Varicose veins and Psoriasis, Argentina

Variquit (AR) Treat your legs for varicose veins

Variquit eliminates the visible symptoms of varicose veins.

  • Avoid the appearance of varicose veins.
  • Eliminate pain and heaviness in the legs.
  • A safe and natural product.
  • Some patients with varicocele consider it just a cosmetic defect. They wear clothes to hide them and do nothing to treat them. Manifestations:
    + Thrombosis
    + Veins become thin and fused with the skin
    + Any damage to the skin causes bleeding
    + Nutritional ulcers appear due to blood circulation problems and poor supply of nutrients to tissues

Price:  32900 ARS

1. The effect of Variquit

  • Normalizes the functioning of the venous valves.
    In the case of varicose veins, the valves in the veins do not close completely, causing reflux of blood. Normally, blood flows from the bottom up, from the legs to the chest. During reflux, most of the blood pools are in the lower extremities.
    Variquit strengthens the valves, restores nerve connections, improves their nutrition and normalizes blood circulation.
  • Strengthens the endothelial layer of blood vessels.
    During the pathological process, the number of dead endothelial cells exceeds the norm. They clog blood vessels and make them thinner.
    Variquit strengthens the endothelial layers, making blood vessels stronger and more elastic. It’s a great way to prevent and treat varicose veins.
  • Decreased platelet activity.
    White blood cell enzymes enter the blood vessels, act on platelets, destroy blood clots and remove them from your body.
    Variquit normalizes the number of immune cells in the blood, and at the same time strengthens the vessel walls, preventing the outflow of white blood cells.

2. Treat varicose veins at home in a month

  • According to statistics, one in three women has varicose veins after 40, and this percentage is constantly increasing. However, it turns out that this oppressive trend can be stopped. Today, Juan Rodríguez Mendoza, an expert in phlebology will talk about this issue.
  • Tell us, what causes varicose veins? Some people think it’s due to genes, some people think it’s because of wearing high heels, others think it’s due to being overweight, etc.
  • The things you have listed do not represent the causes of varicosse veins, but rather the risk factors. You can view them on the screen in descending order from most important to least important. The cause of the appearance of varicosse veins is a malfunction of the venous valves. The fact is that they appear only in venous vessels, that is, in the vessels where blood flows from bottom to top.
  • Against gravity?
    Exactly, and that’s the bottom line. This happens in a very surprising way – venous blood picks up “leftover” material from our skin and muscles and travels through superficial veins, to veins known as catheters (perforations). ), so called because they connect the superficial veins to the deep veins. In the communicating veins there are valves that allow blood from the superficial veins to enter and retain it. If we look at the screen, we can see how these valves work.
  • Does that mean the valves push the blood?
    It is the contraction of the heart and the muscles that push the blood, but these two factors are very “pulsating”. The valves prevent blood from flowing backward due to gravity, so the heart allows blood in but not out.
  • When did the valve start to malfunction?
    In adverse cases, the valves inside the veins atrophy. Weakened valves in the veins cause poor venous blood flow. Blood begins to pool in the veins causing overexertion. The diameter of the vein becomes larger and the valves cannot physically cover the entire space inside the vein, causing so-called backflow.
    More blood loss in that area and back to the superficial veins. The pressure inside the hemispheric veins increases so much that the vessel walls can no longer bear it, so they twist and begin to expand like a balloon, making the situation worse. . You can see it clearly on the screen.
  • The veins first begin to swell.
    Then they lose strength and begin to squirm. Spider veins appear first, then nodules, and finally veins are seen through the skin.
  • How can we combat this?
    Many treatments have been developed for varicosse veins including pharmaceutical treatment, surgery, laser therapy, elastic compression, and sclerotherapy.
    However, pharmacotherapy and therapeutics (injection of a special solution) have very low efficacy and negative effects on the liver, while surgery and laser treatment are quite painful. In addition, there is a high recurrence rate 3-4 years after treatment, which means that the varicosse veins return.
    As for stretchy compression, it doesn’t work, not to mention you have to wear compression underwear all the time.
  • As a result, Variquit Revitalizing Cream was developed ?
    This product was designed by the US pharmaceutical community based on the recommendations of the American Vein Forum (AVF).
  • What is the result?
    We carry out certification tests on Variquit Recovery Cream using standard methods for one month. We assembled a group of 50 people with stage I, II, and III varicosse veins.
    Tests show that people with stage I and II varicose veins recover completely. For those affected by stage III varicosse veins, the treatment resulted in a complete recovery of 27% of the participants, while others showed significant improvements in the disease. degradation in the first stage.

3. Comment

  • Soraya Diaz Moliner
    Always interesting to watch this show. When I’m interested in a topic, I immediately put advice into practice and it always works for me. This time, when I heard about Variquit, I immediately ordered . After 1 month of use I don’t recognize my feet! Simply put, varicose veins have disappeared without a trace.
  • Ana Madragón Perez
    Hello! Your program is very encouraging! I have varicose veins in both legs, but the right side is much worse – I feel the pain from the stretch from hip to knee and this leg gets tired much more often. I haven’t gone to the doctor yet because I want to try self-medication. I will share my progress later.
  • Julia Cruz Maldonado
    Thank you, yesterday I picked up the package from the post office, everything is fine. I have started using it and I hope to see results in 5 days 🙂
  • Emilia Rodriguez Benavente
    If you want the leg vein system to work well, you should wear low-soled shoes! The cause of varicosse veins lies in high heels! Women across Europe and the United States wear low-heeled shoes to protect their health! And what do we do? We just want to wear heels, the higher – the better, but then we rush to treat varicosse veins to wear mini skirts.
  • Carolina Gutierrez Sheets
    I can afford to wear mini skirts, don’t be jealous of me… Anyway I think it has nothing to do with high heels, all the details are depicted in the treatment.
  • Soraya Diaz Moliner
    Awesome 🙂 I ordered it and have already started the treatment. I will post the results in the next few days.
  • Princess Sofia
    This topic is as old as the world – this cream has been known for a long time. Two years ago, my mother treated her varicosse veins with her help.

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