Jewelery Box Cleaner (ES) Cleaning jewelry is easy

Jewelery Box Cleaner – Super fast jewelry cleaning!

  • Modern cleaning technology.
  • Clean carefully without scratching.
  • Prevent color and darkening.
  • Excellent cleaning effect:
    * Universal: Cleans any silver, platinum, precious, semi-precious stones and jewelry.
    * Careful Cleaning: Clean carefully without scratching or damaging items.
    * Save money: You no longer have to deal with jewelers and can clean items yourself at home.
    * Compact: The jewelry box is small in size and won’t take up much space.

Price: 49 EUR

1. Operation and usage of Jewelery Box Cleaner

  • Operate:
    * High power ultrasonic waves (6,500 vibrations per minute) target organic dirt of any density. Items are quickly cleaned, the metal is shiny again and the stones are shiny again.
    * Also use Jewelry Box Cleaner to clean braces and dentures by removing old tartar.
    * Within 15 minutes your jewelry will look like new.
  • Using:
    1. To use, pour clean water into the container.
    2. Put the object to be cleaned into the water.
    3. Activate the device for about 15 minutes, for the deepest cleaning you can increase the time.
    4. Rub the item with a clean dry cloth.

2. Great tips to help preserve and keep jewelry shiny and beautiful like new

  • Beer cleans gold and ketchup cleans silver
    Soak gold jewelry accessories in a beer, you will see a surprise. They shine after just 15 minutes. As for silver jewelry, spray ketchup on a dry piece of paper and gently wipe them, then rinse with water. Not only do they look better, but they also save you money on cleaning costs at the jewelers.
  • Simple tips for wearing jewelry yourself
    Wearing jewelry yourself (especially bracelets, bracelets) is the thing that takes the most time and is the most frustrating. A paperclip will free you from this difficulty. Just thread the clip through the latch and keep it in place on your wrist, while holding the lock with your other hand, press it, or hook it to the eyelet and you’re done.
  • Moisture is jewelry’s worst enemy
    Avoid letting jewelry come into contact with water: When taking a shower, washing your hands, washing your face, leaving it in a place with high humidity…
    Sweat, perfume, and high levels of water or humidity can all tarnish and even completely ruin your jewelry. Try to store your jewelry in a well-ventilated, dry place and minimize their exposure to moisture to keep them fresh and beautiful.
    Alternatively, you can add a little powder (any type of powder: Baby powder, powder, powder…) to your jewelry box to help absorb moisture and protect your silver jewelry. not discolored.
  • How to untangle a chain knot?
    Every time you want to wear any necklace, it takes time to remove them because the thinner the threads, the easier it is to tangle / tie together. To solve this, put it on a clean plate and sprinkle with baby powder, the knots on the chain will loosen and you’ll be able to undo them in no time.
  • Simple way to measure ring size
    Cut a small piece of paper into yarn and wrap it around the finger on which you want to wear the ring, mark the position and measure the size of the thread. Then check the paper size according to this picture to see what size it corresponds to. Save this picture or remember your ring size to close the order whenever you are moved by a beautiful ring.
  • How to avoid the common necklaces getting tangled together
    With this tip, you don’t have to worry about your necklaces getting tangled up when put together.
    You are often helpless with necklaces that are tangled up and twisted together when put together. To avoid this, insert a straw into the top of the necklace. Each wire is a different tube, they will never be mixed up again.

3. Understand how to protect and care for your jewelry

  • Carry
    We recommend that you wear your jewelri consciously and responsibly. Precious metals and natural stones have near-perfect strength, but still have physical and chemical weaknesses. They don’t tolerate much exposure to dishwashing liquid/cleansing water and when doing housework, wearing your jewelri increases the risk of scratches. Please remove your jewelri before going to bed, when swimming, gardening, playing sports, cooking and moving heavy objects.
  • Sanitize and clean
    All of our jewelri undergoes thorough finishing and quality checks. This protects your jewelri and maintains its perfect look for as long as possible. We do not recommend using detergents to care for your jewelri. Cleaning and polishing your jewelri can be done using polishing cloths specially designed for electroplated jewelry which, due to their suitable fabric texture, are also impregnated with special agents. specifically for effective product cleaning and polishing.
  • Silver is black
    Over time, gold-plated or gold-plated silver jewelri will accumulate fingerprints and dust particles. This leads to a chemical reaction with the metal. As a result, it may become black. This happens if the jewelri is not cleaned after wearing and then stored for a long time. Usually this can be easily remedied with a jewelri polishing cloth (the type of cloth used for normal jewelri care) or with a glass cleaning cloth. If you are unable to get rid of the shadows using the suggested solutions, please contact us. We will try our best to help you.
  • Preserve the rocks
    Different types of rocks, because of their nature, and because of the treatments they have undergone, their physical and chemical properties, as well as the way they are affected by their surroundings, are different. together. No two rocks are exactly the same. So, to be able to preserve and preserve the highest quality of each stone, we must understand it. We recommend that you go on a journey to learn about the stone you are wearing in our Gem Encyclopedia. A few key pieces of advice might be: don’t keep them close to each other (like the same box); do not expose them to detergents; Do not wear them when doing heavy work and avoid impact.
  • Preserve
    You’re better off storing your jewelri on a soft surface in a room with low humidity. If you keep your items in a box, make sure each item is kept separate from the others. Make sure to keep your jewelri out of the reach of children.
  • Sanitize and clean
    Just like clothes, they need to be washed, ironed and sorted. Jewelri also needs to be cared for in order for them to stay beautiful for a long time. A jewelry care session for your pieces is recommended every two months. Spending less than a minute on each piece of jewelri will ensure the perfect look for your collection for years to come.

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