Energy Beauty Bar (ES) – Japanese ion vibrating Massager


Energy Beauty Bar – The solution to age-related skin problems.

  • Erase wrinkles on forehead and between eyebrows.
  • 90% of cases are wrinkled eyes, hanging eyelids.
  • Energy Beauty Bar Reduces wrinkles in the nose.
  • Eliminates sagging and makes skin firm again.
  • Balances skin and skin structure, removes pigmentation.
  • Firming facial contours.

Price: 49 EUR

1. ENERGY BEAUTY BAR wrinkle editor

  • ENERGY BEAUTY BAR is manufactured using advanced Japanese anti-aging technology. It uses vibrations (6000 vibrations per minute!) And micro currents help enrich the epidermis with healing ions.
  • It’s a unique device that will make you love your reflection in the mirror. Age no longer plays an important role in women’s beauty. With this device you will always see your spiritual age!
  • The Energy Beauty Bar smooths even the deepest wrinkles and wrinkles without Botox, facial stretches with gold thread or plastic surgery.

2. Facial stretch effect achieved like?

  • Micro vibration stimulates subcutaneous collagen synthesis, promotes new skin cell regeneration, restores skin structure, massages the deeper layers of the epidermis, normalizes water-salt balance, eliminates puffiness and dark circles.
  • Ions stimulate the production of natural antioxidants, improve blood circulation, make skin smooth and soft, moisturize in the epidermis and prevent new wrinkles from appearing, have a powerful regenerating effect.
  • The 24-carat gold layer slows down skin aging, prevents allergies (24-carat gold is the purest gold known), enriches gold ions for the skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes.
  • Evens skin tone, Removes dark circles under eyes.

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