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HIP Trainer (CY, GR) Time to get a toned butt

HIP Trainer – Would your butt be comparable to some famous models?

  • HIP Trainer maintains muscles.
  • Eliminates sagging skin, puffiness and cellulite.
  • Adjust your buttock volume according to your body type.
  • Much cheaper than going to the gym.
  • The HIP Trainer Microscope is a small device for firming the buttocks. Create a comprehensive workout effect at the gym without wasting time and effort!
  • The desired result is achieved through micro-stimulation of the gluteal muscles, causing the muscles to contract like a squat or a machine exercise.

Price: 49 EUR

1. HIP Trainer is the professional solution in the spirit of the 21st century for those who want:

  • Wear loose fitting, even revealing underwear and swimsuits;
  • To call the attention of the opposite sex;
  • To minimize the consequences of our sedentary lifestyle;
  • Don’t waste time and money with regularly going to the gym, but on the contrary, spending time with friends or doing other more important things;
  • Always have your coach by your side at the office and during holidays;
  • To stay in shape during the forced shutdown of normal training processes;
  • Keep in a comfortable zone; don’t do any painful exercises.

2. If not, you probably know this:

  • Gluteus muscles are firm and no longer enlarged after weight loss.
  • Strenuous exercise brings nothing but money to lose.
  • Wear underwear and leggings that are late, hot, uncomfortable, and limit exercise.
  • Offensive comments about her “puffing out” trying to find more seductive (in vain) ways.

3. Product Advantages & How it Works

  • Advantages:
    – Buying this micro stimulator is much cheaper than being a gym membership
    – Results can be seen immediately after the first few uses of HIP Trainer
    – Brings the effect of a gym session lasting only 20 minutes
    – It’s safe and easy to use
  • How it works:
    – You simply place the HIP Trainer on your butt and activate the program you want – strengthening and increasing muscle mass, active training or relaxation. HIP Trainer will do everything for you.
    – The pulses transmitted by this device improve blood circulation, make the buttocks much more elastic, and the skin – smooth and free of cellulite.
  • Why?
    – When approaching a girl, most men look at her ass. Yes, yes, you heard right!
    – And in second place, they are interested in their inner world and personality.
    – But the ass goes first! Take advantage of the HIP Trainer to get all the men’s attention on you.

4. Why do you like HIPTrainer?

  • Effect: Microstimulators have been successful in women for over 20 years.
  • Guarantee: When developing this device, standards for electromagnetic compatibility were taken into account.
  • Universal: HIP Trainer can be used even by women who cannot exercise.
  • Act quickly: Both you and those around you will notice results after the first use of the HIP Trainer stimulator!

5. Idea

  • Natalie, 25 years
    I have always dreamed of having a beautiful and toned butt. I’ve squatted thousands of times, spent hours in the gym, and constantly dieted. The buttocks become slimmer, but the cellulite is still there. Luckily, a friend of mine told me about the Hip Trainer trigger device. That’s a great invention! I was finally able to forget about the “orange peel”, my butt also became rounder and firmer. I recommend it to all girls!
  • Alicia, 32 years
    I work a lot and I don’t have time to go to the gym. Also, I don’t eat well. The results left much to be desired. Rather than the butt. They become limp and formless. I saw an advertisement for the Hip Trainer trigger machine on the Internet. At first, I had my doubts, but I took the risk to try it. And I don’t regret doing it. The results have exceeded all my expectations! I’ve dropped a few sizes in 2 months of use – my boyfriend is happy with my new shape! Very happy.
  • Lorraine, 30 years
    Before ordering, I carefully read the reviews about HIP Trainer. The girls were talking about amazing results, so I decided not only to try it out for myself, but also to give a gift to my sister who, like me, has struggled with excess weight in the area. butt for a long time without success. Now we are both very excited! Our body has become more toned, and even cellulite has disappeared. Cool!
  • Soraya, 27 years
    After giving birth, I couldn’t get in shape for a long time and I had a feeling I would never get back in shape. Neither diet nor exercise in the gym helped me. That’s how things were until I discovered the Hip Trainer trigger device. Thanks to him, my figure has returned to normal, my butt has become slimmer, rounder and firmer. And all that without any effort. I don’t even have to go to the gym. I played with my son I did housework and lost weight at the same time. My husband says my butt is like a nut lol. Now he’s thinking of putting the stimulator in his stomach 😀 Try it, don’t be afraid!
  • Puri, 40 years
    I always take care of my body and want to be beautiful. It used to be easy for me to stay in shape, but now it’s become much more difficult. Hip Trainer electric stimulator helps me a lot in this work. Now I don’t gain weight even if I can’t go to the gym. The results are excellent. And at that discounted price… I’m speechless!

6. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

  • Everyone knows the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, an annual party of lust. Millions of tourists come to this country, millions of people follow the show online to enjoy the picturesque views.
  • Thousands of hot beauties in swimsuits and sparkling suits performed on the moving stage, with their fit and beautiful bodies attracting the attention of the public.
  • Latin Americans are very energetic dancers. It is an accepted fact that in order to stay in shape, they torture themselves with diets, spend all their spare time in the ballroom and ignore all other joys in life. But is this really true?
  • When Marion walked into our local publication’s office, everything was completely silent. She is incredibly beautiful, slim, full of positive energy and confidence.
  • Marion, you are in excellent condition. How long have you been on a diet?
    Diet? There’s no such word in my life, I’m a huge fan of Mexican food, and the dishes are very high in calories, as you know. Especially my favorite burrito. My friends also like to stay away from body torture. A woman should be happy, and giving up pleasure will make it harder for you to feel comfortable.
  • How do you prepare for the competition then? How do you physically train for the famous carnival?
    The prep work took a long time: months of dresses, costumes, and makeup. Everything is carefully selected for each girl. All girls understand that first of all you need to take care of your body, because all eyes will be drawn to it.
  • Little trick…
    Don’t know if it’s a gimmick or not, but every woman has some beauty secret to increase her attractiveness.
    Every month, all dancers are required to have their body measurements measured. If your body is not healthy enough, you obviously haven’t hit the gym. The coach reprimands you for skipping practice and you risk losing your job. If a dancer loses her fitness and does not recover in time, she will not be allowed to participate in the carnival. This is what most girls fear. So we try to keep up.
  • Marion, how long does it take a dancer to get back in shape?
    To enhance the outfit, you need to have firm, round hips and buttocks. This is the #1 spot on the list of physical assets for any dancer. Only girls with perfect figure are allowed to wear carnival costumes. That’s why before the carnival starts, we use. HIPTrainer .
  • Tell me more, what is this?
    HIPTrainer. It is an EME (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) for the buttocks that has been developed in the cosmetic clinic. For a professional dancer, this is a must-have remedy in everyone’s pocket.
    There is simply no way to achieve the “Brazilian butt” effect with the help of exercises alone. Your body needs help. Latinos use electrical muscle stimulation to tighten the buttocks to achieve a tight round back.

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