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Veniselle (US, PR) Restore veins to healthy state

Veniselle – The health and beauty of your legs

  • Relieves inflammation: Stops the production of prostaglandins – substances that cause inflammation in varicose veins.
  • Kills pain: By increasing venous permeability, the cream relieves the symptoms of varicose veins – cramps and spasms.
  • Strengthens: The active ingredients in the cream strengthen the vascular walls of the veins. This increases their tone and prevents thin veins from sticking to the skin, occlusions and thrombosis.
  • Relaxes: By liquefying the lymph and accelerating the blood flow, it has an anti-inflammatory effect. It relieves fatigue and syndrome of “heavy legs”.

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1. Active components of Veniselle

  • Horse Chestnut Extract
    Contains the glycosides aesculin and aescin, which make veins healthy by: strengthening the blood vessel walls; speed up blood circulation; has a powerful soothing effect on bruises, bumps and sores; reduced blood viscosity and the risk of thrombosis.
  • Chrysanthemum extract
    It has anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic effects, increases the elasticity of blood vessels and improves blood flow.
  • Stinging nettle extract
    It contains a large amount of plant acids and flavonoids. Reduce inflammation, strengthen blood vessels, tighten blood vessels, get rid of blood stagnation.
  • Menthol
    It cools, reduces blood viscosity, promotes fat breakdown, improves blood flow and reduces swelling.

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  • Caffeine
    Caffeine is a great vegetarian. It stimulates blood flow, makes blood vessels healthy and elastic, and keeps the skin of your feet healthy.
  • Panthenol
    Nourish and moisturize the skin. Speed ​​up wound healing.
  • Red chili extract
    It is an excellent source of vitamin C and bioflavonoids. Maintains normal blood flow and relieves pain.
  • Wormwood Extract
    It strengthens blood vessels, improves their elasticity, reduces the effort of long walks, prevents the appearance of thrombosis and relieves spider veins and reticular veins.
  • Veniselle cream has been developed based on research by leading vein specialists at the Stockholm Medical Academy. The supplement has passed all the necessary clinical tests which are confirmed by the patents and certificates of the international association for quality control of medicinal supplements.

2. Symptoms of varicose veins

  • 1st stage
    Discomfort, fatigue, the feeling of heavy legs in the evening, spider angiomas on the skin.
  • 2nd stage
    enlarged veins, bumps on legs.
  • 3rd stage
    hardening of varices, development of new varices, inflammation and bleeding tendency, swollen shins and ankles. At the 3rd stage, you can’t do without surgery.

3. Expert opinion on this product

        Helen Miller – Naturopath, organic cosmetics explorer

  • What I love about Product is that a tube contains the right proportions of all vein-stimulating components known to science.
  • Such a powerful formula can deal with the signs of 1-2 stage varicose veins quickly and relieve all visible manifestations: varices, bumps, spider angiomas and enlarged veins on legs and let you get back to normal life.
  • According to the research results, Veniselle is 40% more effective than its analogues for dealing with varicose veins and preventing thrombosis and thrombophlebitis.

4. Frequently asked questions

  • Can I combine Veniselle with other vein tonics?
    Yes. Product cream is compatible with the products that tone up veins – ointments, pills, capsules and supplements. At the later stages of varicoseveins disease, Product increases the effect of the treatment a person gets.
  • Can I apply Product before putting on compression stockings?
    Yes. The cream increases the effects of compression stockings and doesn’t leave sticky or oily stains.
  • Can I use Product during pregnancy or lactation?
    No. You shouldn’t use Product during pregnancy or lactation because of its active and powerful effect. But after you stop breastfeeding, the cream will help you to get rid of potential signs of varicose veins quickly and prevent their further development.
  • Can I use Product to prevent varicose veins?
    Yes. The cream can be a good prevention method in the following cases: genetic background, standing work, excess weight, getting ready to pregnancy and etc.
  • Is Product suitable for men?
    Yes, this cream is suitable for men, too
  • Where can I buy Product?
    You can order Product only here – on the official website of the manufacturer. If you decide to buy it from retail networks or other websites, you will be at a high risk of getting a fake.

5. Veniselle, a cream against varicose veins

  • What are varicose veins and what causes them?
    Varicoseveins are a pathological change of the veins in the lower half of the body, which involves dilation, deformation, changes in the valvular apparatus of the heart, poor permeability and reflux of blood.
  • Causes of varicose veins:
    – Lifestyle of sitting a lot, sedentary
    – Lack of physical activity
    – Heavy foot load
    – Hereditary weakness of blood vessel walls
    – Overweight
    – Hormonal imbalance
    – Pregnancy
  • The protruding blue veins do not appear immediately in the presence of venous insufficiency. In most cases it precedes:
    – Sudden leg weakness,
    – Itching, burning, muscle cramps in the legs,
    – Swelling, clumping,
    – Change in foot skin color, bruising,
    – Dark green spider veins.
  • Dangers, risks and long-term effects of varicoseveins
    In addition to many symptoms, varicoseveins also cause disruptions to blood flow. The valves of the blood vessels stop closing as tightly as before. As a result, the blood in the vessels down the lower half of the body stagnates and forms painful ulcers. Sometimes, worse, infected blood can lead to amputation or the formation of blood clots, which can lead to death.

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