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SilverStop (AZ) – Get rid of fungal infection symptoms!


SilverStop – Kills fungal spores, preventing their reproduction.

  • Reduces susceptibility of fungi.
  • It kills about 32,000 species of fungal infections.
  • Prevent infecting others.
  • Accelerates skin regeneration and promotes bacterial flora.
  • Create a peeling effect.
  • Deodorization.
  • Prevent reinfection.

Price: 46 AZN

1. SilverStop Spray is immediately effective, long-term results

  • Extracted from chamomile flowers. Prevents the growth of fungus and fungus, relieves itching
  • Aloe extract. Treats infected cells, prevents the growth of new fungal colonies
  • Aluminum chloride hexahydrate. Treats damaged skin, softens and restores its properties
  • Ethyl alcohol. A powerful disinfectant. Disinfect the damaged skin
  • Chlorhexidine digluconate. Fights complex fungal infections: Scalp fungus, Malassezia furfur, etc.

2. Expert opinions and buyer reviews

  • Experts
    Fungal spores are a constant concern for everyone. I recommend this antibacterial spray made with organic extracts to anyone who comes to me with this problem. Unlike antibiotics and other antifungal products, Silver Stop spray quickly blocks 32,000 types of infectious agents. The spray contains only organic ingredients and therefore does not cause any allergic reactions and can be purchased without a prescription.
  • Propeller, 30 years old
    I have tried many products, but nothing helps. My nails are peeling and breaking… horror. I always try to hide my hands. Thanks to Silver Stop spray, my problems were solved quickly. I highly recommend.
  • Will, 45 years old
    I have been trying to treat fungal infections for 10 years, but to no avail. Medicines give temporary improvement, and then the disease always recurs. My wife and I argued many times, I even thought that she was cheating on me, so I brought disaster into the house. But that explanation didn’t work, because he didn’t have the infection, just me. I got rid of the fungus after using Silver Stop spray. It was a case where strong antibiotics didn’t work, but a simple herbal spray solved the problem quickly and easily. I haven’t had a fungal infection in 3 months. People with such health problems should check out this spray!
  • Amid, 29 years old
    I have a fungal infection and my doctor recommended a topical treatment: Silver Stop spray. Symptoms disappeared within a week and were proven by laboratory tests.

3. Why is nail fungus so deadly?

  • Why do you consider nail fungus a dangerous disease?
    Do you know how many people died of fungal diseases last year? In our country alone, more than half of these deaths are due to nail infections. These infections don’t just affect fingernails and toenails.
    They enter the bloodstream through the legs and spread throughout the body. It has a wonderful effect on the whole body from the inside. Spores accumulate in internal organs and actively grow there. This creates a bacteria inside that causes the infected person to rot inside. These people are prone to heart problems, broken blood vessels in the brain, liver and kidney cancer. Anyone with a nail infection is at risk.
    Therefore, I consider nail fungus a very dangerous disease, which is currently one of the leading causes of death in the country. We hear a lot more about cancer and malignancies, but let’s agree that although cancer affects 3-4% of the population, one in two people between the ages of 40 and 45 people with nail fungus.
  • So why is it still not possible to prevent infection? It’s your job to save people’s lives!
    First of all, it should be noted that most people with the disease are unaware of the danger it poses. When the situation worsens, they take preventive measures. For example, when the nail begins to shrink, form extra layers or become deformed. Conventional over-the-counter drugs only provide temporary relief, and people stop treatment as soon as the drugs start to have little effect.
    In rare cases, the treatment is repeated. As a result, infections increase. The consequences of infections and the damage they cause to internal organs are underappreciated. In my experience, I have come across hundreds of such cases.
  • Is the direct cause of the high number of deaths from fungal infections due to a lack of qualified personnel in the field?
    While this is one of the reasons, it is not the only one. There are also serious problems due to the lack of effective treatments. Pharmacies sold what came, but over-the-counter drugs hardly helped. Old drugs are useless, and the same can be said of new products that are exaggerated and advertised all over the place. Prescription drugs are not very helpful. Usually, these drugs bring temporary improvement, but at the same time, they have significant effects on the liver, stomach, and very serious health effects. Most medicines do not actually cure the fungus. These drugs simply remove the marks on the outer surface of the body that cause the fungal infection to remain in the body and the patient will die slowly.
    As a result of all these factors, people die from blood poisoning and internal organ infections caused by common nail fungus. There are also private clinics, but they also employ doctors with the same qualifications. That is, they are inexperienced fresh graduates with very little knowledge of the disease and its treatment. Their only job is to extract as much money as possible from the patient. They don’t plan to provide real help.
  • What should a person with a fungal infection do? Should they sit and wait patiently for death? As an experienced professional, you need to help them.
    Of course, I don’t sit around watching developments without solving the problem of staff shortage. This is the job of universities and colleges, not mine. I can’t train new professionals on my own, so I don’t expect any changes anytime soon. Other cities have similar problems. We are all struggling with this problem.
    But as they say, there is a good luck in all conditions. Several successful cases have been observed recently. Baku is participating in a large-scale international project to provide innovative supplements that can completely destroy nail fungus and eliminate fungal infections.
  • Do you think this supplement will significantly improve the situation?
    Right. This supplement not only kills the fungus but also alleviates the damage caused by the fungus all over the body. From the first day of use, the risk of death drops to 0. As soon as you start using this supplement, you will be removed from the risk group. This product cleans the blood and internal organs of fungal cells and stops the infectious process affecting human health without leaving any traces inside the body. I think this supplement could save thousands of lives. So I tried my best to convince the authorities of this country to allow Azerbaijan to be the first country to participate in this project.
  • What is this supplement called? How is it so effective?
    This supplement is a new generation Silver Stop spray. It is by far the most effective anti-fungal supplement on the market. Unlike most supplements, this supplement has been developed in an independent laboratory under the guidance of the world’s best biochemists and pharmacists. This makes it 10 times more effective than traditional procedures. At the same time, it has no side effects and is not addictive. Supplements also support the body’s immunity against fungal agents, eliminating the risk of reinfection.
  • The secret to making supplements so effective is in the structure of the human body. It is difficult to remove nail fungus because it remains in the tissues. Typically, soon after stopping the drug, the fungus will reappear. Another problem is that the body’s immune system is not able to fight the fungus. The best thing the immune system can do is slow the growth of a fungal infection. The weakened immune system is unable to stop the rapid growth of the fungus, which can lead to death.
  • Silver Stop spray helps the body secrete antibodies that can kill the fungus. Thanks to this, the body protects and cleans itself. The release of these antibodies continues even after you stop using the spray. This reduces the chance of reinfection. Using just 1 course of Silver Stop will protect you from fungal infections and prevent any complications.

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