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Vision Eyeguard (PE) – How will your vision change?


Vision Eyeguard – See the world with different eyes!

  • Strengthens visual muscles. Vision Eyeguard components increase the tone of the ciliary muscle that supports the lens and prevent it from becoming too tight.
  • They improve the blood supply to the eyes. These capsules increase the elasticity of the eye arteries and stimulate blood flow to the retina and cornea.
  • Increase clarity and brightness of vision. After one treatment cycle with Vision Eyeguard, you’ll have better color discrimination, better outlines of objects, you’ll be able to read fine print, and your eyes won’t get tired from working long hours in front of the computer.

Price: 140 PEN

1. Active ingredients of Vision Eyeguard

  • Pycnogenol. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, normalizes intraocular pressure and prevents the development of glaucoma.
  • Zinc, copper, calcium. They improve the quality of vision, improve the sensitivity of the retina to light radiation, protect against perfusion of the macula and cataracts.
  • lysosomes and alpha-lysosomes. Two powerful antioxidants help prevent eye diseases.

2. Julio Gómez, Vision Restoration Specialist

  • Visual impairment is a very common problem for people who read a lot or work in front of a computer. Glasses and contact lenses only aggravate the situation, since wearing them all the time puts a lot of strain on the eyes, making vision even more affected.
  • Laser surgery is not the best solution. If the cause of vision problems is not removed (computers, televisions, mobile phones), the effects of surgery will last for 1 to 2 years, after which the problem will reappear. again.
  • Vision Eyeguard capsules can help you get rid of your vision problems in a good way. They contain natural ingredients such as trace elements, antioxidants and pycnogenol.

3. This product has helped so many people

  • Miguel
    I’ve worked in an office all my life. At the age of 40, my eyesight deteriorated rapidly. I have to start wearing glasses, it’s not comfortable at all. I also don’t like the lenses because they make my eyes sore and itchy after wearing them. Worst of all, the more he wears glasses and contact lenses, the worse he feels without them. In order not to go completely blind, I started taking Vision Eyeguard capsules on the recommendation of a friend. Visibility is gradually improving. After a few weeks, the objects didn’t seem blurry to me anymore, and a month later I was able to read the billboards next to it. I still wear glasses, but with thinner lenses. I am sure that after 2-3 cycles of Vision Eyeguard treatments I would be able to do without them!
  • Laura
    I am a university professor with over 40 years of experience. I love my job and don’t want to retire, but because of the constant burden of textbooks and laptops, my eyesight has gotten worse over the years. I started to find it worse, even harder for me to read fine print with my glasses. I fear that at this rate I will soon have to say goodbye to science. When I shared my problem with a colleague, she recommended that I take Vision Eyeguard capsules. A week later, reading text on the laptop became significantly easier. Little by little, I recovered my eyesight in a month. Now I wear glasses with minimal diopter. And that I was 67 years old!
  • Mary
    A doctor told me about Vision Eyeguard when I went to his office for laser eye surgery. My eyesight got so bad that even my glasses didn’t help. At the clinic they told me that, at 52 years old, anesthesia would be dangerous for the heart. Instead, I was advised to use Vision Eyeguard and was told that if the product did not help, I would be prescribed stronger drugs. But in the end I don’t need them. These capsules did their job. Now I only wear glasses when I read or watch TV. I can live a normal life without them.

4. How do I get my vision back in 2 weeks

  • I am 38 years old and have worn glasses all my life. Before college, my eyesight was -2.00 in both eyes. I wear glasses and, since that day, I barely take them out of my nose. Then I started wearing contact lenses.
  • Then I started working as an accountant and my vision got even worse. It dropped to -3.00. Sometimes he wears glasses and sometimes he wears contact lenses. It’s a vicious circle. The glasses hurt the bridge of my nose and it made me dizzy when focusing on multiple subjects at once. Contact lenses made my eyes water, and on top of that, I developed conjunctivitis. I was so depressed and decided to go under the knife.
  • Surgery: yes or no?
    I thought about having eye surgery but kept putting it off because I was too scared. Fear paralyzes me, I don’t know what to do. My friends and colleagues say it’s a bad idea. Obviously, there was a way for him to regain his sight without resorting to surgery, but for some reason, he didn’t want to hear them. I think it’s a lie. They told me that vision can be improved in 12-17 days. At that time, I did not hear them.
  • A non-surgical method to restore vision
    Sipping a cup of tea at lunch one day, I listened to my colleagues discuss how they could regain their sight without surgery. I realized I was so obsessed with my upcoming surgery that I didn’t even notice that people had stopped wearing glasses.
  • And that’s how they did it. A month earlier, looking through various online stores, they found Vision Eyeguard. These capsules have been recommended by many bloggers. After reading the reviews, they decided and ordered them. Product arrived quickly and they pay on receipt. The results were amazing: Lorena’s eyesight improved from -2.50 to 1.00, Alicia’s vision improved from +1.50 to 1.00, and Ana’s vision from -4.00 to -1.00 diopter. Best of all, they achieved these results in just 15 days thanks to the capsule.
  • I gritted my teeth and thinking that I had nothing to lose, I decided to dive in and give them a try. I placed an order and a few days later, the capsules were delivered by courier.
  • They look like regular and regular capsules. It is very easy to use them. All you have to do is take one tablet per day with a glass of water. This does not take much time. They taste good and also reduce. The capsules come with step-by-step instructions explaining what to do to restore your vision.
  • Result
    I started taking capsules every day. Everything is very simple and it only takes me no more than 15 minutes a day. I took them daily for about 2 weeks…
  • Then I went to have my eyesight checked and I was blown away…
    My eyesight improved from -3.00 to -1.00! A week later, it was 0.7 diopters! I was very happy. I went from -3.00 to 0.7 diopters in just 3 weeks! Can you believe it? ONLY FOR 3 WEEKS! I am still shocked because now I can see everything clearly without glare or blur.
    Meanwhile, the healthcare system is ripping us off, making us pay for surgeries, glasses and contact lenses… Why didn’t my eye doctor advise me to take those pills? this capsule? The explanation is easy: he is afraid of losing his patient.
    This is the site where I ordered the capsules. This is the only company officially authorized to sell Vision Eyeguard. Its price is equal to 3 packs of contact lenses or 4 movie tickets. You’ll see whether it’s a lot of money, given how useless contact lenses and contact lenses are.

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