Heart disease and hight blood pressure, East Asia and Southeast Asia

Hapanix (TH) – Normal blood pressure from the first use

Hapanix – Completely eliminates the risk of stroke and heart attack!

  • Stabilize blood pressure within the first 6 hours thanks to bioflavonoid.
  • Restores the function and elasticity of blood vessels after just 1 treatment.
  • Safe for all ages. Effective in stages 1, 2 and 3 of high blood pressure.
  • It took British scientists from the National Center of Phlebology 8 years to design this prophylactic supplement.
  • Multi-step testing has proven the effectiveness of this supplement, yielding all necessary permits, quality certificates and government support.

Price: 990 Baht

1. Hapanix eliminates 5 main causes of hypertension:

  • Nervous system overload (stress, insomnia, etc.): Product relieves anxiety thanks to Noni root extract.
  • Toxins in the blood vessels: Product improves heart function, cleanses waste thanks to bioflavonoid extracted from the herb of five ginseng.
  • Varicose veins and thrombosis: Product improves venous circulation, breaks down blood clots, and strengthens blood vessel walls thanks to its concentrated herbal extract known as hops (Humulus lupulus)..
  • Increases blood sugar: Product lowers blood sugar, prevents diabetes thanks to Sanitary extract.
  • Overweight: Product promotes fat loss, enhances metabolism and kidney function thanks to Triple gauze extract.

2. What makes high blood pressure dangerous?

  • The consequences of high bloodpressure are more dangerous than cancer and tuberculosis combined. 89% of hypertension cases lead to heart attack. Thrombosis develops in the blood vessels. The risk of brain hemorrhage and stroke is very high.
  • Smoking, drinking, malnutrition, sedentary lifestyles, stress, and high cholesterol make the consequences especially dangerous. Overweight people have high bloodpressure 3-4 times more often than normal people.
  • IMPORTANT! Hypertension progresses rapidly, with one in five patients facing death. Start treatment now to become completely healthy.

3. Expert opinion: Ha Hung Cuong – Doctor of Medicine

  • The main compound that fights hypertension is bioflavonoids. They are obtained from herbal extracts: Noni tree, Ngu leper ginseng, Thanh Giang Dang, Tam That, Ba gau ring. They are present in most antihypertensive drugs.
  • But! Their concentrations in most products are negligible!
  • So you may have to wait years to see some effect. I know for sure that Hapanix capsules are the only remedy that contains a lot of bioflavonoids. I have seen its formula and the conclusions of independent experts.
  • I recommend this supplement to patients and tell patients not to waste time with things like “recommended by a friend”, “readable” online.
  • That’s not true! You should only treat high bloodpressure with safe methods! Medicines trusted by doctors will help you get rid of the disease forever.
  • Benefits of Hapanix
    Fast effect. During the first 6 hours of taking the medicine, bloodpressure returned to normal!
    Does not cause spikes or drops in blood pressure. Regulates heart activity.
    Overall health improvement. Eliminate angina, arrhythmia, neurological disorders, improve memory, restore speech and movement after stroke.
    No side effects. The living cells of plants are perfectly matched to the cells of the human body

4. Any disorder of the veins can cause disease in the body.

  • Clogged veins in the feet: Varicose veins, swelling of the legs, feeling of heaviness, the legs feel frozen or otherwise a burning sensation in the feet. Your skin starts to crack.
  • Blood circulation disorders: the protection against bacteria is destroyed, the formation of fungal diseases. Nails become thicker and their shape is also damaged.
  • When the vein supplying the liver is blocked: causing fatty liver. When you eat oily food, it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.
  • When a vein in a joint loses strength and becomes blocked: Cartilage tissue dries out. Joints begin to ache, degeneration and hernia develop.
  • Intestinal veins lose their elasticity: Hemorrhoids develop.
  • Veins above the eye: Decreased vision. Cataracts develop. Many people think that the cause of red eyes is eye strain, but in fact, they rarely bleed on the eye capillaries.
  • Cerebral circulatory disorders: Dizziness, tinnitus, memory regression. Have you ever gone to the kitchen and forgot why you went there for? Or can’t remember a word? All of these are signs that the veins in the brain are deteriorating.

5. People who have highly rated Hapanix

  • Lan Huong, 61 years old – Hung Yen
    I realized the drop in bloodpressure that led to an ischemic stroke – cerebral infarction – when I saw it happen to my sister. Doctors saved her life, but she did not make a full recovery. When I first faced this illness, I took a few tips and knew I should look for herbal remedies. My doctor prescribed me Product. I am very grateful to her. It’s been 4 years now that I don’t have high bloodpressure anymore. I am now completely healthy, not afraid of heart attack or stroke. Keep heathly!
  • Thanh Tra, 47 years old – Ben Tre
    A few years ago, I was in a hospital where they were conducting research on a new remedy for high bloodpressure. I’m scared. But what else can be done? None of the other drugs worked so I decided to give it a try. Luckily, I happened to be in the Hapanix group. Two hours later, my bloodpressure returned to normal. Gradually, I feel so much better! I’m glad I took part in the test. My bloodpressure is very good.
  • Quan Anh, 51 years old – Nam Dinh
    I am 51 years old. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with high bloodpressure. I feel frustrated but know what to do. Six months ago, I had a mild stroke. Then, of course, I panicked, but I refused to take the medicine I was prescribed. Chemicals are only harmful. Luckily, I ran into an old friend who recommended Product to me. Now, NOTHING can bother me. My bloodpressure is normal, I am as healthy as when I was young!

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