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Pro Caps (SI) Is prostatitis easy to treat?

Pro Caps – Natural product for the prevention and elimination of adenomas, chronic and acute prostatitis.

  • Reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Normalize urination and erection.
  • Provides a lasting result for a long time.
  • Action at any age and at any stage.
  • Prostatitis is a disease that men live with for years, without knowing it is growing, destroying a man from within and threatening his health, strength and even his life.
  • The real number, according to experts: 85% of men over the age of 20 have chronic prostatitis.

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1. Pro Caps – Beat Prostatitis in Three Steps!

  • Reduces puffiness and pain
    Upon entering the body, the active ingredients of the drug begin to act almost immediately, eliminating pain and inflammation at the cellular level, reducing muscle spasms, eliminating blood clots and strengthening the mucous membranes.
  • Improve urination
    The ingredients of the active formula restore the narrowed urethral lumen. Continuous and complete bladder emptying is normalized at night during defecation without pain and discomfort.
  • Conquering Prostatitic
    Affected cells and organs of the genitourinary system recover
    their natural functions. The natural circulation of blood in the pelvis is restored. Sex life is normalizing. The result is fixed for a long time.

2. Chronic prostatitis often has no obvious symptoms.

  • The main sign of prostatitis is a violation of urination
    + Cramping pain when urinating.
    + Feeling of emptying of the bladder after urinating
    + Feeling sad to urinate
    + Going to the bathroom more than 1 time per night
    + Decreased urine output after urinating
  • Other signs of prostatitis:
    + Pain in the urethra and lower abdomen
    + Lack of sexual desire
    + Weak and slow erection
    + Painful sex
    + Premature ejaculation
    + Fever up to 39-40 ℃.

3. Why do experts recommend using Pro Caps?

  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Reduce prostate swelling to a minimum
  • Kills pathogenic bacteria
  • Improves blood circulation which eliminates pelvic stagnation
  • Quickly restore blood vessel walls
  • Cleanse and restore pelvic veins
  • Remove blood clots, thin blood
  • Heals the mucous membranes of the genitourinary system
  • Restores libido, erection and “male” strength
  • Strengthen immunity and improve the body’s resistance to stress
  • Pro Caps are effective due to their 100% organic ingredients.
    + Zinc: Restores sexual attraction. Increases the production of testosterone, eliminates the imbalance of male hormones. Improves general condition and mood, increases endurance. Increase sperm production.
    + Vitamin E: Dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the pelvic organs. This ensures a firm and long erection and a longer duration of sexual intercourse.
    + Pumpkin Seed Extract: Eliminates infection, inflammation and swelling in the prostate gland, stimulates tissue regeneration. Eliminates painful symptoms in the groin and perineum and facilitates urination. A natural aphrodisiac. Gives a quick sensation of euphoria and enhances sensations during sex.

4. Stefan Ivanov: How does Pro Caps fight prostatitis?

  • Thanks to a balanced combination of medicinal plants in its composition, Pro Capsule effectively acts on the main causes of prostatitic and on individual parts of the disease.
  • The antibacterial and antiseptic action of Pro Capsule contributes to the destruction of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms, i.e. Pro Capsule address the root cause of prostatitic.
  • The pronounced anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and vascular strengthening effects of Pro Capsule contribute to the restoration of disturbed microcirculation in the tissues of the prostate gland, whereby nutrition and bodily functions are restored.
  • With diuretic action Pro Capsule helps to eliminate urinary disorders: the frequency of urination is reduced, especially at night, increasing urine flow, eliminating discomfort, burning, emptying the bladder and facilitate the process of urination.
  • Contributes to the restoration of prostat function and eliminates pressure on the urethral lumen due to inflammation and swelling, helping to restore a normal sex life and fertility.
  • The use of Pro Capsule in elderly people with urinary disorders associated with chronic prostatitis or prostatic hyperplasia, observed over a long period of time, significantly improves their quality of life.
  • The use of Pro Capsule in chronic prostatitis, complex sexual dysfunction, is very successful. A full course of Pro Caps allows you to avoid exacerbation of prostatitic and related sexual disorders.

5. Urologist shares how she restores her patients’ abilities

  • Mrs. Bakardzhieva, you have patients from 60-70 years old. Do we really need sex at this age?
  • Of course. Especially for men. Sex life determines overall health, in other words, it is the biological clock that determines how quickly a person ages.
    Patients with prostatitic and prostate tumors come to me and when I ask them when they last had sex, they laugh and say something like “I haven’t had sex in 7 years.” Of course, their answer surprised me. This is the cause of prostatitic, which can later turn into prostate cancer.
  • Lack of sex harms the body, whether it happens in your 30s, 40s, 50s or even 70s! The prostate is the organ that forms semen. If it doesn’t ejaculate, it starts to self-destruct. There is a pathological stagnation process in the prostate gland (accumulation of dangerous microorganisms). This leads to inflammation of the prostate gland (inflammation of the prostate gland). Chronic inflammation of the prostate gland leads to prostate tumors, urinary tract damage, and pyelonephritis. The next stage after the adenoma is cancer. Patients with potency problems were seven times more likely to develop prostate cancer.
  • This is just one of many consequences. In other words, prolonged abstinence can lead to rapid death. Humans are born to reproduce. But when this function goes to the foundation, the body begins to age very quickly. Blood vessels begin to weaken and burst, the risk of stroke or heart attack increases, the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. Premature graying of the patient’s hair (if not already present). Appears joint pain, the patient loses shape. Even insomnia, which affects older adults, is linked to a lack of sex and low levels of certain hormones.
  • Some patients say that your clinic uses unique drugs to restore potency, making it possible for men to have sex at any age? Is it right?
  • Our clinic has always achieved high success in the treatment of various disorders. We use unique drugs developed by our scientists. When it comes to men’s sex life, we use a supplement developed by our institute called Pro Capsule.
  • The dietary supplement has all-natural ingredients, including pumpkin seed extract, zinc and vitamin E. Absorption is fairly easy – one capsule a day one to two times a day, preferably between meals eat. Immediately after taking Pro Capsule normalizes prostate function and even increases arousal (it can be considered as a harmless aphrodisiac instead of Viagra), and with regular intake enhances natural effect. This is the only product that works this way, but you can’t find it in pharmacies.
  • Please tell us more about the action and effectiveness of this product.
  • This is truly a great product. That is proven by the fact that the free examination and consultation period can be booked months in advance. I only prescribe Pro Capsule, which you can buy from the institute pharmacy or order from the website with a 50% discount.
  • Regarding the effectiveness of Pro Capsule, I would like to introduce to you the results of a clinical trial conducted by experts of our institute during the period 2015 – 2016. 50 men over 50 years of age participated in the trial. this. Most of the participants had not been able to have sex for many years.
  • The study achieved the following results:
    + Full recovery (ability to have sex at least once a week) – 96% of participants
    + High testosterone levels – 94% of participants
    + Normalization of urination (including frequency) – 98% of participants
    + Overall improvement in condition – 99% of participants
    + No side effects – 100% of participants

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