locks the kneecap from pain when moving.
  • Choose a pillow band size
    Depending on the size of each person’s foot to choose the right size pillow, in terms of diameter and length of the knee band. The bandage protects the knee from the whole: the calf, the knee to the thigh, the kneecap only protects the patella.
    It is necessary to check the fit when used for the foot, to avoid the product being too tight to affect blood circulation or too loose to fix the kneecap and knee firmly, reducing shocks or pain.
  • Check the material of the sports pillow wrap
    Pay attention to the material of the pillow band that needs to be able to absorb sweat, bringing comfort to the user when exercising. Because the process of exercising will produce a lot of sweat, it is necessary to have breathable, easy-to-wash materials. Users need to pay attention to the hand washability of the product.check the material of the pillowcase
    The materials used to create the pillow band: Cotton material, Lycra fabric, Spandex fabric with good elasticity, elasticity, comfortable feeling, effective sweat absorption, no occlusion, no heat. Many products enhance protection with silicone or natural rubber bands that protect the knee from impact.
  • Interested in brand and price
    Choosing to buy genuine products from reputable brands is the first priority that users should choose. Because brand products are guaranteed for quality, high-quality fabrics, durability, and high elasticity. Calculate the right size for the user’s foot size. Brands specializing in sportswear will test and research the effectiveness of using knee pads when exercising, for the most effective products.
    How much does a pillowcase cost? Price is also a feature that users need to keep in mind when choosing to buy pillow bands. With many price segments to choose from, users choose to buy products that are suitable for their finances, do not need too many features at an expensive price.

    d. Instructions on how to use the knee wrap properly

  • Knee band is used often, for all users to play sports and be active. Improper use will cause the pillow to not achieve the desired effect.
  • Here’s how to use a pillowcase that users should note:
    * Should roll up the pillowcase before use for easier and neater manipulation. Sit in the correct position in the chair, so that the knees are relaxed, stretch the balanced legs to start the ice.
    * Perform the wrap counterclockwise with the left leg, clockwise with the right leg. Start with 2 loops below the knee and work the wrap up. Notice how each wrap is spaced half the width of the tape, creating just the right fit. Finally, when the band passes over the knee, 10cm from the kneecap, stop.
    * After each use, it is necessary to clean and clean to remove bacteria and sweat odors. Hang the bandage in a dry, shaded place. Roll up when the pillowcase is dry for the next use.
  • Above are important knowledge about sports knee wraps that you need to know. Sportslink hopes you will soon find the most suitable product for you.

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