Magic Light (ES) – Unique educational toy


Magic Light – Let your children practice drawing in the dark.

  • Develop good thinking and motor skills.
  • Products are certified, safe with the environment.
  • It paints with light, so it doesn’t get dirty.
  • Magic Light does not require professional skills.

Price: 59 EUR

1. How Magic Light works?

  • Magic Light is a luminescent PVC material in a frame, which rapidly accumulates light from an artificial or natural light source, then illuminates for a while in the dark, gradually disappearing.
  • Interaction: The brightness is adjusted by the duration of the illumination and the thickness of the bar changes as the distance between the light marker and the tablet changes.
  • All ingredients are completely safe for children.

2. Questions and answers:

  • What age range is this set for? The set is designed for creative family activities, so all family members between the ages of 3 and 99 can draw, and the rest can only follow this magic.
  • Need what conditions for the drawing? The darker the room you paint, the brighter and more beautiful the work will be.
  • What if there are no drawing talents in our family? You don’t have to be an artist to explore the wonderful world of your imagination. Even simple patterns will look like real magic. But if you want a true story, use the templates presented in our team.
  • Is the kit safe for babies and animals? This set is made of special PVC film. Free of phosphorus, heavy metals and other harmful substances, the product is completely safe for the health of humans and pets.
  • Is it possible to delete what was drawn immediately? The complete disappearance of your piece will take about 30 minutes, but each new layer will be brighter than the previous one, so we recommend painting over the old painting or separating the space correctly.

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