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E-energy (ES) – The simplest way to save electricity!


With E-energy saver, you can save a lot of electricity!

  • Reduce the energy consumption of electrical appliances, which means less electricity meters “spin” and lower monthly electricity figures!
  • You will pay 30-50% less electricity depending on the electrical equipment used.
    + 50% Air conditioner, washing machine, computer, hair dryer
    + 45% Electric stove, iron, microwave, TV, fireplace
    + 40% Refrigerator, boiler with electric motor
    + 35% Water heater, coffee maker, light bulb, toaster
    + 30% Drilling machines, punching machines, circular saws, jigsaws

Price: 49 EUR

1. Advantages and application fields of E-energy

  • Advantage
    + Easy connection. It is only inserted into the socket
    + No fraud affecting the power meter. Electrical energy is saved through more efficient use of energy.
    + The effect is confirmed by numerous investigations and scientifically confirmed.
    + It not only saves electrical energy, but also prolongs the use of electrical appliances.
    + Reduce electromagnetic radiation emitted from cables and electrical equipment.
    + It is compensated in only 1-2 months.
  • Application fields
    E-energy is very popular in Europe. According to statistical research, every second European families buy this energy-saving appliance. Possible places to use:
    + Apartments and private houses
    + Office
    + Fitness center and beauty salon
    + Stores
    + Cafes and restaurants
    + Car repair

2. Technical characteristics of the device

  • It is used for standard electrical networks in apartments and private houses.
  • Allowable load current 5 kilowatts – 19 kilowatts (one device is enough for the entire floor).
  • Weight: 150 grams with packaging, 125 – without packaging.
  • Dimensions: 12cm x 7cm x 4cm.
  • 1 year warranty.

3. Eco-energy application

  • Step 1: Plug the device into any outlet.
    Start saving money today with the unique EcoEnergy Energy Saver.
  • Step 2: Save money on electricity.
    Monthly electricity costs will be 30-50% less than before using the EcoEnergy economizer.
    The EcoEnergy economizer removes reactive energy from the electrical network, by reducing the load, and therefore, power consumption. Electrical appliances consume less energy and your electricity bill goes down.
  • Step 3: Your network will be protected from inefficient use of electrical energy.
    Your electrical network will be protected against energy inefficiencies, electrical appliances will use less energy. According to physics, energy can act and react. Active energy is useful and used by electrical appliances. Reaction energy is “useless”. It passes through power lines and generates loads for the grid. In this way, the consumption of electrical energy increases and creates more harmful electromagnetic fields.

4. Effective ways to save electricity for working days at home

  • Unplug even when not in use
    Do not think that even when not in use, you can still plug the device into an electrical outlet without worrying about losing energy.
    TVs, speakers, computers, phone chargers,… these appliances are no longer in use and even if they are turned off, leaving the power cord in the outlet means you are wasting energy and money. Don’t waste electricity on unnecessary things, so when not in use, unplug it if you don’t want your electricity bill to continue to increase.
  • Use ceiling fans instead of air conditioners and fans
    Ceiling fans provide cool, comfortable air to maintain in a large space for your home and consume only 10% of the electricity compared to fans or air conditioners, so why not use a fan? ceiling.
  • Use LED or fluorescent lamps instead of lighting devices
    One of the ways to save electricity in your small home is to use fluorescent lights (CFLs) or LED bulbs instead of conventional lighting devices. Because both fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and LED bulbs consume energy efficiently and have a long service life, in addition, they are also very safe for the environment.
  • Open windows to use natural light and airflow to save electricity
    In the morning, when the sun is not yet strong, you can open the window, pull the curtain to take advantage of the energy from the outside to both light and ventilate the house.
    At noon and in the afternoon, looking at where your house will be shaded, you can open the door in that direction to catch wind and light to limit the use of electrical appliances, helping to save electricity for your family. than.
  • Replace old electrical equipment
    One of the 9 ways to save electricity is to use new electrical appliances. In the house, appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, kettles, rice cookers, etc. are old and damaged, so they should be replaced. Because when new appliances are manufactured, priority is not only on durability, good features, but also on saving electricity.
  • Reducing unnecessary electrical appliances
    In order to promote the spirit of saving electricity, you can wash clothes by hand with unnecessary clothes in the washing machine and reduce the number of washing machines used in the week.
    Reduce the use of air purifiers, air conditioners, fans instead of natural wind sources from opening windows.
  • Use smart electrical devices to save electricity
    You can use induction lights when a family member often forgets to turn off the lights when going out, using the right light will help reduce the power of the bulb and also help you save electricity. than.
  • Using the shower and turning down the faucet will save money
    In hot weather, people have a need to use water more, but using more water means electricity will go up. So the best way is to adjust the water flow at the faucet to a small size when in use, so installing a shower in the bathroom with a small water jet will help save a significant amount of clean water and electricity each month.
  • Avoid using electricity during peak hours
    The peak hours of the day are usually at 9:30, 11:30, 17:00, and 20:00, you should limit the use of electrical devices at the same time in the above time frames because using a lot of flickering electricity will consume more electrical energy.
  • The items that use up the most electricity in your home:
    + Air conditioners are considered to be the most power-consuming appliances that can be nearly 1 amount of electricity in 1 hour
    + The refrigerator is a device that turns on all day and night, so the electricity bill is almost always spent on this device
    + TV will be the next device that accounts for a large amount of power consumption, 32-inch screens usually have a capacity of 40W.
    + An ordinary fan, if left in the strongest mode for 5 hours/day, will lose about 2kWh/month.

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