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Cyto Forte (BG) Get rid of cystitis forever

Effects of Cyto Forte:

  • Prevent bacteria from entering urinary cells.
  • Deforms the cells of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Damages the cell membrane of bacteria and prevents their synthesis.
  • Prevents the appearance of bacterial biofilms.
  • Helps expel bacteria naturally when urinating.
  • Long-term use case (usually more than 2-3 weeks):
    + Normalize the acidity of urine: pH = 7.
    + Prevents recurrence of urinary tract infections.
    + Make the body fight urinary tract infections.

Price: 80 ЛB

1. Cyto Forte is designed for women 18-50 years old

  • This formula was invented and patented by a group of the best pharmacists in Europe and the United States, who specialize in urology, phytotherapy and alternative antibiotic production.
  • Developed by the best scientists in the world. The dosage of the ingredients corresponds to the standard GMP3.
  • This is an international regulatory document that sets out the rules for the production and quality control of drugs. Cyto Forte raw materials are double quality controlled across factories in Poland, Bulgaria and Spain.

2. Cystitis is not simply a cold!

  • One in four women suffers from chronic cystitis. This is the most common urinary tract disease. Discomfort and burning when urinating, pain in the abdomen, frequent bowel movements, unpleasant odors – many women are used to these symptoms and are only “treated” with pain relievers.
  • But chronic cystitic is not associated with colds. It’s more dangerous than you think. Common complications are pyelonephritis, urethritis, urolithiasis. In particularly advanced forms, cystitic ends with bladder sepsis.
  • In the past, cystitic was treated with antibiotics. However, they are helpless against intestinal bacteria – the main cause of disease. After treatment, microorganisms penetrate back to the perineal skin, into the urethra and then into the bladder, causing secondary inflammation.

3. Active ingredients of the drug:

  • Cranberry Extract:
    + Organic acids – destroy bacteria in the intestines, kidneys, bladder and urinary tract;
    + Triterpenoids – reduce inflammation;
    + Flavonoids – reduce vascular permeability;
    + Pectins – help cleanse the body.
    + Benzoic acid – has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.
  • Auxiliary components:
    + Vitamin B6 – an important role in the functioning of the nervous system. When vitamin B6 is deficient, it is difficult for the body to make antibodies to develop resistance to disease-causing microorganisms.
    + Zinc – increases regeneration of damaged tissues
    + Chamomile extract – relieves pain and inflammation
    + Vitamin B6 – an important role in the functioning of the nervous system. When vitamin B6 is deficient, it is difficult for the body to make antibodies to develop resistance to disease-causing microorganisms.
    + Vitamin C – improves the immune system
    + Vitamin E – prevents inflammation. Inhibits leukotrienes and arachidonic acid prostaglandins, a potent antioxidant. Restores the urogenital system, accelerates the healing of mucous membranes.
  • User manual:
    + Usual treatment: 1 capsule 2 times a day
    + Use with antibiotics: 1 tablet 2 times a day
    + In the acute phase: 2 tablets 2 times a day
    + Prophylactic treatment: 1 tablet 1 time a day

4. Experts recommend Cyto Forte

  • Lenia Kappou, urologist, 18 years of experience
    I’ve always been skeptical about new supplements on the pharmaceutical market, but the statistics of Europe’s recovery from taking Cyto Forte surprised me. Finally, we have a product that not only neutralizes recurrent cystitis, but also cures a disease that is considered incurable.
  • Filotei Agapitou, urologist, 12 years of experience
    Cyto Forte reduces painful urination and frequency of urination in cases of mediastinitis and cystitis. Regarding its effect in the case of chronic recurrent cystitis caused by bacteria, you can expect a reduction in the frequency of recurrence or disappearance. The advantage of Cyto Forte over traditional cystitis treatment is that you can take it for preventive reasons. After undergoing 1-2 prophylactic treatment programs, the risk of cystitis returning or having it for the first time is 78%.

5. Reviews of patients

  • Maria Kanari, 44 years old
    I swam in a cold river a year ago and had cystitis. The pain is terrible, I can’t urinate, I have some liver problems. This is why doctors prescribe pain relievers for me over and over again. They eased the pain, but didn’t heal me.
    I ordered Cyto Forte online, went through a course of treatment and the cystitis went away. This is really what the doctor wrote in the patient’s history: perfectly healthy.
  • Vaso Maragou, 36 years old
    I have had cystitis since my teenage years. As soon as I spend more time in the bathroom than usual or wear thin clothes when it’s cold outside, I get pain, cramps and other problems. My mom had a hard time with me!
    Fortunately, I met a reputable doctor who said that this disease is still treated with the old methods and fortunately I did not experience any complications. He prescribes Cyto Forte – herbal capsules extracted from cranberries. I haven’t had a relapse in 4 months!
  • Chrysa Velisaris, 19 years old
    I tried to treat cystitis with home remedies before trying Cyto forte: I used bay leaf, vaginal wash, etc. The situation got worse with each relapse. As a result, I damaged my stomach.
    My friend with the same problem told me about Cyto Forte. According to her, there are no chemicals and the disease will go away with the pain. I was impressed and ordered the treatment online. Two months later, we completely forgot about cystitis.

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