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UpSize (AM) – Natural breast enlarg, Up to 2 numbers


Effects of UpSize.

    * Results similar to plastic surgery but without any surgical intervention:

  • Breast augmentation and return resistance to the skin.
  • Eliminate differences. Results display for at least 14 days.
  • Increase the size of breasts and make them firmer.
  • Provides nutrients to the nipple area.
  • Increase the size of large and sexy breasts without surgery.
  • An all-natural product that increases your attractiveness.
  • UpSize effective for women of all ages.

Price:  7900 AMD

1. UpSize – Very easy to use and very effective!

  • The cream is applied to the skin twice a day – morning and evening. Massage the breasts in turn until the cream is completely absorbed into the skin (5-10 minutes each time).
  • After the cream is absorbed by the skin, both breasts are massaged in a circular motion along the contour of the breast.

2. You are not satisfied with the size of your boss?

  • Not satisfied with the size of your breasts because they are too small?
  • Loose skin?
  • Men don’t notice you?
  • Don’t feel confident showing your cleavage?
  • Unfortunately, our breasts are only beautiful when we are young. Over time, breasts lose their aesthetic beauty, they begin to sag, wrinkles and stretch marks appear. On the other hand, exercise, diet, and traditional medicine do not work, as does plastic surgery because of its expensive and risky …

3. Big boobs and strong sex drive with one product?

  • Hi everybody! My name is Andrés, I am 32 years old and a happily married man. It sounds boring, I know, and it was until a few days ago. If you also want to know how an ordinary family found a way to have great sex (5 times a day), then read on!
  • Until a few months ago, my sex life was boring. My wife and I are not interested. I enjoy having sex with my wife at least once or twice a week: nothing special about sex, we do it every time. I never felt like we had any problems, and all my friends say sex with their wives has become a bit boring.
  • For my wife, sex is not very important, she is not very interested. When we got married, I tried to arouse his sex drive for a few days, but then I gave up.
  • So how do we completely change things? Although my wife has never been interested in sex, she is a woman who takes great care of her appearance. Breastfeeding our baby after giving birth caused her breasts to sag a bit. She ordered a cream online to tighten them. Before you ask me, I will tell you the name of the product: Upsize.
  • After applying the cream for two weeks, a miracle happened: she herself started demanding sex and engaged in it 100%! Two weeks later, he couldn’t believe it was the same woman he’d known for so many years! It’s hard to satisfy her and she always insists on trying something new. Her breasts look huge and sexy! Incredible!
  • Upsize contains Anemarrhena asphodeloides extract, Pueraria mirifica root extract, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, shea butter and panthenol.
  • In addition, it is absolutely safe, which is very important for women.
  • These ingredients make breasts grow efficiently and healthy and increase sex drive. Why is it great to get results like this from cosmetic products?
  • I recommend all men to give Upsize to their partners because it works and the sex is amazing.

4. Experts comments:

    * Arjan Sh. – Beauty expert, Tirana.

  • As a doctor, I have met many women who want to enlarge their breasts or improve the shape of their breasts. All of those girls tried a bunch of “grandmother” recipes or heavyweight exercises, but with no particular results. .. They started thinking about surgery. I think a transplant is the last thing you should try. And why take the risk?
  • Thanks to modern medicine and the latest scientific developments, a new treatment method has been invented, allowing you to completely transform your breasts and achieve amazing firmness and shape in just a few days. applicable week. I recommend Upsize, because I have proven its effectiveness…”

    * Mireya Galleon – Women’s health expert, Durrës

  • There are many girls and women among my patients who have breasts in poor condition. I advise them to stay away from surgeries as they are dangerous and expensive! Unfortunately, I cannot recommend any exercises or folk remedies to be effective. The only thing these methods can do is slightly improve the situation, but it takes at least a year.
  • And I don’t think the result will be worth the effort… I believe the final solution for now is ice cream. I recommend this to my patients. 9 out of 10 women noticed its positive effects in less than a week. And it is completely harmless to the human body…

5. Buyer comments:

  • Stela, 27, Tirana: I realized it was a bad thing when my husband told me my boobs looked like “empty bags”. He was right. My breasts are really saggy, but sometimes they look very sexy. I’ve been going to the gym for a year, doing various exercises, but it’s not working at all! My husband brought me the cream and suggested I try it. In just a week he was in ecstasy – my breasts were full again, and I was no longer hanging bags! I recommend it to everyone!
  • Jesse, 22, Durres: “I haven’t been comfortable with the small size of my breasts since I was a teenager. But a friend of mine recommended that I try Upsize. Honestly say, I never believed that any cream can make breasts beautiful. But you won’t find anything to try. All my doubts have been quelled one by one. My breasts have been achieved. firmness and attractive look! I’m waiting for it to get bigger!”
  • Greta, 31 years old, Tirana: “I didn’t take the cream very seriously at first. I’m a bit shy about my breasts, but I never really considered trying Upsize, even though I’ve seen it all the time. But one day I tried it and started the treatment. A few days later, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror without feeling excited. My breasts now look beautiful, strong and fresh. I am so obsessed with it! I have been recommending this amazing ice cream to all my friends! ”
  • Ana, 36 years old, Vlore: “I never believed in treatments like this until a friend of mine cleared my doubts. Her breasts were a bit tight after pregnancy. She decided was going to try Upsize because of its precious ingredients. She is very happy with it – her breasts are strong!”

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