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Love Pendant (PT) – Magic Pendant with shining light


Love Pendant with “I love you” in 100 languages of the world.

  • Express your feelings in a unique and stylish way.
  • An original and romantic gift that will not leave any representative of the fair sex indifferent!
  • A light, elegant and beautiful pendant with rhinestones will make a perfect gift for any occasion.
  • Surprise your loved one with this precious box, imagine how wonderful it feels to receive a pendant in the center of which is a Rose, the symbol of love.

Price: 55 EUR

1. Features of Love Pendant in Rose Box:

  • Gorgeous design
  • Two colors: two moods
  • Show “I love you” in 100 languages
  • A romantic gift for the girl you love
  • “I LOVE YOU” Pendant – This is the best way to express your feelings to your loved one.
  • With this decoration you can create an original offer from your hands and from your heart or present it as a gift, for a wedding, birthday or just that.
  • Any woman would love such a gift, because everyone dreams of not only hearing 100 declarations of love, but keeping them by their side all the time!
  • Surprise your loved one with this precious box, imagine how wonderful it feels to receive a pendant in the center of which is a Rose, the symbol of love.

2. Consult the buyer

  • Ana Maria Soler
    I’m so glad I found this store. I was very worried that I would receive a poor quality pendant or not at all. They delivered it in just 2 days, the quality is perfect. And the box is a work of art. My favorite sister uses it with pleasure. Thanks a lot!
  • Andres Santana
    I gave the pendant to my wife for her two year wedding anniversary. Charming Shes. Interesting and unique design, a projection in a beam of light on the wall or ceiling really appears. It’s amazing how the pendant was delivered so quickly. It’s only a week until our party, but I made it. I definitely recommend this amazing pendant!
  • Carmen Rodriguez
    My husband gave me the pendant for my birthday. It was a special gift that had magical characteristics that I learned later on. It turns out to be a very nice projection. Sometimes in the afternoon we sit down to watch words of love in different languages. The gift is very nice.

3. Give a necklace to your girlfriend – A gift of love

  • The small and pretty neckllace is not merely a jewelry accessory to beautify women. It is also a gift to show a boy’s love for the girl he loves. The neckllace with a closed circle shows the steadfast love of the son for his other half.
    Because the circle of the chain has no beginning and no end. That’s why in love movies, the male leads often give necklaces to the person they love. Each pendant given to a girlfriend will show different meanings.
  • Or the very hit movie in Korea, which won many prestigious awards in Korea in 2016. Not only that, it also caused a fever in Asia, it was the movie “Descendants of the Sun”. The male protagonist Captain Yoo Shi-jin gave the neckllace to his girlfriend, the female lead, Doctor Kang Mo-yeon. The Gift of the sun neckllace has been sought by many young people.
  • Another very HOT movie in the last months of 2016 “Legend of the Blue Sea”. The character Heo Joon Jae gave his lover Shim Chung a necklace when the two went out to eat in Barcelona.
  • And there are many other movies where the male protagonist chooses a beautiful necklace for his girlfriend as a gift. South Korea is famous for romantic movies. Perhaps that is why, the trend of giving necklaces to your other half is very popular.
  • Romantic love stories are not only found in movies. It also shows up in our daily lives. Love stories are realistically recreated with meaningful gifts. Unexpected gifts for your beloved half, on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, birthday or March 8, anniversary of love, … Give your girlfriend a silver chain or a gold chain for girlfriends are not important. It is important that a beautiful necklace given to a girlfriend shows all the feelings of the giver.

4. What does giving a necklace to a girlfriend mean?

  • If rings are proof of marriage, necklaces are proof of love. The necklaces means connection, confession and hope for a perfect happiness. In love, there are not only happy times, but also angry times. The weak moments of a girl’s heart always need a fulcrum or consolation. If the guy can’t be around, let the necklaces soothe her soul.
  • Giving a neckllace to a girlfriend is not only a sign of a man’s love for the one he loves. Besides, each pendant also shows different meanings, such as:
    * People have always believed that the heart is the center of all emotions. Therefore, when giving a neckllace with a heart-shaped face, it will show that: “I give you all my heart, all my love is only for you”.
    * Moon and stars always appear together in the night sky. So if she received a neckllace with a moon and star pendant. Surely that man wants to tell you: “I will always be by your side and take care of you for the rest of my life”.
    * Blue rose is known as a flower symbolizing peaceful and undying love over time. That’s why the neckllace has a blue rose face that shows love that is steadfast and undying over time. In addition, giving a blue rose neckllace instead of saying “you are the most perfect girl”.
  • Necklaces are not just ordinary gifts, they also represent the words you want to say. The neckllace is the message conveying the most sincere feelings that a man sends to his daughter. Therefore, the neckllace is a proof of the close connection of the couple’s love. A strong emotional connection between two people that nothing can separate.

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