Mikoherb (BA) – Fight the fungus on the feet!


Mikoherb – If you have a fungus, treatment is needed. Signs:

  • Foot skin like being scratched by chalk.
  • Darkening of the skin of the feet and between the toes.
  • Its nail deformation and deciduous.
  • Nail inflammation, redness, and itching.

Price: 55 KM

1. Effective means Mikoherb against fungal infections

  • Chamomile Extract: It suppresses the development of fungal infections. You should get rid of the itching and all cells that have been affected by the infection. You will also avoid it recurrent infection.
  • Sage leaf extract: It regulates sweat gland activity and bacterial activity that causes unpleasant foot odor, even in healthy people. It has an antiseptic, softening effect and has a pleasant floral scent that lasts a long time.
  • Aloe vera: Softens the skin and removes flaking.
  • European Olive Leaf Extract: It has a cooling effect and has a pleasant smell.

2. Intensive treatment from all fungal consequences:

  • Relieve itching.
  • Reduce foot sweat.
  • Softens and smooths skin.
  • Efficiently eliminates problem areas.
  • Reduce skin flaking.
  • Restores affected skin areas.
  • It definitely kills fungal infections.
  • Prevention of fungal infections.

3. Dermatologist commented:

  • For the successful treatment of fungal infections in my patients, I recommend Mycoherb, regardless of the stage of the disease.
  • Mycoherb has a unique property of penetrating deeper layers of the skin, dissolving the old skin quickly and can be used in the case of severe fungal infections.
  • In addition, the agent can be used for prevention. There are no contraindications or side effects.

4. EXPERT Opinion

  • Mold spores affect people everywhere. I recommend my patients a treatment based on natural oils that have antibacterial and antifungal effects.
  • Unlike antibiotics and other drugs, the Product does not cause resistance and kills more than 32,000 species of pathogenic fungi quickly.
  • This product uses only organic ingredients – so it’s hypoallergenic and can be taken without a prescription.

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