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Prostaffect (TR) Professional treatment for prostatitis

How does Prostaffect help you with prostatitis?

  • The natural product prevents and eliminates tumors in the gland and chronic and acute prostatitis:
    + Reduce inflammation and pain.
    + Normalize defecation and help with erection.
    + Delivers sustainable and long-lasting results.
    + Effective for all ages and all stages of disease.
  • Prostatitic is a disease that you can have for many years. Unconsciously, when it develops, it damages your health, causes erectile dysfunction and can even be life-threatening.
  • According to official statistics provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), one in two men over the age of 30 has chronic prostatitic.

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1. Overcome prostatitis in three steps thanks to Prostaffect!

  • Reduce inflammation and pain
    Once in the body, the active ingredients start working immediately, relieving pain and inflammation at the cellular level, relieving muscle spasms, relieving congestion and healing mucous membranes.
  • Normalization of bowel function
    The ingredients in the active formula restore a constricted urethra. Have frequent bowel movements and empty the bladder. No more night urination, no more pain and discomfort.
  • Stop prostatitis
    Affected cells and organs of the reproductive system regain
    normal function. Healthy blood circulation in the pelvic area is restored. Sexual function is restored. The results are consistent.

2. Chronic prostatitis often occurs without symptoms

  • The main symptom of prostate cancer is difficulty urinating.
    + Feeling hot, burning and painful when urinating
    + Feeling unable to urinate
    + Request for urination
    + Frequent urination at night (more than once a night)
    + Leaky urine after urinating
  • Other symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia:
    + Pain in the urethra and lower abdomen
    + Loss of sex drive
    + Weak and slow recovery
    + Pain during sex Premature ejaculation
    + High body temperature (up to 39-40 ℃).

3. Why experts recommend Prostaffect

  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Reduce prostat swelling
  • Eliminate bacteria that are infectious agents
  • Helps blood circulation to get rid of congestion in the pelvic area
  • Quickly restore the vascular wall
  • Clean and repair blood vessels in the pelvic area
  • Remove blood clots, thin blood
  • Treatment of the mucous membrane of the urinary system
  • Restores libido, erection and sexual motivation
  • Strengthens the body’s immune system and resistance to stress

4. How Prostaffect Fight Prostatitic

  • Due to a balanced combination of herbs, Product is effective against the root cause of benign prostatic hyperplasia as well as its symptoms.
  • Due to Product’s antibacterial and antiseptic effects, it destroys disease-causing bacteria and prostatitic -causing bacteria. That is Product to treat the root of the disease.
  • It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and Product properties that promote the restoration of microcirculation in tissues of the prostat gland. As a result, the body’s health and functions are fully restored.
  • Due to the direct function of Product, urination problems are solved: decreased frequency of urination, especially at night, increased urine flow. Discomfort, burning sensation, urinary incontinence and other unpleasant sensations are eliminated. The process of urinating easier.
  • Restores the function of the prostat gland and the dilation of the urethra narrowed by inflammation and swelling, contributing to the restoration of normal sex life and fertility .
  • The use of Product in older men with urinary problems associated with chronic prostatitic or benign prostatic hyperplasia has been observed to significantly improve their quality of life.
  • Product in the case of chronic prostatitic due to sexual dysfunction provides high-quality treatment. Using the full set of Product allows you to avoid prostat cancer and related sexual problems.
  • Prostaffect has been trusted by experts
    * 3 International Awards:
    Product has been awarded the 2020 and 2021 Pharmacology Awards
    in the categories “Annual horticultural innovation” and “Treatment of chronic prostatitic”. In 2021, the developer of this drug received the State Medical Award.
    * 95% Positive Rating:
    According to a survey of 16,547 patients conducted by the International Endocrine Society, patients rated the effectiveness and safety of medications used to treat acute and chronic prostatiti. High efficacy confirmed by clinical trials!
  • Clinical trial results:
    Data from randomized double-blind plasmbo-controlled experiments.
    A group of 2678 men aged 18 to 80 years old were studied:
    * Reduced inflammation, swelling and pain in kidney and pelvic area (reduced number of complaints) 82%
    * Reduce pain and discomfort during urination and ejaculation (reduced number of complaints) 79%
    * Improves prostat health (based on analysis and ultrasound of prostat fluid) 86%
    * Improve erection, increase intercourse time (based on International Index of Erectile Dysfunction) 78%
    * Improves overall health, enhances immune function (based on test results and immunohistochemistry) 87%

5. Learn more about the prostate

  • What is the prostat gland?
    The prostat gland is located below the bladder, around the tip of the urethra just below the bladder or the posterior urethra. The doctor can visit directly. Anteriorly, the gland is held by the dorsal ligament of the prostat, below by the urogenital diaphragm. At the back, there are two ejaculatory ducts that cross the prostatic urethra, near the external striated sphincter of the urethra.
    In adult men, the prostat gland weighs about 15-25g, is small pear-shaped, firm to the touch, averaging 4cm wide, 3cm high and 2.5cm thick. After 45 years of age, the size of this organ usually enlarges.
    The prostat gland is a structure of a thin fibrous capsule, under the capsule are smooth muscle fibers and collagenous tissue surrounding the urethra. Deep under this layer is the prostat parenchyma made up of connective tissue and elastic smooth muscle fibers, including the epidermis. These glands drain and in the main secretory ducts empty mainly at the floor of the urethra, the mound and the neck of the bladder. The periurethral glands are located just below the epidermal epithelium of the prostat gland. The periurethral glands are located just below the epidermal epithelium of the prostat gland.
    The prostat gland has arteries from the bladder artery, internal pudendal artery, and middle rectal artery. The vein drains into the venous plexus around the prostat.
  • The role of the prostat
    The prostat gland in pre-pubescent men does not have any functional role in the body. When men are teenagers, the prostat gland grows thanks to the strong activation of the male hormone testosterone. And start the development process, preparing for his role in the next time.
    During puberty, the prostat gland begins to function. It secretes fluid to form semen, providing energy for sperm, creating a living and active environment for sperm. Thanks to the nutrition from this fluid, the sperm is nourished and successfully enters the egg.
    This fluid has a pH of about 6.5 (more alkaline than vaginal fluid), more alkaline than prostat fluid, plays an important role in the process of protecting the sperm from reaching the fertilized egg when sexual intercourse occurs. fit. This amount of fluid accounts for 30% of the volume of fluid released during each intercourse, contributing to the motility and vitality of sperm after ejaculation in men.
    Prostat fluid contains a lot of citric acid, Ca2+, zinc, choline, a variety of coagulation and pre-fibrinolysin enzymes, including acid phosphatase, seminin, plasminogen activating factor and PSA… paralysis. In which, the enzymes of prostatic fluid will act on fibrinogen to slightly coagulate semen in the female genital tract, thus keeping sperm close to the cervix. After 15-30 minutes, the semen is diluted again thanks to the enzyme fibrinolysin in the prostat fluid and the sperm is active again.
    Besides, prostaglandins of prostat fluid as well as seminal vesicle will contract the uterine muscles, increase the peristalsis of the fallopian tubes to help sperm move through the female genital tract more easily.
    Young men are when the prostat gland is most active. A well-functioning, smooth prostat will help men have good fertility.
  • The prostat can be affected by:
    Prostate disease: Usually in men from the age of 45, when the prostate is twisted, the testicles also reduce the secretion of testosterone. Prostate cancer causes urinary disorders: urinary retention, urge to urinate, weak urine stream…
    Prostatitis: Symptomatic causing pain in the groin, painful urination, difficulty urinating, and related symptoms. Prostatitis can be classified into acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitic, chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, and asymptomatic prostatitis.
    Prostate cancer: Elevated blood PSA levels are often a sign of prostate abnormality and prostate cancer. The disease has a high mortality rate in men, accounting for about 2-3% of all deaths.
    Prostate cancer has a high mortality rate in men, accounting for about 2-3% of all deaths
    When there are any abnormal signs in the prostate, the patient can go to the General Hospital for examination and treatment, helping to diagnose and treat general urological diseases and prostat diseases in particular.

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