Power Factor Saver – Save up to 50% on electricity bills

Can be trusted with Power Factor Saver:

  • 50% – Air conditioner, washing machine, computer, hair dryer.
  • 45% – Electric stove, microwave, television, kitchen.
  • 40% – Refrigerators, gas heaters.
  • 35% – Kettle, coffee machine, incandescent lamp, toaster.
  • 30% – Drilling, electric saw, disc saw.

1. Power Factor Saver – ADVANTAGES:

  • EASY CONNECTION: Just plug it into the socket!
  • FINE PERFORMANCE: Power savings are achieved through more efficient use of energy.
  • ITS EFFICIENCY: It has also been confirmed by explanatory scientific studies.
  • IT NOT ONLY SAVES MONEY: in electricity, but also prolongs the life of electrical equipment.
  • DISCHARGE REDUCTION: Electromagnetism is harmful, coming from cables and electrical equipment.
  • IT IS ECONOMIC RESPONSIBLE: in 1-2 months.


  • Plug the device into an electrical outlet.
  • The device eliminates unnecessary and useless power that goes through the power cable and charges the mains power. This is how the consumption increases and in addition harmful electric fields are created.
  • The device reduces the electrical load and thus, the power consumption is also reduced. Electrical appliances consume less energy and therefore much lower cost.

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