Insulux (MY) – The Magic of Steady Blood Sugar


Insulux – now diabetes control is in your hands.

  • Increased insulin production due to diabetes.
  • Protect your body from high glucose.
  • Cure liver and pancreas.
  • Cure carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Stabilize your blood sugar.
  • Normalize metabolic activities.

Price: 179 RM

1. Great components of Insulux:

  • Lactobacilli: increases insulin production, reduces blood sugar
  • Bacteria: accelerates bile acid metabolism, improves digestion, normalizes carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Milkwatch: Exposes excessive cholesterol and toxins out of the body, maintains normal blood sugar.
  • Nopal: heals back the pancreas gland, relieves the symptoms of chronic pancreatitis
  • Barberries: Prevents the conversion of carbohydrates into simple sugars, slows down the absorption of glucose and improves blood pressure in the arteries of the blood.
  • Sorsop: Strengthens disease resistant capacity, improves health and health of blood streams.
  • Fennel: Reduces blood sugar, increases glucose tolerance.
  • Tinospora: by eliminating the symptoms of diabetes: reduces hunger and thirst: increases productivity, stops breathing and drowsiness, diabetes patients can also lead a normal life.
  • Gymnema: Reduces and eliminates the addiction of sweets.
  • Dandelion root: nourishes insulin to your body – this is an insulin-like substance that reduces blood sugar and reduces the load on the pancreas gland.

2. According to statistics, there are 371 million people in the world who have diabetes. Are you sure you are not one of them? This silent “killer” leaves no one …

  • Participants over 30 years of age
  • Found from parents for genetic reasons [30-60%]
  • Constant tension
  • Obesity
  • Complications due to pancreatic disease
  • Causes of a bacterial infection

3. Diabetes is not so bad … but it has complications

  • Heart diseases
  • Affects nervous system: numbness of hands, feet, parasthesia …
  • Infectious diseases: urinary infection, tuberculosis, infection of feet, skin, soft tissues …
  • Eye diseases: Blindness can also occur due to severe symptoms of eye diseases like cataract.

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