Jinx Candle (BG) – Have a prosperous life for 1 month


Jinx Candle – Poor yesterday, prospered today!

  • I never thought I could afford the magic of a new car or furniture in the living room.
  • And here please, it is enough to light the Candle and I don’t even worry about money anymore.
  • Super!

Price: 95 Лева

1. Jinx Candle – Triple satisfaction guarantee:

  • Uniqueness Guaranteed – The silencer candle contains plants with powerful magical effects. The impact of these on one’s finances is also acknowledged by Professor AM Flinigana in his documented ATBP report. It is the first and only white magic tool that has been proven to work. Therefore, you can be sure that the real work of Buddhist monks will reach you, which can only be accessed through this website.
  • Quality Assurance – Since Buddhist monks always work hard to perfect the Silent Candle, you can be sure that it is followed all the rules of white magic. White candle spells belong to the group of protection spells and can only be performed with good. As a result, the ritual is completely safe to perform.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – The ceremony was endorsed by thousands of people who brought happiness, wealth and prosperity into their lives. Because of its effectiveness, the Jinx Repression Magic Formula has amazed hundreds of fortune tellers and esoters around the world. It has also been referred to as “the antidote to cash shortages.”


  • Follow the instructions in the Landing Page and don’t send any funds and don’t pay before you get your own true Jinx Candle of Fame and a powerful fundraiser.

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