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Pure Kick (RS) – Fast slimming for athletes


Pure Kick – Keeping his athletic physique.

  • Developed on the basis of alpha-2 fat receptors. It speeds up metabolism, provides energy and improves endurance.
  • Eliminate fat deposits and flush out toxins without sacrificing muscle mass.
  • Detoxification and fat burning properties have been analyzed on more than 2000 food products, all for the purpose of creating Pure Kick fat burning products.
  • Trace elements stimulate cleansing and regulate hunger, while organic acids accelerate fat burning.
  • Easy to use. Safe. 100% organic.

Price: 3650 RSD

1. Pure Kick helps to purify the body and provide energy

  • Pure Kick will keep you energized all day!
    The unique combination of ingredients promotes healthy bowel function. This formula does not cause heaviness, bloating, discomfort due to reduced energy during the day.
    Food is prepared quickly so it doesn’t turn into fat. Pure Kick is a mixture of herbs with a special balance to help promote metabolism, stimulate digestion and break down stored fat in the body.
    Pure Kick regulates the metabolism in the body, stimulates the elimination of harmful products of metabolism and empty the intestines faster. Pure Kick is recommended as a dietary supplement for weight loss and better digestion.
  • Ingredients include:
    Piperine, cayenne pepper seeds, glucomannan, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, zinc, chromium GTF, green coffee extract and green tea extract.
    They improve digestion.
    They speed up fat burning.
    They lower blood sugar and cholesterol.
    They reduce cravings.
    What is unique about it? Your body is transformed by a special combination of natural ingredients that provide energy and accelerate fat burning.

2. User results

  • Diana, 28 years old
    I gained weight after giving birth. I thought I would lose weight easily, but after many diets, I still gained weight. I was constantly hungry and in a bad mood.
    After starting to use Pure Kick, I immediately started to feel better. I had more energy during the day, I was less tired in the evening, I lived with less stress and no craving for chocolate and chips (otherwise it was my weak point).
    As a result, I achieved an ideal weight within 2.5 months. By the way, I didn’t reach my ideal weight in a year of keeping a diet!
  • Rapid weight loss in the first 2 weeks
    These results are achieved thanks to a combination of two factors – fat breakdown + elimination of toxins.
    Toxins leave the body during the first weeks of treatment.
    Therefore, the results are visible immediately.
    Within 2 weeks, deep fat deposits begin to break down, alkalinity levels return, and blood composition improves. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

3. Recommended by experts

  • Gordana, dietitian
    Product is a biologically active supplement with a complete health-improving effect that even people around you will notice.
    Positive results can also be seen in blood tests. Low cholesterol, stable sugar levels, a healthy amount of protein are what my patients’ findings show thanks to Product!

4. What customers say

  • Mary
    I heard about Product 6 months ago. I weighed 90 kg then. In just two months, I lost almost 20 kg! I’m so happy! After that, I started to lose weight slowly. Despite that, I now weigh 62.5 kg and I feel better than ever.
  • Milena
    I lost weight with Product a year ago. The most important thing is that Pure Kick not only helped me lose 20 kg, but also cleansed my body. My stomach no longer hurts, I have no allergies and I feel full of energy.
  • Anastasia
    He’s great! I’ve been drinking it for a while. At the moment I can say that I have completely gotten rid of the constant nibbling of boredom.
  • Miroslava
    I’ve been drinking Product for a week now and I’m already seeing results. My pants don’t tighten anymore.
  • Bojan
    I trained hard in the gym for 2 years. In addition, I was constantly on a diet because I wanted to lose 45 kg. It was really hard. I decided to try Product because I don’t know what to do with the pounds anymore.
  • Ana
    My colleague drinks Product every day. He lost a lot of weight! He switched from XL size to S, so I can say that this add-on really works. It works better than dieting, you will be winners.
  • Kristina
    I like the feeling of lightness that Product gives! I have a lot of energy during the day! Coffee is now a thing of the past. I only eat natural foods and I feel great.
  • Dalibor
    Jeeee! Product is something amazing! I lost 7 kg without any effort in just one month. Now I’m working on my abdominal muscles.
  • Militia
    I have been losing weight with Pure Kick for over a month. Little by little, my appetite decreased. I started to feel full after small portions. I was not on a diet, I just limited my intake of sugar and pasta. As a result, I lost 12 kg. The fat from the chest and stomach is gone. Look at my stuff.
  • Sasha
    If you just want to lose weight, then this product will help you, but not too much. If you want an athletic body, you have to exercise.
  • Jelena
    Pure Kick is my last hope! I have been struggling with excess weight for 10 years. I tried everything. I ordered this remedy today. We’ll see when he arrives.
  • Jovana
    I don’t know what other people think, but I’m very happy with this product. Pure Kick really helped me! I lost 23.5 kg. Now I want to do sports! At the moment, I have a figure I couldn’t even imagine before.
  • Alexandra
    I like to drink Pure Kick before training. It gives me a lot of energy, enough to do all the tasks during the day.
  • Quince
    I have been doing sports all my life and I have always had problems with my waist and thighs. I want a perfect body. It’s time to try Pure Kick.

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