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Power Keto (UZ) – How to lose 10 kg in a week at home?


Power Keto – You will have a great attractive body!

  • Men look at you with admiration and women look at you with envy!
    Power Keto is based on natural ingredients that help to get rid of toxins and excess fluid, activate metabolism in the body. Steady and safe weight loss without signs of brittle and tight skin!
  • Your fat will melt before your eyes!
    When used regularly, Power Keto reduces the level of PPAR-protein in the body. This protein is present in adipose tissue and is responsible for the “accumulation” of fat in the body. If the level of protein production decreases, the fatty tissue will disappear on its own and the person will lose weight. Fat melting happens at the cellular level!

Price: 99000 SOM

1. Dietitian’s opinion on Power Keto

  • Usually, in the end, people turn to us, the nutritionists. Patients tired of sports and diets simply do not understand why they are not losing weight.
  • There is only one reason for this – a slowdown in metabolism. As a result of malfunctioning metabolism, rapid weight gain and as a result fat deposits and cellulite appear. Our body is a complex system that can function independently, that is, without our intervention.
    If there is any problem, we need to help the body to solve the problem. 100% Natural Power Keto is the best choice! And that’s not the only point. The effects of the keto diet have been tested in practice. In a short time, patients achieve the desired results.
    Most importantly – the weight will not come back! I recommend Power Keto to anyone who wants to lose weight.

2. Feedback from our customers

  • Madina Sobirova, Termez, accountant. 35 years old
    For years I struggled with diet and exercise! But in the end, it’s just chronic fatigue and exhaustion from life. And I didn’t lose a single pound.
    How great it was when I decided to take Power Keto! Results visible in a week! In addition to losing weight, I feel much better. My body is grateful to me! And I’m grateful for the slim mejik!
  • Yorquinoy Kamilova, Tashkent, architect. 27 years old
    Calling overweight overweight is also not in vain! It’s horrible to remember how I used to be! I have no friends or personal life. Just problems.
    I cannot express in words how grateful I am for this tool. And finally, I stopped feeling alone and useless to anyone. Men don’t take their eyes off me! All thanks to Power Keto!
  • Aliya Pulatova , Navoi city, sales consultant. 39 years old
    Six months ago, at 164, I weighed 98 pounds. Can you imagine how horrible that is! I have no interest in the normal life of an ordinary person, I just sit at home and do not communicate with anyone.
    But Power Keto changed my life! I’m really a newbie. Along with being overweight, my troubles and insecurities also disappeared. Now I am a beautiful young girl living a full life. Good metabolism is really important!

3. The following reasons can make weight loss efforts not work

  • Eating too many carbs
    One of the main reasons people don’t lose weight on a ketogenic diet is because they’re consuming too many carbs. So what are carbs? Carbs is an acronym for carbohydrates. Carbs are one of the three main nutrient components of the body found in human food, along with proteins (proteins) and lipids (fats), carbs are macronutrients.
    To achieve ketosis, a metabolic state in which the body burns fat for energy instead of glucose, carbohydrate intake must be significantly reduced.
    In fact, only about 5% of a body’s total calories come from macronutrients. This is in stark contrast to the standard dietary recommendation that 45 – 65% of calories come from carbs.
    Cutting carbs is of the utmost importance when adjusting from a standard ketogenic diet. However, to achieve and maintain ketosis, carbs must be reduced below recommended levels.
  • Do not eat nutritious foods while on the keto diet
    Many people who want to lose weight often choose a low-fat, sugar-free and protein-free diet. And think this is a right choice because it has limited newspapers and sweets. These do not help with weight loss because low-fat foods can make you hungry faster, causing you to eat more which can lead to you having to eat more to reduce hunger.
    Therefore, to lose weight should choose nutritious, minimally processed food products instead.
    Full-fat dairy products, eggs, fish, livestock, poultry, and healthy fats like butter and olive oil are all very good choices.
    In addition, it is recommended to use green vegetables, broccoli, peppers and mushrooms in dishes to add nutrients and fiber.
    Overeating convenience foods like hot dogs and fast food can also slow weight loss. Because these are nutrient-poor foods, they are high in calories but low in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Consuming too many calories
    When following any diet, it’s important to reduce calorie intake to promote weight loss. Limiting portions, limiting snacking between meals and being more active can help you lose weight.
    Paying attention to portion sizes, increasing physical activity, and snacking in between meals can help create the calorie deficit needed to lose weight.
  • Snacking a lot
    Snacking on healthy foods can be an effective way to prevent feelings of hunger between meals and overeating. However, consuming too many high-calorie snacks like nuts, nut butters, cheeses and junk food can limit weight loss.
    People who want to lose weight should choose lower-calorie foods and dishes if they eat more than one snack a day.
    Foods like vegetables or non-starchy proteins can help you feel full without the calories. Additionally, adding non-starchy vegetables to your diet adds a dose of fiber that can help keep your digestive system functioning properly.
  • Stress and not getting enough sleep
    Being under stress and losing sleep can have a negative impact on weight loss. Because when the body is stressed, it will produce an excess of a hormone called cortisol (stress hormone). High levels of cortisol can encourage the body to store fat, especially in the abdominal area.
    Women under prolonged stress often lack sleep, which has also been linked to weight gain. Because lack of sleep negatively affects hunger, increases appetite.
  • Insufficient physical activity
    Exercise is beneficial to health in many ways and promotes weight loss. Incorporating more physical activity is essential when trying to lose weight on a ketogenic diet.
    In addition to stimulating fat loss, adopting an exercise routine is beneficial to health in many ways.
    For example, exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and obesity.
    Engaging in physical activity not only burns calories, but it also helps build muscle, which boosts metabolism by increasing the amount of energy burned at rest.
    In order for exercise to become a habit, it is necessary to create an exercise schedule and follow it regularly. Set a goal of 3-4 days/week and choose the most convenient time for exercise.
    Along with other healthy lifestyle changes, the keto diet can be an effective weight loss tool. For maximum weight loss on a ketogenic diet, get enough sleep, reduce stress, be more active, and consume nutritious, low-fat, whole-carb foods whenever possible.

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