Stability 24 (PH) – Save on monthly electricity bills!


Advantages of Stability 24:

  • Easy to connect: Just plug it in the socket!
  • The counter works well: Power saving is achieved by making energy use more effective.
  • The effectiveness is also confirmed by studies and can be explained scientifically.
  • It does not only save money on electricity, but also extends the life circle of electric devices.
  • It reduces harmful electromagnetic radiation, that is emitted by cables and electric devices.
  • It pays its value in 1-2 months.

Price: 1790 PHP

1. Stability 24 significant savings:

  • 50% Air conditioning, washing machine, computer, hair dryer
  • 45% Electric cooker, microwave oven, television, heater
  • 40% Refrigerator, gas boiler
  • 35% Kettle, coffee maker, incandescent lamps, toasters
  • 30% Drill, electric saw, circular saw

2. Patricio Alcantara talks about Stability 24

  • Hi! My name is Patricio Alcantara and I have been an electrician all my life.
  • And as far as I can remember, it’s just the electricity bill that’s always going up! Of course I know that my electric bill will go up, so I also think about my meter at home all the time: I put a paper clip there, stick a magnet or cut some on the back. I have a large family and we use a lot of electricity at home, such as to wash diapers and shirts for the children, my third person is always sitting in front of the computer. So I stole electricity from the state, what crime do I have to hide? I also have another job – I work in the decoration of apartments. And once I was working in an apartment and I saw something interesting.
  • I put the meter, sawed and drilled something there, and the next day there was only 300 watts on the counter. How did it happen? Should I expect 5-6 times more? I talked to the owner and he told me about the device that reduces the cost of electricity. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; I feel ashamed because I don’t know a simple physics. Well, now I pay 3 times less electricity so I recommend to all of you. The device is called Stable 24. And as far as I understand it cannot be purchased in the store. This is also obvious; not exactly the same and not a new sales country. However, the tax we have to pay is not too small, but I think it is a reasonable and adequate savings first, and then everything else.
  • My son helped me get acquainted with the Internet and I recently found a website that sells Stability 24. Here’s the sitelink, take a look and decide if you need to save money. Why do I think we pay more when we can save?

3. Reviews on Energy Saving Devices

  • Jolina Cudal
    Patricio, please tell me, can I buy this device at the general store? I haven’t ordered anything online yet, but I really want to try this. Savings are always relevant.
  • Patricio Alcantara
    No, you cannot buy Stability 24 at the general store. But you can order from this site without fear. This is just rare. Site has been reviewed, I ordered for me and my friends.
  • Jolina Cudal
    Patricio, thanks a lot you convinced me, I will order and then write my review here.
  • Benjie Alonzo
    My daughter also showed me this device, so I also pay 45% less electricity a month, even though the usage is the same. This is very helpful! It must be said that this device works very simply, you just need to plug it in! Live and save your money. I recommend it to all of you!
  • Andres Bulil
    This device really works and saves me up to 50%. My dad actually bought a similar one for about 4,560.00 pesos. But I bought Stability 24 on the website with a slight 50% discount. Maybe this offer still exists. You guys did a great job, fast delivery and great savings!
  • Marcos Bueno
    I bought Stability 24 with some caution, as it was still new. After a month when I started claiming traffic, I was just amazed that I had saved 50%. And more importantly – the fuse blew after opening the scaffold and the microwave. And now no more. Oh that’s it. Thanks very much!
  • Ricardo
    You can read it here in the online store much about the functionality of this device. Everything is written in detail and the method of operation is described in plain English. I can say that I myself had doubts for a long time, but there was an offer in the same store, and I decided to buy it. One month after receiving the bill, I see that I have saved almost 45%!!! I am really surprised! The most important thing is that it is fully compliant with the law. No need to sit and turn something there… Plug and live the way you used to be!
  • William Dalere
    My friend bought it for her parents and for herself here on the website. Then I was advised, to me it was all a joke, but now I burst out laughing when I received my bill. Because after buying Stable 24 , now it is very easy to save money. Just plug in and that’s all.
  • Mariano Alejo
    I live in my house, bought it here. I got all the money I spent back after a month, I recommend to all of you. Buy Stability 24 exactly as described and review everything else as trash.

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