FlyBra (SK) – The perfect bust for your body


FlyBra – Invisible bra.

  • Bras are not visible under clothes.
  • Enhance your breasts to give them a perfect shape.
  • Anatomically molded silicone cups for breast augmentation and correction.
  • Forget straps and stiff frames, nothing can limit you.
  • Product is perfect for dresses that don’t cover the back and have a deep plunging neckline.

Price: 49 EUR

1. Benefits of Fly Bra

  1. YOU CAN wear ANYTHING YOU WANT: Nude color and 0.3 mm thick crop lines make it invisible even under lace dresses, and when wearing strapless dresses you can also wear those low slit dress.
  2. EASY TO USE: Ordinary bras often scratch and scratch the skin. Product supports breasts without hurting the skin.
  3. ONE SIZE: Silicone bras fit all sizes and shapes. No problem!
  4. INCREASE YOUR BOLD SIZE: Silicone bras give the perfect shape to your breasts and cover any imperfections. The breasts are visibly lifted and even larger. Made of medical grade silicone, it does not cause allergic reactions

2. Our customers recommend it

  • Marinella Roncelli – 45 years old: I like to look my best, but not vulgar. It’s terrible when you see your bra peeking under your clothes. So I bought the Product and have never regretted it.
  • Alice Linnaeus – 22 years old: It’s a great bra for special occasions. You can’t see it under your clothes and your boobs look amazing! My boyfriend likes it too.
  • Veronica Poletti – 34 years old: My breasts have given way a bit, but in the summer, I still want to be sexy with split skirts. Product breast augmentation, look like 18 years old again!
  • Giorgia Freeta – 19 years old: It’s the perfect solution for a wedding dress. I was afraid that a normal bra would ruin everything, but it didn’t. Ah, the Product is imperceptible and very comfortable.
  • Georgina Menti – 19 years old: It is perfect for open dresses. I thought I would never find the right bra, but I finally found it. Fly Bra is extremely sexy and comfortable.

3. Many uses

  • Wash bras with warm water and soap
  • Dry clean, avoid direct sunlight
  • Attach a protective cap to prevent the silicone from drying out

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