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Varikosette Cream – Health and beauty of your legs

Effects of Varikosette:

  • Removes inflammation.
  • Normalises the condition of the veins.
  • Eliminates spider veins.
  • Relieves fatigue and pain within 3 minutes of application.

1. Supply Varikosette to the Regions:

2. Why are varicose veins dangerous?

  • Ankles become swollen, causing pain.
  • Chronic dermatitis occurs which is very hard to get rid of.
  • Blood clots are formed, preventing normal blood flow in damaged veins.

3. Product is a safe next-generation product

  • The cream was developed by the Central Pharmaceutical Laboratory in Barcelona, Spain.
  • It was tested and patented as a safe narrow-spectrum medication without side effects.

4. The symptoms:

If the “heavy legs” feeling is familiar to you, this legs care cream can solve the problem. It will refresh and revive tired legs, quickly removing discomfort. Due to its blood circulation promoting and swelling reducing actions a special complex of plant active ingredients relieves leg tiredness and heaviness, provide relaxation and wellness. Directions Apply on clean skin of the legs with gentle upward massage from feet to thighs until completely absorbed. Cream may be applied several times a day (2-3 times), at any time of the day, especially after showering.

5. Active ingredients:

Urea, Extract of horse chestnut, Sunflower seed oil, Corn oil, Menthol, Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, Hamamelis leaf extract, Coumarin, Butylphenyl methylpropional, Citronellol.

6. The cause of the easter blood

Blood clots are a result of the body’s protective functions to stop bleeding. Blood clots can be dangerous for three reasons:

  • Thinning of blood vessel walls;
  • Increases blood viscosity;
  • Slow down blood circulation.
  • As a result, a blood clot appears and may partially or completely block the blood vessel.

7. Expert opinion

  • A fairly large number of representatives of the female sex (and some men too) are very well aware of the feeling of heaviness and pain in the legs. Very often they go to an expert only when the disease has advanced and there are already visible signs of varicose veins. Like any other expert, I believe that the best treatment of a disease is its prevention. This is why I always recommend this cream to my patients.
  • It does a spectacular job of eliminating the visible results of varicosity and can prevent the onset of a disease.
  • This cream will quickly and easily eliminate the effect of “tired legs”, giving them lightness and strength at the end of the work day.

8. They have appreciated the effect of the product:

  • Marinah: Yay! I can wear my favorite shoes again and now I have no pain!
  • Hasnah: Heredity is a terrible thing. My mother and grandmother had spider veins, and then it was me who got it. But with the introduction of the product, the three of us forgot about the pain of veins that were about to show up.
  • Hana : Spider veins appeared during pregnancy, when I reached 38 kg. I started using the product. Six months passed. Since then – there is no inflammatory effect.
  • Sarah Meunier: This show is always fun to watch. Personally, I immediately put the advice into practice by ordering this product. A month later, I no longer recognize my legs! Varicoseveins have disappeared.
  • Anne Combes: Hello. Your program is really encouraging! I have varicoseveins in both legs, but it’s more obvious in my right leg: I have pain from my hip down to my knee and feel more tired all the time. I haven’t been to the doctor yet. I want to try to heal myself.
  • Eveline Barrère: Thank you, I took the package from yesterday’s post, everything is in order. I started using it. I expect results in 5 days.
  • Emilie Simon: If you want your leg veins to work properly, you shouldn’t wear high heels! The cause of varicoseveins is wearing high heels! Those who wear casual shoes are okay! And what are you doing? High heel! The higher they go, the more beautiful they are, but then you are looking for a cure for varicoseveins because you want to wear short skirts.
  • Maria del Carmen: I treated my high blood pressure with this medicine. He suffered from it for many years. Over time, I also developed diabetes and kidney problems. Memory and vision disorders. I have treated many times to no avail. I decided to try Varikosette. This is my first time ordering medicine online. It turned out to be very simple.
  • Rachel: Thanks! I watched a TV show where they talked about this product. All doctors recommend it. They claim that blood vessel cleansing is absolutely essential for everyone.
  • Victor: I also followed the treatment for a month (without interruption). I feel better. I am full of strength and energy and have been trying to strengthen my immune system. I feel 10 years younger than me. I am 72 years old this year.
  • Lorena: Two months ago, I also completed a cleansing course with Varikosette. When I had congested blood vessels, I always felt very tired, but now I have a lot of energy. I have more work to do during the day. I used to have severe headaches, now they are gone. I also slept better, just in case, I ordered a few more packages. Thanks!

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