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Pine Pollen (IN) – Health of the respiratory organs


Pine Pollen – Supplements to the drinking mode

  • Clears the lungs of nicotine.
  • Increases immunity.
  • Prevent infection.
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • Made entirely from cedar bark extract (D-galacturonic acid).
  • A powerful natural antioxidant that helps to clear bacteria, carcinogens, and plastics from respiratory organs.
  • Strengthens weakened disease resistance and prevents respiratory and lung infections.

Price: 1990 INR

1. Pine Pollen – First aid capsules

  • Counteracts: Suppresses the vital activity of harmful microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and fungi)
  • Eases: Eases the consequences of respiratory system chronic diseases. Eliminates choking cough, removes phlegm and reduces mucosal edema
  • Protects: It has an immunomodulatory effect and it reduces the risk of infection during seasonal epidemics. Reduces sensitivity to various allergens
  • For smokers: Including former and passive ones. Cleanses the respiratory tract from tobacco smoke, resinous substances and urban smog

2. Take your second breath comfortably. Learn about Pine Pollen

  • According to 2019 statistics, 30% of all diseases are caused by the respiratory system and respiratory and lung infections, increasing by 28%.
  • Respiratory organs are exposed daily to polluted environments and toxic emissions from factories, household allergens and cigarette smoking. Without external help, the body becomes depressed.
  • This is the safest and most economical way to remove toxins that accumulate in the lungs. Furthermore, Pine Pollen protects against external viruses and viruses by enhancing cell’s protective properties. It is very important that diseases such as influenza and SARS are spreading.
  • This product does not contain any artificial substances, does not require a prescription, helps to reduce phlegm and also helps to cure chronic diseases. The cedar-derived acids, phytophenol, provide the same respiratory benefits as walking in fresh air. So if you stay away from nature then you should use the product.

3. Wealthy people are stocking up on lung cleansing capsules

  • The new capsules for the restoration and purification of the respiratory system called Pine Pollen, the demand for which has grown in China after the quarantine, have finally gone through rigorous testing and are available for sale in this country.
  • Yasir May, physiologist: “Pine Pollen is made up of 100% pine bark extract, the most powerful natural filter for the nasopharynx, bronchi and lungs. Pine bark is rich in D-galacturonic acid, pycnogenol and resveratrol. These components not only restore the respiratory system and prevent influenza and SARS, but also strengthen the immune system and strengthen the heart and blood vessels.”
  • It is recommended to take the capsules daily for 30 days. Experts say that a single course of Pine Pollen is equal to one month of nebulizer inhalation therapy.
  • The antioxidants and polyphenols found in pine bark clear the lungs of nicotine, which is great for smokers. They also protect against dust, viruses and heavy metals.
  • An increased demand for Pine Pollen in China is associated with the end of the quarantine and people’s fears of a new outbreak of the epidemic. The sales volume of this product is now more than $ 3 million. These capsules are especially popular among wealthy citizens and the so-called “upper middle class”.
  • In Malaysia, Pine Pollen is available online from its manufacturer’s website. It is now offered at a 50% discount due to the threat of the virus spreading in the country.

4. Here are ways to help you quit smoking.

  • Know why to quit smoking: You want to quit smoking, but do you know why? “Because it’s not good for you”, that’s not convincing enough. To move, you need a more personal, more powerful reason. Maybe you want to protect your family from secondhand smoke. Maybe the thought of lung cancer intimidates you. Maybe you want to look younger. Choose a reason strong enough to avoid the urge to light a cigarette.
  • Don’t quit smoking suddenly: Throwing away the cigarettes and swearing that I would quit was simple. But quitting right away – all of a sudden – isn’t easy. Among those who try to quit without treatment or medication, 95% will relapse. The reason is because smoking is an addiction. Because at this time the brain is dependent on nicotine.
  • Use nicotine replacement therapy: When you stop smoking, the absence of nicotine can make you feel frustrated, depressed, restless, angry. The urge to take a puff of cigarette always drives you. Nicotine replacement therapy can reduce these feelings. Studies suggest that nicotine gum, pills or skin patches can double your chances of quitting successfully when you use them with an intensive course. But these products are not recommended for use while you are still smoking.
  • Request a prescription: To easily quit smoking without using nicotine-containing products, get a prescription from your doctor. There are drugs that reduce cravings for cigarettes by acting on areas of the brain affected by nicotine. This change can make you less satisfied when you smoke. Other medications can help relieve annoying withdrawal symptoms, such as depression or an inability to concentrate.
  • Do not give up drugs alone: Tell your friends, family, and co-workers that you are trying to quit. Their encouragement will motivate you to decide to quit smoking. Behavioral therapy is a type of counseling that helps you identify and stick to a smoking cessation strategy. You should join a support group or talk to a counselor. Combine behavioral therapy with a nicotine replacement product or pill to increase your odds of success.

5. You may be interested: Tips to help you quit smoking

  • Stress control: The reason people turn to cigarettes is that nicotine helps them relax. Once you quit, you’ll need another way to deal with stress. Get regular massages, listen to relaxing music, learn yoga or tai chi. If possible, during the first few weeks of quitting, you should avoid stressful situations.
  • Avoid alcohol and other stimulants: There can be a number of reasons that increase your cravings for cigarettes. Alcohol is one of the most common causes, so try to drink less the first time you quit. If drinking coffee also makes you crave cigarettes, switch to tea in a few weeks. Instead of regularly smoking after every meal, go brush your teeth or chew gum.
  • Let’s clean your house: When you’ve finished your last cigarette, throw away all ashtrays and lighters. Wash clothes to get rid of the smell of smoke, clean carpets, curtains, and upholstery, freshen the air to get rid of the familiar smoke smell in your home. This keeps you from seeing or smelling anything that reminds you of cigarettes.
  • Don’t stop trying: Relapse after quitting smoking is quite common. Many smokers try to quit several times before giving up smoking forever. Examine the emotions and circumstances that led to your relapse. Use it as an opportunity to recommit to quitting smoking. Once you’ve made the decision to try to quit again, you need to establish a ‘smoking-free day’ strategy for the next month. Continue to persevere to follow other strategies as discussed here.
  • Be active: Physical activity can reduce nicotine cravings and you can also get rid of some of the symptoms of addiction. Instead of wanting to grab a cigarette, get a pair of skates or running shoes. Even light exercise is helpful, like walking the dog or weeding in the garden. In addition, the amount of calories consumed from exercise helps you avoid gaining Weight when quitting smoking.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables: Don’t try to diet while quitting smoking. Because too many strict rules will backfire. Instead, eat mostly fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy products. A study at Duke University suggests using foods that, when consumed, make the taste of tobacco become unbearable, while your body is also provided with enough nutrients to help you continue the fight to quit smoking.

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