Joint pain backache and spine pain, Saudi Arabia

Healthy Joints (SA) Joints are healthier than before

Healthy Joints will revitalize your joints.

  • Recipe for an active life.
  • It strengthens the joints and spine.
  • Healthy Joints relieve pain in joints.
  • Cartilage tissue regeneration.
  • Accelerate wound healing.
  • A blend according to the old recipe of the “Banush” family from the Republic of Altai for joint and spine health.

Price: 180 SAR

1. Why are Healthy Joints so effective?

  • The Altai Republic is known for its strong and hardworking people. For centuries, the healers and herbalists of the ancient Panush family have passed on the science and knowledge of how to remedy back and knee pain and maintain healthy joints and spines for generations.
  • In their profile, they elucidated several herbs and the prevalence of their use in therapeutic blends. These plants are found in the Valley of the Seven Lakes and have healing powers only on seven nights of the year, especially in July during the first days of the full moon.
  • Every July, 74-year-old herbalist Monat Banush from the Republic of Altai with her eldest son climbs the Valley of the Seven Lakes for a week.
  • Just a month ago, people had to go to Panush’s home in the Altai Republic to get the healing concoction, but now, thanks to advances in technology and the work of Panush’s collaborators, this site has made life easier for many people.
  • Symptoms of arthritis:
    + Feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs
    + Numbness in hands and feet in the morning
    + Red around joints
    + Crunching feeling in the knee when walking
    + Feeling uncomfortable after exercising
    + Difficulty moving
    + Swollen joints, joint pain
  • It affects 40% of people over the age of 35, and after age 50, the rate rises to 80%.
  • What do you know about arthritis?
    + Arthritis develops in 3 levels.
    + One in seven people seek help at the first symptoms of arthritis.
    + Only 30% are cured in the first two degrees.
    + 47% of people do not know they have joint diseases.
    + 82% of arthritis patients experience serious complications such as joint deformity, joint replacement, etc.

2. Healthy Joints Pro is not just a folk remedy

  • I learned about Seven Lakes Blend a year ago from my colleagues who said that this botanical blend has proven efficacy to completely rejuvenate joints and not allow arthritis to progress.
  • Many of my colleagues have come to the Republic of Altai to get this herbalist’s mixture and give it to their patients when conventional treatments don’t work.
  • Now everyone can buy products online, which I did. I gave a pack to a friend and asked him to record his results. He has suffered from joint pain for over 15 years. That’s when I was an experienced scientist and I believed in miracles!
  • While my friend drank this mixture, he never woke up at night because of pain in his knee! Even though he used to wake up 3-4 times a night. Tests show that his cartilage tissue is recovering at a rapid rate and that the amount of synovial fluid in his joints is twice as much as before.
  • Now my friend is doing well. And I use this combination often in my practice. With Healthy Joints Pro, my patients recover twice as fast, not only from arthritis but also from back problems, fractures, sprains, and more.
  • All Healthy Joints Pro ingredients are grown in the Altai Valley of the Seven Lakes and carefully selected on special herbal dates.
  • Healthy Joints reduces inflammation, eliminates pain and discomfort, starts the process of regeneration and repair of damaged tissues, improves the quality and increases the amount of synovial fluid in the joints.
  • Herbs are our strength, our health and nature is stronger than any medicine. Every herb in my blend is picked at the right time and by experienced hands. The drink carries part of the Altai’s power, and you’ll definitely feel it.
  • The composition of the mixture is very simple, it is precious Altai herbs, but I keep the medicinal proportions, the recipes for drying and the preparation of the herbs a secret. This age-old home culture makes the mix even more effective!
  • Sometimes, even doctors from neighboring towns send people to me. It’s a pity that not everyone can come here, because I live far from civilization. So a big thank you to my students and friends, they’ve done a great job so that anyone who needs my help can get it without leaving their homes.
  • Using
    + Dissolve a spoon of herbal mixture in 150-200ml of hot water (about 90 degrees) and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
    + Drink 2 times a day in the morning and evening after meals.
    + The recommended duration of treatment is 30 days.

3. What do people say about Healthy Joints?

  • Nazi Sahim
    I have been actively involved in athletics since I was a child and have competed on behalf of my city. And here we are! My joints started to weaken with age and I started to limp in my left leg.
    Good thing I discovered this mix, otherwise I would have lost my job as a construction worker, after a week of drinking this mix, walking around and doing simple exercises became a lot easier.
    And after 30 days of taking it, the weakness is gone, my knees only hurt when walking in the rain. And every day the pain becomes less!
  • Bashir Love
    The doctor did not cure my back, he said I have sciatica and hernia forever, but the child is still small, I have to take care of the house, the garden…
    Can’t stand up straight at night! God bless my mother-in-law, she brought me this Altai set for joint healing. Besides the massage, it’s a great thing! After this treatment, my back is pain free! Even when I hold my 2 babies all day. Thanks Healthy Joints!
    It’s good that you can now buy this blend online. I will order more.
  • Dear Delnaz
    At the age of sixty, I finally know the state of my bones and joints and the extent of the pain and damage, believe me, at times I want to cry! My knees and feet hurt, especially at night and in the morning. It got worse and the pills didn’t help much.
    I started drinking the Healthy Joints, and the pain gradually disappeared. I am taking my second dose in a row. Now I can move without pain!

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