Hetunis (TR) – Instant blood pressure regulation


Hetunis – Targets the source of the disease and reduces the risk of stroke and atherosclerosis to zero.

  • Thanks to the bioflavonoid (anti-bleeding agent) in it, it regulates blood pressure within 6 hours of taking it.
  • The end of a course of treatment restores the healthy structure and flexibility of the veins.
  • It is suitable for all ages. It is effective for high blood pressure levels 1, 2 and 3.

    What makes high blood pressure so dangerous?

  • More dangerous is that both cancer and tuberculosis are caused by high blood pressure. 89% of cases of high blood pressure lead to atherosclerosis. Thrombosis (blood clot) occurs in the veins. Rates of cerebral hemorrhage and stroke are very high.
  • Smoking, alcohol consumption, malnutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, stress and high cholesterol make the consequences of high blood pressure especially dangerous. Hypertension is seen three to four times more frequently in overweight individuals than in normal weight individuals.
  • Important! High blood pressure progresses very quickly and 4/5 cases are at risk of death. Get back to your former health by starting treatment right away.

Price: 289 TL

1. Test yourself. If you have at least one of the following symptoms:

  • Headache
  • High heart rate
  • Black dots floating in front of your eyes
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Indifference, annoyance, indifference
  • Facial swelling
  • Blurred eyes
  • Numbness and coldness in the fingers
  • Sweating too much
  • Sudden increase in bloodpressure

 It is high blood pressure.

2. Hetunis overcomes 5 main causes of high blood pressure

  • Overload of the nervous system (stress, insomnia, etc.): The product relieves anxiety thanks to valerian root and the main root it contains.
  • Venous Toxins: The product improves heart function and clears impurities in veins thanks to bioflavonoids obtained from green coffee.
  • Varicose veins and thrombophlebitis: The product improves blood circulation, dissolves blood clots and strengthens vessel walls thanks to a cone-shaped concentrate called hops (Humulus lupulus) in its composition.
  • Increases blood sugar: The product lowers blood sugar and prevents diabetes, thanks to thyme extract and turmeric in its ingredients.
  • Overweight: The product promotes fat loss, supports metabolism and regulates kidney function thanks to the melissa extract contained in it.

3. Expert opinion – Riza Canister PGS. NS.

  • I approve Bioflavonoids as the strongest protector against hypertension. These substances are only found in green tea and deer thistle. It is used in all known high bloodpressure medications.
  • However, it is not found in sufficient quantities in most products.
  • So it will take many years to come into effect. The product is the only one that I know of that contains large amounts of bioflavonoids. I have studied the formulation of this product and read the conclusions of independent experts and respected authorities. I recommend this supplement to my patients. If they try to disarm themselves by saying “a friend recommended it,” “I read it on the Internet,” or “I heard it on TV,” I scold.
  • This is very erroneous behaviour. High bloodpressure should only be treated with safe methods. It is advisable to use methods that the doctor believes in and cure the disease.

4. Patient comments:

  • Hacioglu, 61 years old, Istanbul: As happened with my sister, I learned that a drop in arterial pressure can cause an ischemic stroke. Doctors prevented him from dying, but he did not fully regain his former health. When this disease happened to me, I knew I had to use male remedies. The Doctor suggested that I use the Product. I owe my health to him. 4 years have passed and there is no trace of hypertension. I have become a completely healthy person. I am no longer afraid of atherosclerosis or stroke. Also, take care of your health.
  • Leman Sogukelli, 47 years old, Samsun: A few years ago, I was treated in a public hospital. Product Research is also performed at this hospital. Of course I was worried. But what can I do? I have not seen the benefit of any other medication. That is why I agreed to participate in the study. Fortunately, I was in the group that received the Product injection instead of the placebo. My bloodpressure returned to normal 2 hours after taking it. As time goes on, I feel better. I’m glad I was a subject in this clinical trial at the time. Right now my arterial pressure is always in the normal range.

5. Benefits of using Hetunis:

  • Quick effect
  • Blood pressure returns to normal within 6 hours of taking it.
  • Prevents sudden blood pressure fluctuations
  • It regulates the activity of the heart.
  • Comprehensive treatment
  • It relieves problems of angina attacks, arrhythmias, neurological disorders, memory impairments, improves speech and motor function after paralysis.
  • Delivers effective results without side effects
  • The living cells of medicinal herbs perfectly match the cells of the human body.

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