Weight loss and Detoxify, South Europe and Mediterranean

Harmonica (SI) – Hassle-free slimming – 15kg /month


Take Harmonica Linea daily for your health, energy and radiance.

  • Transforms fat into energy.
  • Suppresses appetite and cravings.
  • Boosts metabolism and detoxifies.

    * Harmonica Linea will help you:

  • Lose weight without grueling exercise.
  • To prevent weight gain without dieting and food restriction.
  • Remove toxins without painful procedure.
  • Get the energy and benefits of fresh fruit.
  • Start your day with a delicious drink.

Price:  39 EUR

1. Harmonica uses the power of nature

  • Garcia Cambodia is a natural fat burner
    Without Garcia Cambodia, we cannot imagine the diet of the indigenous peoples in the tropical forests of Africa and Asia.
    Their average life expectancy is 107 years and the average weight of local women is 50 kg. They don’t know what obesity, cellulite, sagging skin and stretch marks are.
  • Garcia Cambodia is a natural source of hydroxycitric acid (HCA).
    This substance is responsible for breaking down fats and preventing them from accumulating in the body.
  • Acai fruit is known as the Amazon fruit of youth
    The tribes living in the Amazon started the morning with a handful of delicious and nutritious acai berries.
    Even at the age of 60, local women still have slim, flexible bodies and look 15 to 20 years younger than their actual age!
  • Research results:
    In 2004, acai berries were proven to contain powerful antioxidants that help slow down the aging process, reduce appetite, and help preserve beauty, health and youth.
  • Cherimoya tastes like ice cream and has strong detoxifying properties
    Cherimoya, also known as “ice cream”, gets its name due to its creamy consistency and subtle creamy taste. The Mapouč, the original inhabitants of Chile, loved to eat this exotic fruit as a dessert.
    This is the beauty secret of local women with strong hair and smooth, radiant skin.
  • Research results:
    Cherimoya is a good source of vitamin A, which is responsible for skin elasticity and hair shine. It is also rich in vitamin C, the most powerful antioxidant.
    At the same time, fresh cherimoya is relatively high in calories. Harmonica Linea contains cherimoya concentrate, which preserves the flavor and benefits of fresh fruit, but contains no added calories.

2. What the experts say about Harmonica Linea

  • Jiřina vehlíková, Nutritionist
    Many people are deficient in vitamins and other healthful substances. This affects their health and appearance. Complex pharmaceutical drugs contain synthetic analogues of natural vitamins, which are often poorly absorbed by the body and cause allergic reactions. Harmonica Linea is the perfect way to provide the body with all the micro and macro nutrients it needs while losing weight. They are all the best superfoods in a bottle!
  • Simona Horáková, Weight Loss Expert
    Harmonica Linea has a truly unique ingredient! Chromium picolinate reduces cravings, acai berries address sweet cravings. This helps reduce your food intake and therefore your daily calorie intake. At the same time, HCA acts on your fat, it literally breaks down into molecules! When you take Harmonica Linea, you don’t have to exercise or limit your food choices. Anyway, you will lose weight and completely safe for health.
  • Karel Fišer, Nutritionist
    As a registered dietitian, I consider the vitamin-rich, balanced Harmonica Linea formula to be extremely beneficial. This is a real breakthrough in nutrition that will revolutionize the diet. Each drop contains more than 300 useful substances necessary for the healthy functioning of the body. These substances improve digestion and speed up metabolism. Daily use of Harmonica Linea boosts your energy and promotes weight loss without grueling exercise and dietary restrictions.

3. How to lose 25 pounds

  • Until recently, I lived the ordinary life of a lonely woman. The son went to another town a long time ago and got married there. The only joy in life is the exhausting longing of the holidays to see you. Work, food and home. And so on year after year.
  • The excitement came when I was the only one of the 7 women to go without a present on a company holiday to celebrate the company’s founding. They forgot about me. I sat in my office until late at night, hoping that colleagues would come congratulate me. But I returned home without a bouquet of flowers or a gift.
  • I remember crying in the middle of the night in an embrace with a bottle of wine. I was so unhappy that I couldn’t eat. I was very drunk. Drunk, I wrote a message to a colleague. I quickly cleared them in the morning, or else I would have to go through the canals. I really don’t want to attract the attention of men that way.
  • I understand that I have to change something. I called to try to give me some advice. Maybe makeup, maybe perfume, maybe a new hairstyle. In general, I am completely zero in these matters. She advised me the facial rejuvenation cream and Harmonica Linea. This is supposed to be the way to lose weight. I ordered both.
  • I cannot say that 25 kg evaporated immediately, but my health improved after a few days. When I started taking the product, I noticed that the desire for a cake with a cup of coffee for a snack disappeared. For the first time, the bowl of candy is still intact. We barely opened the fridge that evening. The evening meal refrigerator also disappeared.
  • The belly is getting smaller day by day. I made new holes in the ice. After 2 weeks, my jeans are a lot looser.
  • I have lost 17 kg in a month. And I did nothing!
  • I just drank Harmonica Linea and ate as usual: meat, pasta, fish, even cakes, I just reduced the amount significantly. It was a lightness I had probably never felt, despite the fact that I wasn’t hungry at all.
  • And it’s sad, but they really judge us by our looks. Even the market vendors were friendlier than usual and received many compliments. I really feel great, my shoulders straighten as if my wings have grown out.
  • Suddenly, friends appeared around me. Someone helped me load a heavy package, someone helped me park or free up my seat in the front. And someone offered me coffee at the bakery.
  • I was socked. If you get my second chin and folds, don’t let them come back, I feel good without them! I looked at myself in the mirror and saw an attractive young woman, although a month ago I saw a big fat cow there.
  • An even greater joy for me is wardrobe updates. Girls, you can’t imagine my happiness – trade sweatshirts, in which I hide pleats, size 3XL, for beautiful and fashionable dresses in size M.
  • I lost 25 kg in a month and a half with Harmonica Linea.
    Now I weigh 69 kg, which is ideal for me. I look back at my old photos and I don’t want to go back to that. I feel like a healthy woman. I feel welcome, attractive. I am happy, with a loved one, we have complete understanding, love and passion.
    I’m not even sudden and Viktor asked me to lend a hand 🙂 This is our second marriage, so we decided to have a small wedding within our family. Viktor’s parents and daughter accepted me as their child. Viktor moved my things to his house, we decided to live together.

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