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Tibettea Defense (AZ) – Get rid of prostatitis in 28 days!


Tibettea Defense – Men’s Health Booster from Tibet.

  • Reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Normalization of urinary excretion.
  • Improve potency.
  • Reduce prostate edema.
  • Eliminates the feeling of nausea when urinating.
  • Prostatitis if not treated promptly can lead to the following consequences:
    + Impotence (9 out of 10 people become impotent).
    + Reduced sperm count and quality.
    + Decreased levels of testosterone (male sex hormone).
    + Increased body fatigue.
    + Nervous system disorder.

Price: 45 AZN

1. What is the secret of Tibettea Defense for prostatitis?

  • Tango Monastery is a truly sacred place in Tibet. It is located at an altitude of 3600 m on a rocky mountainside, far from villages and mountains, where there is a harmonious atmosphere and special spiritual energy.
  • Since the 13th century, local monks have been collecting herbs with healing properties, curing any disease and helping to prolong life. These herbs are part of the Tibetan collection. The monks drank each day a healing set that was passed on to the high monks and prepared according to a secret recipe. The secret lies in the proper adaptation of the herbs.
  • Thanks to Tibettea, the monks do not suffer from prostatitic, are in good health, maintain their masculinity for a long time and feel younger than their years.
  • The power of nature for men’s health
    All the popular and known remedies for treating prostatitic – pills, needles, candles – can only relieve inflammation and pain temporarily.
    Prostatitic does not go away on its own, but as it progresses, new symptoms will appear. Tibettea immediately relieves pain, clears urine, reduces prostate edema, after 28 & nbspday restores potency and strengthens immunity.
    The Tibetan Healing Collection is completely natural and ecologically clean, the ingredients of which have long been kept secret by Tibetan monks.

2. Aksenov Mikhail Lavrentyevich, urologist of the highest category

  • According to WHO statistics, 94% of men over the age of 30 have prostatitis. Prostatitic can cause intermittent pain and frequent urination, as well as serious consequences – impotence, infertility, and cancer. Therefore, treatment should not be delayed.
  • Tibettea is a tried and tested tool in the fight against prostatitic. Unlike all medicines, it contains only natural Tibetan herbs and does not contain any chemical additives.
  • Thanks to the beneficial properties of herbs, pain during harvesting is eliminated, the work of the urogenital system is normalized and potency is increased. Tibettea not only helps in acute prostatitic but also in chronic prostatitic. I have gone through more than a dozen patients who have recovered after taking a course of Tibettea.

3. Prostatitis is the most common male disease

  • According to doctors, this disease is already present in young people. Just 5 years ago, men over 40 signed up for a specialist, now young people over 20 are also signing up!
  • Doctors explain the prevalence of this disease in men as follows:
    + Less active lifestyle
    + Unusual sex life
    + Bad habits and malnutrition
    + Genitourinary system infections
    + Genetic predisposition
    + Stress and frequent colds
  • Most men don’t even know about this disease. The early stages of prostatitic may be painless. However, as symptoms increase, the disease begins to develop more rapidly and latently. Therefore, in some people, the disease manifests itself at the age of 25 and in others at the age of 45. It is only a matter of time.
  • The European Council of Urologists released a shocking statistic in a report: More than 55% of men over the age of 44 have symptoms of prostatitic. It is not necessary to be a doctor to diagnose this disease in yourself.
  • Symptoms of prostatitis, self-exam:
    + Deep pain
    + In the lower abdomen or ovaries
    + Pain in the genitals or groin
    + Urinary problems
    + Frequent urination calls
    + Acute pain in the urethra when urinating
    + The feeling of not passing urine
    + Weak or interrupted urination when urinating
    + Potential problems
    + Poor sex drive
    + Weak and short-term erection
    + Ejaculation problems
    + Premature ejaculation
    + Poor ejaculation
    + Constant physical and mental fatigue
  • Recently, many men with prostatitic do not even realize its complications as well as how life-threatening.

4. How is prostatitis treated in the West?

  • In Western countries, the treatment of prostatitic does not require consulting a doctor. At the first symptoms, just go to the pharmacy and buy a popular remedy of ginseng, anise, dandelion and nettle, which has been clinically tested. Its 98% efficiency was proven in the 1980s.
  • Of course, after many trials to check the safety of the drug, the drug has become the gold standard in the treatment of prostatitic in Europe and the West.
  • This drug is not of interest to sellers in Azerbaijan, because it is more profitable to sell several drugs with different symptoms than to completely cure prostatitic with an inexpensive tool that is suitable for the budget. everybody.
  • The insurance industry is very developed in the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany and other developed countries. The insurance companies don’t care about every second person seeing the doctor twice a year, because the insurance companies have to pay for all of this, and the doctor’s salary is quite high. Insurance companies care about maximum speed and effectiveness of treatment, the root of the problem.
  • In Western and European countries, the interests of insurance companies have prevailed over those of selling companies. Fortunately, here is an effective remedy for prostate inflammation for men
  • Is it possible to make the situation similar in other countries?
    Unfortunately, no positive changes are expected. Companies that rely solely on business are not interested in new methods because they are only interested in the profit side.
    However, some completely natural remedies with no side effects can also be found on special sites on the Internet. Tibettea Men’s Defense, one of the most effective oriental medicines widely used in the West, has long appeared in Azerbaijan. Many men have used the Internet to order this medicine and get rid of prostatitis once and for all.

5. Comment:

  • Rauf Nuruyev
    Thank you for an interesting and useful post! It is difficult to find such products sold in Azerbaijan. Fortunately, there is internet. I ordered Tibettea Men’s Defense and I will treat prostatitic with it.
  • Tahir Rafiyev
    Agree! Agree! Tibettea Men’s Defense is the perfect tool. I have had prostatitis for 10 years. I tried everything, even a special massage, but the effect was short-lived. Thanks to Tibettea Men’s Defense, I have completely recovered from prostatitis. I couldn’t even imagine it before! I recommend Tibettea Men’s Defense to all men. Make sure he helps me if he helps me.
  • Natiq Tahirov
    I have also used this product. Two weeks later I recovered from chronic prostatitis. Anyway, I ordered a few boxes, because this medicine is currently in stock on the site.
  • Hikmet Malikov
    Today I watched a program about the prostate. During the press investigation, they also talked about Tibettea Men’s Defense. It is an effective anti-prostatitis remedy, and its sale does not cost some vendors.
  • Fariz
    I have had chronic prostatitis since I was 28 years old. I am 41 years old this year. Last time, the doctor told me that prostatitis can turn into cancer. I was disappointed… Fortunately, my husband bought me the Tibettea Men’s Guard. After the treatment, my test results are good, the pain is gone, 10 minutes later I don’t run to the toilet and have tears in my eyes… I recommend this tool to anyone who has the same problem.
  • Jabish
    Tibettea Men’s Defense is the best tool I have ever tried! I got him for 3 months. I don’t have a prostate right now and I’m finally back to being active. This tool also has a great effect on potency.
  • Khatai Eyyubov
    Guys, it’s a great tool… I bought Tibettea Men’s Defense a week ago. There are currently no symptoms of prostatitis. My pain is gone, I go to the bathroom without any problems, my erections and erections have improved. I feel so good, I recommend this tool.

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